SEO's that advertise their services on Google

Advertising on Google, when you are an SEO

When Google puts ads on a webpage rather than above and beside the search results on its own webpages, the ad always relates to the subject of the page.

This is something that amuses me a lot; I put Google Adwords on the bottom of my article pages and since write about SEO more often than not all the Google ads on my pages are from businesses offering to either do SEO or sell you a book or program about SEO.

Now the books and programs are ok; but don’t you think it’s funny that an SEO company has to pay for ads saying things like “We’ll get your website to #1 in Google”. Consider that they can’t even accomplish first page SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement for their own SEO company; but must pay to have their pages listed on top.

How much confidence can you have in that company?

The AdSense ads that really crack me up are the ones that advertise they will run your AdSense campaign for you!

The joke is their own site actually ranks highly naturally, often at #1 or#2 so they are probably paying for clicks they would have gotten anyway, because their site is naturally ranking well for that search phrase. What does that say about their ability to do the job they are advertising that they do so well?

· Step one: Choose possible keywords/keyphrases that would be relevant for the business they are doing the campaign for; say 300, 1000 or whatever possibilities.
· Step two: Make sure that the website is not already ranking naturally high for those phrases, and if they are, delete those keywords from the list.

Well that is how I run those campaigns. Wouldn’t that be what anyone would do? On the other hand; perhaps my main concern is saving my clients money and doing a thorough job

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