If you have software on your computer is there any reason why you can't design your own website? The answer is absolutely not!

So why pay someone else to design your site? Using a professional offers the following benefits:

  • Website online quickly
  • Professional design with easy to navigate site
  • Error free
  • SEO can be included from the start which is cheaper than having to re-write pages later
  • You can then concentrate on swapping links and building your web presence

Are all Website Designers much the same?

No. There are more website developers online than any other profession I have ever searched for. Designers can range from 13 year old children to highly trained designers with years of experience.

  1. When choosing a designer ask to see samples and references. A designer should have the technical knowledge to make sure your site 'works' and the design flair to ensure your site looks good and attracts customers.

  2. A good designer will also incorporate SEO into your site. Be wary of those who don't pay enough attention to search engine placement, it is not unheard of for them to come back at a later date pointing out that you need more work done to improve traffic.

  3. Many designers offer CMS websites which means you can do the upkeep yourself if you chose to. I haven't found any other CMS websites that offer both design and SEO apart from our own PRISM CMS.

Regards Lynny and ask about that host.

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