Seo Hint: Why do similar searches rank differently

My main job as a good SEO for you is to make your website findable in search engines for whatever people might search for that is a product or service maybe shown on your particular website, or at the least as many as possible searches.

That is not as easy as it might sound, because as you may imagine people can and do search for the same thing in different ways.

Here I have used the words Australian Blue Sapphire, with variants of Australia and sapphires.

Different keywords different ranking

See how Australia Sapphires is ranked #1, yet Australian Sapphire ranked #12 in goggle for a search.

This particular website has many different kinds of gemstones, but next I would obviously work on Australian sapphires, blue sapphire and sapphire blue.

I hope this illustrates that although a website might be doing well for one search that another search that may be very similar may not be doing well at all.

My point is people search for the same thing is several different ways, all the searches above I found in a list of 2268 different searches people made for this site and found it.

Most good website hosts have website statistics, where you can check what visitors to the site are doing, how long they stayed, and what search they used to find the site.

The 3 search strings above that aren't doing as well in Google, will be doing well in some other search engine, so that's probably how they are found, most people don't bother searching past the second page in search engines, unless they are looking for something specific. In fact only, something like .2% search past page 1 of a search results, so if you are not on that first page, then your competitor get's the click, and you miss out on a sale.

There are several ways that I get all these various searches covered in search engines, however for me to do the very best job I can, I need access to the website itself, the behind the scenes part of the site.

Many website owners are concerned that their web designer may not be happy with giving this information especially if that web designer offers SEO services as well. This can be a problem, but it is your website, and you should be given the login information when the site was first built.

Other website owners are thoroughly sick of their original web designer, who has a bad after sales service, taking months to make simple changes, or even weeks to answer email. Often then it's just as easy for me to set up changing website host, hosting for most websites should only cost $5-$10 depending on how much support the owner needs.

Once access is gained to the website, I can often get your website ranking well in several search results, sometimes within days if the site has been online for a year or so.

Another site I do SEO for is a gift basket website, and I was showing someone the work I do, and how it would work, I did a search for one particular phrase I had worked on 18 hours after I had done the work. I was bowled over when it was ranked at #1 on page 1. I was thinking I would have to show this friend, that the phrase was on page 20 which it was when I did the changes the day before.

That did show though that Google definitely was looking at the site regularly it just was not finding the information it needed to rank the site highly. That particular site now receives visitors from 747 keywords and keyphrases.

And the owner has just sold the business, on the strength of how well the website is ranking in search engines, and how many sales she's now making through the website Big browne point for me and my seo skills

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