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HOSTING Although we offer webhosting to our web design clients, and some of my SEO clients, we don't offer hosting as a service as a rule, so this information isn't from someone that’s trying to sell you the best deal around so here you will see good sound information with no special deals or offers.

Web hosting is a service providing users with server/computer space via web access used for storing information, images, video, content or website information.

What is the difference between a country domain extension (ccTLD) and a .com (TLD) extension and which extension do I need?

Country code top-level domain (ccTLD) – The two letters following the final dot of any domain name represent your country code such as or Use a ccTLD if you do not expect to market internationally as you will get your site into local search engines quicker.

Top-level domain (TLD) – A .com domain name is used by companies with a global market and easily recognized as a international business.

Canz Design is a New Zealand company with a global customer base. Both and domain names are registered in order to capture both markets.

A New Zealand mechanic will register his website as as he is interested in the local market only.

Are all website hosts the same?

No definitely not. Both pricing and service can vary depending on the provider.

If the cheapest price is your primary concern and you are prepared to put up with your website not working properly or being offline for a few days here and there then there are plenty of companies out there and you shouldn't need to pay more than $10 per month. The negative side to such great pricing is that the backup service is often reflective of the price you pay. Your frantic emails will probably not be replied to as soon as you would like and assistance when available may not be to your satisfaction.

If you are looking for a balance between competitive pricing and great support then have a look at our hosting plans on our website. We will answer your emails promptly, back your website up regularly and fix any problems as quickly as possible.
We are more than happy to custom design a hosting plan to fit your particular needs so if you are looking for something specific, simply email us with details and we will reply with our proposal.

What do I look for in a hosting plan?

Email: The amount of web space for any hosting plan includes space used for emails. If your business receives emails with large attachments on a regular basis and may be closed for weekends then you need to be looking for a plan offering at least 35 MB's. However, if your business receives smaller emails without those large attachments than a 20 MB website should be more than adequate.

Do I need to own a computer or to have it going most of the time in order to run a website?

No, the benefit of a website is that your audience has access to your company's information at any time. As all information is stored through your host on the internet, you do not need a computer in order to run a website.

Like I said, we don't as a rule offer webhosting anymore, but have a very good webhost provider we often recommend thats in the United States. They charge $5USD a month for a hosting, with enough space for for a very large e-commerce website.

Regards Lynny and ask about that host.
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