Is it worth SEO'ing my website

Without a doubt the answer is yes, it's worth doing SEO or having your website SEO'ed, in most cases since many websites don't have any SEO or very little seo done, even a small amount of seo will result in some surprising outcomes. More otfen than not it's a small amount of regular seo work that makes a difference.

It's often worthwhile approaching a SEO, and this one in particular :) saying, hey Lynny, I have a website selling papercups with holes in them, my market is mainly NZ based, I have three competitors, I don't want to spend more than $800 initially and am happy to spend $150 a month on an ongoing basis, what sort of SEO work can you do for me.

Since I'm wanting to set up an regular income, and papercups with holes aren't a big seller, I would probably say, let's start with $300 and have an ongoing investment of $80, remember with most business, the first quote can always be adjusted as there are always exceptions, or different ways of looking at things.

Cheers Lynny

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