Does your website deserve to rank well in Search Engines

Have you ever considered, that maybe your website doesn't deserve to rank well in search engines?

A search engines job is to list websites that are most relevant to the search query in order of importance.

The way a search engine works out how relevant your webpage/website is relevant is pretty simple really, the trick is finding out what people requiring your service are actually searching for, and then making your website relevant to those types of searches. this sounds easy enough, but it's a lot more time comsuming than you would think, because not only does an seo need to make your webpage/site relevant for particular phrases, they also have to make it more relevant than all the other websites on the internet that deal with that subject.

It's pretty obvious that the first or highest use of the internet is information gathering, if that information being sort is related to the product or service you are offering, and your website ranks highly for the search query someone makes, and someone clicks on your link from a search engine or wherever online, then you are part way to making a sale.

So if your website is just page after page of products for sale, with little or know information about the products, just a thumbnail of the product, clicking through to a larger picture, maybe with a description full of none keyword types word and a buy now button, quite frankly the changes of anyone actually even finding your website using a search engine are pretty nominal.

You would do well to hire someone like me, I'm a content writer and an SEO, so I write content pages that will entice search engines to see your website as important on a particular or several subjects, important enough to rank your webpages highly for many searches.

You may wonder how someone that is dyslexic could ever write for other peoples website, but thats another blog post all on it's own.

Cheers Lynny
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Why ranking well in google is important

Hitwise recently announced that google hit a new high of almost 66% of searches done in December 07. The exact figures are below.
Google - 65.98%
Yahoo! - 20.88%
MSN - 7.04%
Ask - 4.14%

So unless you are ranking well for searches in google you just aren't getting your share of the search engine traffic. Imagine how many hit's to your website you could get if you ranked #2 in google, compared to #2 in Ask.

Contact me today about how to get your website ranking well for those important keywords.

Cheers Lynny

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Changing website content will help SEO

I thought you maybe interested in a service I offer to website owners.

Instead of investing in a lot of SEO work at once which could be an investment of $2000 or more, depending on the size of the website, and the work that needs doing, I have quite a few clients who own small websites, who invest a small amount each month and I make small changes to their website, and do SEO at a slower pace. This ongoing work means their websites stay ranking highly in search engines.

This system helps first the client but also me, clients find it much easy to set aside a regular monthly amount and on my part it's good to know there is a regular income happening each month. I of course have regular clients who have had SEO work done, and I tweak their sites each month but this system is different.

For people who maybe aren't sure if seo will help, or that just can't invest in a lot of seo work at this time this system works well.

I have mentioned before that I have a goal of earning a regular income of $2000 USD a month, this doesn't of course count the one off jobs I do, although they amount to much more than this, I also want that regular income, so if there's a slow month, like January is, I know I have work to carry on until the next big job comes in. I often find that these regular clients get extra work done between the big jobs.

So if you are thinking about getting seo done on your website, or have considered it but just can't justify a large investment at this time, contact me, if you can be straight up, and let me know how much you'd like to invest monthly in marketing your website, We'll see what arrangement we can come to.

Cheers Lynny

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NZ's Best SEO, Best Results at Best Prices: SEO Search Results

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Links to your website or the key to SEO

Getting links to your website is the key to SEO, with enough links good links to your website from good high ranking webpages you will start ranking well for many search phrases, your website is optimised for.

This sounds easy enough huh. It isn't, since you have to have the right type of links, from the right type of website, to the right pages within your website.

So how many links do you need?

There is no hard and fast rule to how many links you need, but if you had say 1000 links to your website and the words that are in the text of the link are good keywords for your business type, and the links are on good high ranking webpages you will probably get a PR4 ranking with is considered good. If you use linking text rather than buttons, you can cut done the number of links you require considerably.

So what are linking words? Quite simply they are words that make the link, like Best SEO that gets great Results if you click on those words, you would endup at my other SEO website. And the words that are the link are the linking words. Many people make the mistake of making their url the link words as well as the link, this doesn't help get your website any higher in search engines apart from if someone types your url into a search engine.

Many people choose to have buttons as a link, although this is helpful for maybe getting people to your website, eg they see your cool button and click on it, but as far as helping your website to rank better in search engines it won't help at all. So you have to decide do you want to get people to your website from another site in particular or do you want to Rank well in Search Engines for many phrases.

You may think that getting people to your website is the goal, which of course it is, but would you rather only get visitors from say 30 websites, or rank well in search engines for possible thousands of search phrases so potientially millions of people could find your website.

Getting confused? Ok, look at it this way say I don't bother with buttons links, but make text links to my various websites, and say somewhere in the text link I have the words Best SEO it might be NZ's Best SEO or Worlds Best SEO, Best SEO that get's results, SEO at it's Best or Your Best Bet for an SEO The important thing is the words Best SEO is somewhere in the linking text.
And someone wanting SEO types in a search engine "Best SEO tips" if one of the pages on my website is to do with tips, even though I didn't have the word tips in the linking text my site would rank fairly well for Best SEO, and the "tips" page would rank highly.

If I have enough links like this around the internet and I'm talking about thousands of links that say that have the word "Best SEO" I would rank highly for someone doing a search for Best SEO, I just tried that search in using the search pages from NZ, and I'm ranking #5 on page number 1 and it's actually to a webpage that has nothing to do with SEO on my website. It's actually a photo manipulation page in our portfolio. lol, but if someone visited that link they would see plenty of links to things SEO related.
I have the words "Best SEO" in links in about 100 places, if I spent a lot of time and had say 500 links using those words, I might even rank in google on page 2 for a search for simply "seo", if I had say 1000 links around the internet I might get to rank on page 1 for "seo" I choose to spend my time working on my clients websites, getting them ranking highly rather than my own website.

Now I bet you are more confused than ever, thats why I suggest you let me worry about how to get your website ranking highly in search engines, sure you can make a few links yourself around the internet to your website, the more there are the better, but I can tell you now that getting 500 permanant links takes a lot of time.


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SEO Search Results

I was just doing some vanity searches for our main website , for SEO searches done by people that found our site for various SEO searches, and thought I would show you a few searches and the search results from search the web engine.
These searches for SEO all had at least 50 people find our site last month.
seo price guide #1
best seo facts #1
photography seo #1
seo accommodation #1
NZ's best SEO #1
web design seo #1
seo tourism #2
seo price #4
seo prices #2
seo friendly web site #2
seo price list #2 #3 #4
best seo cms #4
how to design seo friendly site #4
seo friendly web design software #1
best seo web pages #5
graphic designer seo #1
seo nz #7
seo pricing guide #1
seo service price list #2

There are of course many other searches that our site ranked #1 for that were to do with SEO, but they didn't result in as many visitors, so means that not so many people did those searches.

With the SEO price list search, all 3 out of our 3 websites ranked one after the other in google.

Note the difference in the search results seo price and seo prices one extra letter made the difference in ranking change by two places.

Cheers Lynny

How long does it take for SEO to Work

SEO has very fast results, I have seen changes made on an existing website start to show is search engines within 2 or 3 days.
If the SEO is done correctly often within 1 or 2 weeks all changes that have been made will have filtered through to the search engines results.
With a brand new website, it's quite common for the site to start appearing in search engines within a week, and to be fully indexed within a month, (depending on how large the site is, but for most website of 50 pages or under a month is all that is needed for a new website.


SEO that Lives Locally San Diego

Many people still don't get how the internet works, and still look for someone to make their website or do SEO on their website, someone that lives locally. Yet there is no need what-so-ever.
I was straightening up my files today, and thought you maybe interested in some of the places I have done SEO for on websites from all over the world, These are most of the places I have worked on in the last year.
New Zealand, Auckland x 6, Northland x 2, Tauranga x 3, Invercargill x2, Wellington x 4, Christchurch x7, Mount Cook, Wanaka...
In Australia, Sydney x 3, Brisbane x 2, Queensland x 2, Perth x 4, Melbourne, Tasmania, Cairns
England, Chester, Crosley, Bristol x 7, Liverpool x 2 ...
USA. San Diego x 4, Los Vegas, San Francisco, Stockton, Dayton ...

I very occainsionally ring any of my SEO clients, everything is usually done via email, and sometimes MSN, payments are made generally via Paypal, or some other form of online payment system.

So why is it that about once a month I get an email from someone that lives in Auckland or Rotorua each are about 2 hours drive from where I live, asking if I could do SEO for their website or better still asking if I know of anyone in their area that does SEO.

So for the record, I will be living in San Diego soon, so anyone in that area that needs an SEO that get's great results I am happy to start your SEO before I get their, "Grin"

Seriously thou, SEO can work on any website anywhere in the world, so contact me at Right at the moment I could start work on your site immediately, but that will change in a couple of weeks, becuase of the way I work, I can often start on your website within a week of recieving the first payment.

Cheers Lynn
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Vegetarian Products for New Zealand

Just a quick post today, yesterday we finished another website, which I will start doing SEO for, the site is called Deviate and is a website selling Vegetarian Shoes & Gift Ideas, it is the first site like it in New Zealand.

Cheers Lynny
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