Gay & Lesbian Friendly San Diego Southern California.

Professional Web and graphic design
Call me multi talented, as well as doing a great SEO job, I also have a heap of other talents, read about them here Gay Friendly graphic designer or check out our Web and graphic designer services pages.
So for your Lesbian graphic designer who is definately gay friendly, living in Hillcrest, San Diego, Southern Califonia, but working with gays all over the world.
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What is SEF what does SEF mean?

Quite simply SEF means search engine friendly.

Have a look at our SEF CMS, or Search Engine Friendly, Content Management System, The CMS means you can if you wish build the whole site yourself, or have us build a professional website, and then you add your products as you see fit, or make changes to your pages as you want.

Regards Lynny

Best SEO San Diego to New Zealand

SEO Consultant

And designer of professional websites

First in Google using SEO How?

How do I get our site in the first page using SEO?

That's the easiest question I have ever had, hire me, and I'll do it.Seriously, I will do it but it all depends on exactly what words or phrases you want to be on the 1st page,or #1 in search engines for. Some sites have some SEO done, and just need that extra hand to do better, so maybe hiring me at $300USD a month for 6 months or 1 year is all you need to do, I'll do offsite SEO, and get you raking highly for just a few words, or many words, it's your choice.

That's why it's so wrong really to have a set price list for SEO, since each site is different, and has its own needs. Even though I have an

SEO price list on my website, I still don't believe in them, but people want to know what they could be in for as far as an investment in SEO

There are also times, say when you have built your site in FrontPage as a try out, and you have seen the potential of a website. Then you would be better off to start afresh with a SEF CMS, or Search Engine Friendly Content Management System. The CMS means you can if you wish build the whole site yourself, or have us build a professional website,

and then you add your products as you want, or make changes to your pages as required.

Regards Lynny
Best SEO Consultant
And designer of professional websites

from USA to other parts of the world

Sending purchases from USA to other parts of the world.

If you want to buy a product in the United States, and have it sent to NZ, it either costs a fortune, especially if you but multiple things from the same place, and they add one $12 or some per item, or they won't send outside the States.

If you are in this position, contact me, I'll be living in the states soon, and would be happy to send things on, you can pay me by paypal for postage, and some extra for my time, and get your product far cheaper.


Need a new Website Designer email us

Many people have a website, but their website designer is long gone or now charging way too much for updates, or just generally offering a lousy service. and now all you get is spam, your website is out of date, and you don't know what to do.... easy answer, get a new webdesigner.

The staff at Canzdesign offer second to none after sales service for web design, often making small changes for nothing at all, but otherwise at a reasonable fee. And changes will often be made with a day, 2 days if we are way busy, but there's usually someone available, that will do small job, but most important, is we answer our emails as soon as they arrive, not 6 weeks later.

We check our spam bins every day, to make sure we haven't lost your email to the spam lords, and suggest you do the same if you haven't received a reply from us within 12 hours.

Even if the email is just to say, ok, or we'll be able to do that tomorrow afternoon or something short like that. We hate to wait for days for a reply to an email and figure why should you wait to hear from us.

Anyway about the service, I even have a website that I receive all their emails, and go through it for them delete the spam. I send the ones that look like they are real, by reading the subject line or the first sentence the ones that have emails I recognize as a client right on to the person that's supposed to receive it.

Each person has their person email address, I have done this for 2 years now, and was talking to the owner, and he said that they had just been talking about what a wonderful service it was. And how in the 2 years I had been doing it, I had only sent on 5 emails that were actually spam, and 7 emails that weren't to the correct person in the company.

Not a bad record for a business that was getting 200-250 and are now getting about 500 spams a day, and have 18 employee's that usually receive about 1-3 real emails a day each.

The experience I received when I first went online of dealing with emails from 13 different groups, numerous friends and spam has come in handy, back then I received about 3-5000 emails a day, I used to have a screenshot that showed that after I had no internet connection for 1 ½ days, I was downloading almost 9000 emails. Hehehehe….

Now I only get about a 1000 a day, and I still manage to work doing SEO for 9 websites, and answer about an average of 40 emails a day. And do heaps of other work…..

Regards Lynn

SEO In San Diego, Southern California, United States, and New Zealand

Website design, redesign, website development and branding

Need someone to take over your website, do all work and updates

Many people have a website, but their website desgner is long or now charging way to much for updats, or just generallly offering a lousyservice. and now all you get is spam, your website is out of date, and you don't know what to do.... easy answer, get a new webdesigner.

The staff at Canzdesign offer second to none aftersales service, often making small changes for nothing at all, but otherwise at a reasonable fee.

Best Regards Lynny Bishop - Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!
New Zealand Born, English speaking SEO.
Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

Contact Me directly.

your webdesigner or webhost are you unhappy with them.

Many people don't realize that they can move there website whenever they like.

I know a fanatasic website host that charges less than $10 a month, $5.00 USD a month, and most websites in the world are actually hosted in Amercia, and it doesn't hurt their search engine ranking at all, even if they have a country specific website url.

Or they have a website designer, that gives lousey after sales service, or even part way through the site, you find you can't work with them, it's a very easy process to change website designers or website developers, you have hundreds of solutions. Thosands of them for bthe problems.

So if you are having problems with your webhost, or the place that hosts your website, or the person that originally built your website, then write to me, I will offer you our services for free, or for %50USD I'll take the time to write an email that offers you other options with other website hosts and website designers.

Best Regards Lynny Brown -
Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!
New Zealand Born, English speaking SEO.
Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get SEO Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

Contact Me directly.
Website hints and website, seo, and computer hints hints

SEO with a breastfeeding website.

I was approached recently by someone that wanted to do her own onsite SEO, just wanted to know what to do.

So we settled on a price, an upfront price, and six months of smaller payments, and now this site owner is as busy as a bee, doing all the onsite work required, all the repetitive work that takes so long to do. I can't keep up with her, she truly is an inspiration.

She's had the site for a few years, about 5 years I think.
She designed the first product a pure wool pads to help control leaks for breast feeding mums herself. Then went on to make hemp breast pads since they apparently absorb the leaks better….I'm not an expert in this sort of thing, my baby feeding days are well over.

The site has gone from strength to strength, she has about 100 different products onsite, and now with these changes she's doing she should be doing really well in search engines in a few months.

She is truly a pleasure to watch, I have known the owner through a bulletin board for a few years, and taken interest in her website, giving her a few hints with her old site.

The point is, the site wasn't an instant success, but she has kept at it, and made it a success, through pure sweat and I guess a few tears over the years.

She didn't just put the site up, and expect people to come and buy her goods, then "pack a sad" and give up when they didn't. She dug her toes in and made it a challenge to make her site work, she went on to think of new things to do like revamp the site, giving it new look, a better checkout system, went out on the internet, and got her site known through going to forums, she made her site work.

That is the sort of person you don't see often in the world of websites.

As I have said the site sells things for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, their babies and baby products, go on, go take a look, and if you are pregnant then definitely have a look, and buy something while you are there.
I certainly enjoy helping the owner of this site for mothers and their babies out.

I must say I would like to do more of this type of work, with people that already have built their own sites and are happy with them, but just want help with the SEO. I think I'll limit it to those people that have shown they won't give up, and owned a site for a few years, but still I'd like to do this type of work more.

I will not give me hard-earned expertise away for nothing, but the owner of this site has saved herself about $2500 by doing it herself. Way to go Frances from !!!!!

Oh, and she's started a new blog, check it out at specialty breastfeeding online store blog.

Regards Lynny
Helping people do their own SEO
Rebuilding websites that need a professional look

Parameter cool SEO software (Free)

Parameter is a very cool piece of software, it is a free download, and will tell you the pagerank of any page, you just download it, install it, add urls one at a time. Click the plus sign, when you are finished, just click the green triangle, and the search will start. It's that easy…. Down load the program here

for a couple of other free SEO programs look here

Cheers Lynny

Your SEO that gets results
Search Engine Friendly Website Design

How often should a website be upgraded

Like everything in the computer world, websites need to be upgraded regularly. Plus they need to have a face lift now and then too.

I website that is run using php, or is database driven will last about 4-5 years. As technology gets more complex and codes become out of date. So if you have a website that is successful, you should budget for a rebuild every 4-5 maybe 6 years.

Html website will last a lot longer, but then they can't do a lot of things that database websites can, html websites are really something for personal websites, and shouldn't be considered when looking at building a professional websites. Professional websites need to look professional, and changing that have to be made to an html website have to be made on every page, whereas on a database website, one change say in the menu, will change the menu's on the whole site. Of course, there are many other things that make database driven websites better than an html website, but this post is about how often you should look at rebuilding your site.

I would also suggest you give your website a new updated look every couple of years, this does not cost much, and can make the world of difference to a website. There's nothing worse than an old fashioned looking website.

Regards Lynny

How do you SEO a database driven website?

This is an easy question to answer, a coder needs to change the code of the site, making it possible for changes to be made to the various part of the site, that your visitor doesn't see.

Some people don't believe in using meta tags, for the most part I do, but still database driven urls need to be changed to search engine friendly ones, page titles, and a few other little places, need coding changes in order for a database driven website to become Search engine friendly.

Many database driven websites are starting to become out of date, the code that runs them is becoming old, and within a year or two there will be many website that will need to be totally rebuilt as the server, the place that hosts the website will be upgrading their servers and the older style websites will just not work.

Regards Lynny

Are several websites better than one?

A question that I'm often asked is it better to have several websites, or just a whole lot of information on one website.

It depends on how much money you have, but several websites, each on a specific subject, is better than one big website that has many things all mixed up together. SEO-wise several websites on similar but different subjects is a dream.

If you did have several websites, the idea would be to have the sites linked together; the sites could even look pretty much the same, so people would not necessarily know that they are going to another website.

The problem is of course is keeping several websites up-to-date is a big job, but that is when you hire an SEO that's also a web designer like me, to make sure the sites all running smoothly.

Regards Lynny
I was an SEO before I began to make websites, and I have experts in web design to make changes I can't do myself.

Different search engine ranking depending on where you live

Since my partner the graphic artist and web designer is now in San Diego, Southern California, I have been doing some testing, and getting her to do some search engine searches for me, the exact same ones I have done here in New Zealand, and the results are quite different.

I always knew this was so, becuase google has several datacenters where it draws it's results from, but never had a chance to prove it before.

different search in different parts of the world

different searches canz design

canz website design

Interesting huh......

Best Regards Lynny Brown -
Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!
New Zealand Born, English speaking SEO.
Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

Contact Me directly.

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