What is drop-shipping.

What is drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is very simply stocking your website with products that you don't actually have, but have deals with the manufacturer to send the product out to your clients with none of their own branding on it.

There are many different websites around the internet selling every conceivable product using this technique. You simply go to their website, select the photos of the products you would like to stock, put your own pricing on it, and offer them for sale. As the product sells, and you receive payment, from your website you simply go to the website that stocks the product, buy it, putting in your customers delivery details, and the drop-shipping site sends the product to your client.

The benefits of drop-shipping are obvious, you don't have to spend a cent on stock, until it's actually paid for. So you don't have stock laying around waiting to make your money back on it.

Many people also use this drop-shipping idea to sell products on EBay, again the benefits of this are obvious.

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