SEO what's in it for your?

SEO what's in it for you.... make sure you read the last .
It maybe all very well to know all about SEO and how it's worked for my other clients, but what's in it for you?

Well for a start, if you are reading this page, I'll give you a 20% discount on the monthly investment in SEO you make on a yearly contract. Just mention this page when you write and ask for a quote.

Ok, so the first benefit for you. Your site starts getting more targeted visitors, and considering they like what they see, and they like the price, you will get more sales.

Targeted visitors are ones that do a search, and find your website as exactly what they are looking for. It's no good doing what some SEO's do, and get visitors to a site selling new cars, by pretending it a cheap second car site. I mean why bother, the visitor is only going to leave again.
Your competitors will also notice that your name is ahead of them in search engines, people with businesses often do vanity searches, and it isn't fun to see your competitor ahead of you for allsorts of searches that are relevant to your business.

My personal SEO motto, is to get a site ranking well(which means on the first page of Google) for as many search phrases as possible, and as many of really the same search, just search for in a different ways.

Many people other SEO's say that anyone that makes the first page promise is not truthful about there skills, I say they are just not good SEO's themselves, sure it can be done, and if it can't then I will tell you so, and not take your money, hey I don't want ANY customers that aren't wowed by my work.

So far all my clients have said I should be charging more, but I'm after job satisfaction, not a new car or designer clothes. I only have 10 clients at a time, and it's up to 8 at the moment, so go on be number #9 or 10.

In fact, I'll make you a deal, be number 9 or 10 before 22 of August 08 and I'll give you 33% off the whole price of my SEO services.....

Best Regards Lynny Brown -
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New Zealand Born, English speaking SEO.
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