Being a dyslexic writer

Having dyslexia and being able to, and desperately wanting to write is a challenge few could understand or appreciate the challenge of.

Apart from not being able to spell many words, which a majority of the time the computer spell check takes care of. If I actually know which of the words, if gives me as a choice is the correct one, as many of the words have the same letters. It's often a case of choosing one, and then seeing if the computer picks up that I've used a word in the wrong context.

However does that mean the word I actually wanted to use is wrong, or does that mean I have chosen the wrong word from the list of possible ones the spell-check gave me. There are times often, when the word I want if the word isn't in the list of choices.

Those times I change various letters around, until the word I want becomes an option. When I get a word, that the computer says I have spelt correctly, I have to check that that word is actually the word I wanted to use.

I must have the longest auto correct list in the history of computer spell checks. Actually, it isn't that long, since I recently lost it in a reformat, but before that, all the words that I knew I spelt wrong were there, often with 2 or 3 variations of how I might have spelt it, and then how it should be spelt.


I also have this very handy little spell check/dictionary type program that will say the word for me, that get's used at least 40 or 50 times a day.


It all means that writing even an email is rather a long drawn out process..... For the rest of the article of being a Dyslexic writer take a look at the link.


Cheers Lynny

Good SEO are hard to find, honest ones almost impossible, and I'm the only dyslexic one in the world… makes me unique. J
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