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US Veterans help getting loans for homes

I've been looking at a Real Estate Website here in San Diego; they cater to American Veterans wanting to buy a home.
San Diego VA Properties

So any US Vets and their families who are looking to buy homes in the San Diego Area check out this site. Helping Veterans Into Homes

These Real estate agents not only help our veterans find a home, but also help US Vets access |  VA loans for a home, and are generally looking after our American Military.  Veterans Homebuyers About

I think the website deserves a big THUMBS UP, and I wish our Military Men and Women all the best in their new homes. Homes that San Diego VA Buyers will you help find and move into soon!

Contact VA Home Buyers

Tim Hintz
Licensed Real Estate Consultant

8310 La Mesa Blvd.     
La Mesa

Telephone: 619-861-5657

Regards Lynny
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Lynn Lynny SEO NZ San Diego London Canz Design1

Since writing the last post about me also being known as canzdesign1, I've have heaps of emails, saying all the ways my blog readers know or do searches for me in google... It was kinda funny all the different ways, so I'll tell you some searches.

First Names: 
Lyn, Lynny, Lynn,
sometimes with either surname
Bishop, Brown, 
 always with some discription
Best SEO NZ, SEO GURU, SEOBYCANZ, Canz Design, Canz SEO GURU, Canz Know all, Lynny the know-all, builds websites, yankz kiwi,

Places I've lived in past few years,

Hamilton, Invercargill, Christchurch and Tauranga in New Zealand, Sydney Australia, San Diego, Los Vegas, and Los Angles in the USA.

And combination's of all those. Plus many more... I'll add the most common ones as the come in.... but yes, these things are all about me and anything like Lynny Canz in google will usually find me.  lol.

Regards Lynny
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canzdesign1 Lynn or Lynny I'm here plus seo 50% discount

Hi, I just saw a post on a forum I couldn't join looking for me, so Lynn or Lynny canzdesign1 is also me.... so if you are looking for me, I'm here lol...

And to make this post worthwhile

This offer is limited to one client.
I'm offering a 50% discount on the balance of SEO services over $5,000 USD in value.
So hire me to do say $10,000 USD seo job, and it will only cost $7500.00 USD. or $20,000 worth of seo will only cost $15,000.

Offer is for a limited time until Nov 15th 2010, and $ limit is $35,000 before discount at my discretion.

Offer can and should be used to do SEO, SEM, or Website Marketing, and only applies to my services.

Offer can be on more than one website.
Offer does NOT Include not something like a pay per click campaign or professional copywriting, discount is only for My Services and website if required, but could be used for a new website, rebuild website plus SEO SEM etc.

This offer is limited to one client. 

You must mention this post to be eligible.
Offer can include E-commerce or and Website built by us, including CMS 
Website packages
Typical SEO Results for SEO on our E-Commerce website budget, my SEO Services $15,000 USD

You could save as much $15,000, now that's a deal !!!!

Regards Lynny
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Expert SEO Medical Marijuana Websites

SEO Medical Marijuana Websites
I’ve been asked if I would do SEO for Medical Marijuana websites. I have know problem doing SEO work for them, several of my friends in the older age-group (seniors) have Medical Marijuana cards, and I’ve been told that most Medical Marijuana websites, are very hard to find unless they know the url.

I’ve looked at several medical marijuana websites, I found through a weed directory, and while some a few, very few are ok looking websites, but few will never do very well in google.

When I work with a website, I’m not satisfied with only 1 result on the first page of google for some keyphrase, I’m most satisfied if I have one website with 6 or more results on the 1st page of google.

I also don’t muck around with some piddly # like 10 keywords, I prefer to have 100’s or 1000's of keywords /key phrases on page 1 of google.
Out of 350 key-phrases that sent at least 5 visitors to a website a month, these where the placement results any quite typical results for me.

51% #1st Position
12% #2nd Position
15% #3rd Position
 6% #4th Position
 5% #5th Position
 4% #6th Position
 1% #7th Position
 1% #8th Position
 1% #9th Position
 4% #10th or Lower Position

More typical results for SEO I Do
contact for
Expert SEO Medical Marijuana Websites

My services aren't cheap, so if you only want to invest a few hundred on your websites success, then look elsewhere, I only work with serious website owners, that want to rule the search engines, and earn $many 1000's per month in sales.

Regards Lynny
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Social Media Bookmarking Services Recommend

Social Bookmarking Service

I don't often, ok very rarely, maybe once or twice... in 3 years...  say nice things about SEO services available online or offline, but this one get's top marks. Social Bookmarking service takes all the work out of bookmarking your webpages, blogs, anything you want in the social bookmark site. For 19 cents a bookmark all you do is give the page or post you want bookmarked, the site automatically finds the description and meta tags, which you can change it you want, you choose the number of bookmarks you want, pay and the bookmarking is done in a few day...

There are of course lot's of options, you can choose the bookmarking sites you want your site bookmark they have about 615 bookmarking sites at the time I wrote this, and if their great directory listing service is anything to go by they will be listing more sites as they find them.

I may as well give their directory submission service a plug too, I use it often, for 14 cents a website, or 16 cents if you want them to deal with all the initial emails, and the emails you get forever more from the various directories, (I thoroughly recommend the 16 cent per website service, I'm still getting 2-5 emails a week per website, per directory from sites I submitted 5 years ago... about 1400 emails a week...) They have a list of about 1400 directorys, you can either choose which directories they list your site, or like the social bookmarking sister site, just say how many sites you'd like them to submit to, or simply say how much you want to spend (that say how much you want to spend was an idea I made to them, and they decided to use) ...

Anyway check them out, say yourself hours of work, for very little financial outlay. I've been using their service directory listing service now for quite a few years, about 4 or 5 years, and have had some mind-boggling results from having my listings done for me.... I once figures that 100 directory listings took me (someone experienced) about 8-10 hours, they charge $16 for the same service... honestly you'd be a mug to do your own at that price huh....

Social Bookmarking Service

Directory listing service

Regards Lynny

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Hen party organisation things to remember when organising a Hens Party

Hen party organisation things to remember when organising a Hens Party: "Indian Girl Indian Squaw CostumeOrganizing the hen party for the bride is the duty of the chief bridesmaid. The most popular form of a hens night is usually getting all the girls together for a night of drinks and debauchery, but there are many other ways to celebrate as well. Here are the basic things you need to do if you find yourself organizing the hens night.

Guest List Sailor Girl Costume

Everyone the bride wants at the hens night should be written down on a list. The guests should include friends, co-workers, family and anyone else she is close to. Other relatives, grandmothers, aunties, and the bride-to-be's mother should be included as well. The bride's soon to be mother-in-law, any sisters-in-law, and anyone else in the groom's family that you think she may want to be at the hens night should be included as well. Before you finalize the list, make sure you show the guest list to the bride."

Read More Organising a Hens Party

Regards Lynny

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Hen Party Costume Ideas

Hen Party Costume Ideas: "A wonderful way to spend your last hours as a single woman is to have a hen night party! This party is to honor the bride and should be organized and orchestrated by her friends. Bruno Lederhosen and Hat Womans Costume

Cheerleader Costume Go Hen!

There are tons of things to do for a hen night, and one of them is a hen night party. Hen parties should be fun for all the guests.

Because the last second of freedom before getting married for a woman is often spent at a hen party, they are frequently naughty events. It seems strange that people ever get married in the first place, since both sexes view being marriage as a ball and chain.

The main purpose of the party is for the bride and her friends to have fun and laugh. The most common and fun activity for the girls is to have a male stripper."

Read More Hen Party Ideas

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): "Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing Evolved from SEO, making your website easily findable in Search Engines." is now on facebook SEO by Canz, and Bruno Costumes, all on facebook,  all in a nights work

BabySitMe New Zealand

Promote Your Page Too

Promote Your Page Too

Bruno Costumes

Promote Your Page Too

Regards Lynny

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Website Packages For Canz Design

Website design packages seem to be something clients wanted to see so here they are on Canz Design website.

Brochure Website - 1 or 2 webpages ideal for small business Price $520

Basic Website Package - 4 to 6 webpages these websites generally don't sell products, however a motel Basic site may add a booking service. Price $820

Small Business Website - 8 to 12 SEO friendly web pages, with a blog installed if required, this type of website usually doesn't have a store, just wanting more pages than a basic website, but may sell 4 or 5 products. $1320

Corporate Website Packages - About 20 pages, Corporate websites don't sell products, there sole use it to introduce a larger business or company. It may have a summary of company operations, a history, and mission statement, information about key corporate staff members, an investors section, etc, it may  from $2220

Ecommerce Package: 10 or so non product pages(home, about, T&C, returns Policy etc) unlimited store categories and products, load products yourself, make extra pages, be your own boss.  $2620

Custom Designed Websites: Which could include any type of website like,
Custom built website applications, Artist Portfolios, Chiropractic Websites, Dentist Webistes, Travel and Booking Sites, Interactive Commity Websites

Check out the website packages and remember any package can be upgraded or combined, but you have to stop somewhere.

Regards Lynny

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Submiteze Support desk Sux

Also read:
This is typical of the support desk at Submiteze. A reply I just received after writing to them today.

Not that you're one to hold a grudge or anything!

You bought it almost 3 years ago - there have been quite a few changes since then. In fact you won't even recognise it.

Why don't you download it again:

Watch the video demos on our website and then re-assess your views.

If you're still not happy then by all means muster your powerful SEO skills to overthrow our evil empire.

Best regards,

Andrew Alexander

SubmitEaze Support

Right, and spend endless hours working out hinks, I don't think so. Sure I hold a grudge, a crappy program is a crappy program. As far as overthrowing their evil empire I'd be happy if I save some people money.

SubmitEaze Waste of Money

I brought submiteze a couple of versions back, and have nothing but problems with it at first it seemed ok, and I was quite excited about it after watching the videos.

I wrote to submiteze so-called support team, at first they seemed helpful, but after a few emails, when they realised they weren't dealing with some idiot, but a program beta tester, who actually helped them improve a couple hinks, but on my part spent over 100 hours, trying things, uninstalling programs, reinstalling, blah blah, their emails became flaccid as a limp di@% and wearisome.

They blamed it on a program conflict with submiteze, so i installed it on a brand new computer, with only windows and a zip program and installed still issues.

I asked for a refund for submiteze and they said since I had installed it, I couldn't get a refund,  
yeah like I could have tested it without installing it.

My recommendation don't get the submiteze, it seems like once of those things that looks great, but in reality makes the whole process of submitting sites to directories long draw-out and tedious, because you have to write to the developers as well, to get the darn program to work.

Also read

Regards Lynny
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SEO for Doctors Website

Doing SEO for Doctors websites is very different to many other types of websites.

Unlike e-commerce websites, a doctor isn't interested in attracting visitors from all over the country, or world.

A doctor will more interested in attracting visitors, that are likely to become patients, and therefore live in the same area as the doctors office.

I am currently working on a doctors website, which when I started, it was getting plenty (over 2000 a month) of visitors from India... this doctor office is in Los Angles.  It was only getting about 10 visitors a month from Los Angles... I guess it goes without saying, they had never had a new patient coming from their website. 

India is where the last SEO was from, and although there were several reasons for this result, including them paying other Indian workers, one dollar an hour to click on links to their clients websites, there was also no website optimization for local visitors.

This takes a very different type of SEO than an e-commerce or most other types of website that goes without saying, I have worked with several doctors websites, and have not made any of the websites search engine friendly in exactly the same way.

Most SEO's, in fact every SEO especially if they are trained in some sort of school, don't "get" this, they have a set way of SEO'ing a website, a set list, they do each thing on that list, and they don't concieve theres another way of doing SEO.

I guess with me, since I learned SEO from trial and error, and have been doing SEO professionally for over 10 years, I have a whole arsenal of ways of making a website appear in search engines in a particular way. And even now, I spend a certain amount of time tryout out new things,or different ways of making some technique work better.

Regards Lynny

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RV Keystone Websites, Ideal SEO job for Christmas

I came across a website or group of websites last night that I would love to work on. The websites were for a large RV company here in the States called Keystone, they have about 50 different types of trailer camper vans and from what I could tell there's a website for EACH different type of RV, so that's at LEAST 50 different Websites.

The really sad thing is, they are actually quite difficult to find in the sites search engines unless you already know the name of the RV you want. However if you are just looking for RV's or information about RV's, buying RV's etc, all those sites are no-where to be found.

With an investment of say $1500 per website for SEO, some careful planning by the SEO, by the start of the summer, this company could rule google and other search engines, ranking for all placements on the 1st and 2nd pages of search engine results for every conceivable search that was about RV's. When you think that the sites of there's I checked had about 95 pages each, this extra expense would be well worthwhile, and probably the return on investment would be made within a couple of sales.

Regards Lynny

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SEO Is Not Really That Complicated | Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing

SEO Is Not Really That Complicated | Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing: "general SEO isn't difficult just very time consuming, if you don't know what you are doing, and there's a lot of misinformation out there about it. But then you are talking to intelligent people, not the average business owner, how is interested in their business, and not so much in the internet.

As an example I recently 'Met' emailed someone that owns a website business, nice site, he has also taken up writing articles, and submitting the articles to a popular article bank as an SEO technique to get links to his business website.

He has written over 1200 very good articles, ideal for use on blogs and in newsletters etc. he's done that part right, He's been doing this for over 2 years.

However looking at his google analytics the only change to visitors to his site, come from the link in his bio at the article site, about 100 visitors a month, and of those visitors, the bounce rate is just over 94%.

However visitors coming from search engines have stayed about the same over the past 5 years. Sure there's some natural increase, but nothing noticeable. Not considering the time this guy has put in, writing his articles on the same topic as his business website.

A few simple tips, and his website could be receiving hundreds more visitors each month. he would have been getting many thousand visitors a month now, if he had of known what he was doing when he first started writing articles.



Investing In Women has awarded a $500 “stimulus package” to a woman owned business, The Underground Railroad To Success. The URS was started by Tanisha Cunningham to teach independence to foster children.  This grant will give the non-profit a chance to market their business.

- Investing In Women has awarded their first grant to a woman owned business in the USA.  The recipient of the award is Tanisha Cunningham, founder of The Underground Railroad to Success ( The URS is a non-profit that provides a service to foster children aging out of the system to live independently as adults while becoming an integral part of society. This is great for foster children and also has a positive affect on our society as a whole.

“Aging out” is the term used for children who go into foster care, but are never returned to their families of origin or adopted by others. They stay in the system until they turn 18, or graduate from high school, and for the most part, are left to fend for themselves as best they can.

Tanisha Cunningham started URS in January of 2009. A child of foster care herself, she saw the need for foster kids to have additional support when they were no longer eligible for state run services.  Soon after her foster care ended, she began a career in child welfare

“I wanted to stay there because my passion had always been to give back, because I knew the struggles of living in foster care, and the fear of leaving unprepared, not having a place to go or having the skills to obtain a job.”

Investing In Women ( is a free business resource site, grant program and marketing venue for entrepreneurs. The organization plans to offer several micro grants in 2010, including grants that are not awarded based on gender.

Website in New Zealand Very sucessful with SEO

I've been working with a client in New Zealand for a year. The business is a home business, started about 5 years ago, I've written about it before.
The website when I started was getting about

30,000 page views a month
, August of 08, by September 09  that same website got just under
1,000,000, yes 1 million page views a month.

Now let me explain, page views are not the number visitors, it's the number of pages visitors viewed over a month.I find this is a better way of seeing whats going on on many sites for the following reasons.

About 50%-60% of visitors leave a site, or bounce, without viewing more than one page, I won't say how many visitors, but you can do the math, for a million pages looked at, the number of visitors are up there....that sort of result would put some very busy forums to shame.

That's a very impressive growth in just one year...I can't take all the credit though,

this owner did put a heck of a lot of work into the website.

Even moving a large homemade website onto a database website, increasing the number of pages from about 500 to over 1700 pages was all work this website owner did herself, with just a few emails from be explaining what to do. 

I have other seo consultancy clients that don't have anywhere near the success of this website, with consultancy, I can only suggest what needs doing, the rest is up to the website owner.
This website owner didn't take on all my suggestions, but the ones she did take on, she made an outstanding difference to her website traffic... it just shows though, sometimes all that's needed is a little direction, to make a online business a success...

Regards Lynny

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Investing in Women and Lynny Brown SEO team up

Lynny Brown, owner of SEObyCanz and co-owner of CANZ Design is a self professed computer nerd and extremely knowledgeable SEO specialist.  Lynn has refined her skills as the industry has developed, always researching, constantly growing and adapting as the internet becomes more and more sophisticated.  There are many definitions of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but the easiest way to describe the process in non-tech speak is to say she ‘makes websites findable in search engines’.
Lynny’s internet career has been a long progression of self taught skills based upon her fascination with the way websites and search engines work; beginning, as many of us do, with a homemade website that no one could find.  That was the beginning of her always evolving solution to solve the puzzle; how to make a site visible, have people find and use what was online and available.
A computer changed Lynny’s life. She was confined to a wheelchair and bedridden (a result of a broken back injury), when she got her first computer. Her first project was a locally marketed cook book made up of recipes from her own kitchen and contributions from a few friends.  Next: a personal web site which was the start of a lifetime passion.
2001 was a focal point for Lynny Brown; 3 things happened that would change her life.
She bought a digital camera, her life partner Kym, traveled from California to New Zealand (CA-NZ) and together they begin their first online business, which appropriately was called CANZ. 
The first Canz ( was a stock image bank they developed to market the thousands of photographs she and Kym took while traveling throughout New Zealand. Within a couple of years this small shoestring enterprise grew to become the second largest image bank in New Zealand offering upwards of 50,000 photographs and graphics from artist all over the world.  Lynn’s fascination with search engines grew as she began optimizing and marketing the website that now contained upwards of 50,000 pages.
During this period of time they begin building professional websites for other small businesses and the second Canz ( was off and running. Quickly the newly developed skills of web design and SEO techniques was divided between the two business women; the design handled by her partner while Lynny utilized all the knowledge skills she acquired in her specialty: Search Engine Optimization, marketing and strategy.
Soon there was a third Canz: SEObyCanz ( a site developed to focus on the growing clientele that had use of Lynn’s specialty Search Engine Optimization for web sites.
In 2008 Lynny and her partner moved to the United States where she soon met a chiropractor who fixed her chronic back pain, enabling her to do many of the things she could do before her accident 17 years ago.  She built that chiropractor a website that is search engine friendly and optimized for the services her chiropractor offers.
While researching chiropractic websites and internet marketing for that specialty she became aware that many chiropractors where in need of SEO and internet marketing advice. Because of her interest in the field and the way chiropractic treatment has helped her personally she began focusing on SEO for chiropractic web sites.
Lynn Brown, herself a gay woman that operates a full time online business, has a keen interest in woman owned and operated businesses.  She has helped several women to get their websites ranking well in search engines and producing results that make money.
Investing in Women Offer
 She is offering a special deal for members of ‘Investing in Women’ that have built own websites; women who have control and want to keep control of their websites.  Lynny is now offering women like this a SEO consultation service that includes a full website analysis and detailed instructions on what that owner can do to make their website rank better in search engines for less than half the price she normally charges for this service. This offer is only for women that are members of Investing in Women.
Instead of the usual $3500, she charges for consulting, women who own and run their own websites get this service for $500 deposit, and then 4 monthly payments of $250; a total of $1500, the balance which can be paid over 5 months.
Of course if someone wants a crash course they are welcome to pay the full amount. The skills you learn will be specific to your own website and should not be transferred to other sites, as often these techniques could be detrimental to another website it was not specifically designed for.  Good SEO is developed for one website as each site must be analyzed with appropriate methods applied to it.
There are three rules for this offer.

Regards Lynny

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Would you want this SEO working for you?

Hi Steve.

I just checked out an SEO here in San Diego that is using adwords to get clicks to their website… check out the daily budget at the top between 1 and almost 10 grand a day….. if you knew how much they were spending on adwords themselves make you want to use their service? 

I'm tempted to ring them up and ask if they would like SEO done on their own site… I'm beating them in organic searches everywhere and have never or would never waste my money on adwords as you know.  

This site I use to get adwords budgets is very accurate in my experience, I have often used it on websites that ask me to do SEO, or their competitors websites just to see what they are spending on adwords.

But Steve…. would you want to hire an SEO firm that spent this much on Google adwords, to get your click, it doesn't say much for their SEO skills I would think…Interestingly enough the way I saw this ad was doing a search for freelance SEO, must be a Rich person to spend this much on SEO and not be a company huh.

Note the bottom statistic, 3,550 paid for clicks, and 0 organic clicks a day, shows how badly the site is ranking huh…

Regards Lynny

SEO 4 Chiropractors
SEO 4 Dentists

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