What is a reasonable price for SEO for a 12 month contract

What should SEO cost, when you are signing up for a 12 month contract?

I saw a question like this in the statistics for this blog, so though I would anser the question, what should SEO cost for a 12 month contract.

Although it's obviously a one of those it all depends questions, but the odd thing is, sites with very few WebPages are actually harder to do seo on, than very large websites.

A lot of the problem with websites not being found in search engines, is simply because they don't have the sort of information on them that people are actually searching for so the more pages, the more information the better as long as it's the right kind of information that is.

That doesn't answer the question though does it. What should you expect to pay for a 12 month SEO contract?

Well I can say that none of my clients have ever paid more than $10,000 for SEO over a 12 month contract. One client pays $1,200 a year, she's an established client, and we have a special deal. Oh hang on, there was one client that insisted he pay more, becuase the results of my work was were so good, he wanted me to do more work on a couple of other websites he had, but that was less than $10.000 for each site.

I have clients with 6 and 8 page websites, another client with just over 400 pages, 2 sites with over 2400 webpages these last 2 websites are obviously e-commerce websites, that have both gone from not having any sales at all through their websites, to now being quite happy with present sales, and sales increasing every month.

My clients pay an initial down payment, since the work that is first down to get the website ready for search engines is so labor intensive, then a steady monthly payment for me to tweak the sites, and the other things I do.

I’m heading for the States in a couple of months, so my present clients will keep paying me in NZ dollars while any new ones I get ones there will be paying me in USD. So if you are thinking of getting me to do your SEO get in contact quick, you will be paying a lot less lol….

I'm looking at adding another seo service for clients that have very small websites, and that will of course besomething clients can choose to have or not have, but that will increase the monthly payments, but still at this stage $13,000 at the very most isn't anywhere near the $50,000 many seo company's are asking.

There is one exception that was just pointed out to me, a large extablished company like Dell would think anything of paying that sort of price or even $100,000, and probably wouldn't even consider a quote for $13,000 as a joke, but for most businesses that are either start-up or small to medium sized company's or even large ones, shouldn't have to think about that sort of price.

SEO should be thought of as part of your advertising budget, if you spend $40,000 on advertising for your shop, then a budget of say $10,000 for your online shop, that could easy run by one part-time staff member, and is open all hours, would be a bargain in anyones eyes.

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