Pay Per Click how does it work?

The best-known pay per click advertising on the internet is Googles AdSense. Note the advertisement down the side of the page, these are Pay per click advertisements…. You might also be interested in the website that ranks #1 in the free natural search engine results. Oh gosh, that's my one of my own site in the natural results, what a surprise J

But the point is that the websites inside the pink square are pay per click advertisers, they must pay for each time someone clicks on their add, and the higher they ads appears in the list, the more it costs the for the click. So while the first advertiser might pay $2.50 for a click. The second advertiser might pay $1.35, and the last one may only be paying 5 cents for a click.

Each advertiser selects a maximum amount they will send month, and the ad will get shown at a rate that means that the ad is shown as many times as it can be, to use up the maximum amount of money the advertiser wishes to pay evenly over the month.

There are tons of books and Google tutorials online that explain exactly how to use these Pay Per click. I just wanted to give you a quick overview.

Personally, I think they are a waste of money, I would rather use the money spent on people clicking with no intention of buying, to make the website rank naturally, but if a PPC campaigns are run correctly. it can give you some very good results.

Regards Lynny

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