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I don't often, ok very rarely, maybe once or twice... in 3 years...  say nice things about SEO services available online or offline, but this one get's top marks. Social Bookmarking service takes all the work out of bookmarking your webpages, blogs, anything you want in the social bookmark site. For 19 cents a bookmark all you do is give the page or post you want bookmarked, the site automatically finds the description and meta tags, which you can change it you want, you choose the number of bookmarks you want, pay and the bookmarking is done in a few day...

There are of course lot's of options, you can choose the bookmarking sites you want your site bookmark they have about 615 bookmarking sites at the time I wrote this, and if their great directory listing service is anything to go by they will be listing more sites as they find them.

I may as well give their directory submission service a plug too, I use it often, for 14 cents a website, or 16 cents if you want them to deal with all the initial emails, and the emails you get forever more from the various directories, (I thoroughly recommend the 16 cent per website service, I'm still getting 2-5 emails a week per website, per directory from sites I submitted 5 years ago... about 1400 emails a week...) They have a list of about 1400 directorys, you can either choose which directories they list your site, or like the social bookmarking sister site, just say how many sites you'd like them to submit to, or simply say how much you want to spend (that say how much you want to spend was an idea I made to them, and they decided to use) ...

Anyway check them out, say yourself hours of work, for very little financial outlay. I've been using their service directory listing service now for quite a few years, about 4 or 5 years, and have had some mind-boggling results from having my listings done for me.... I once figures that 100 directory listings took me (someone experienced) about 8-10 hours, they charge $16 for the same service... honestly you'd be a mug to do your own at that price huh....

Social Bookmarking Service

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