Interesting SEO trend Links from sites that don't exist

Just checking my website statistics, and noticed I'm supposed getting people visiting my website, from websites that don't exsist, the disturbing thing is the sites are all poker sites, that i would never have had a link with.

You always get a few odd places people link to yur site from, but this is like 40 or 50 different sites. Hope google doesn't think I'm getting links from gambling sites, they are usually comsidered bad neighood sites.

Best Regards Lynny Bishop-
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Other reasons articles are important... new content

I wrote below about adding content, as a way to help visitors find your website, another reason to ad articles to your website, is so the search engines see that things are happening on your website, and it isn't stagnant.

A stagnant website will slip down in the search engine rankings simple because they aren't even sure if the the site is relevant anymore.

There are litterly million of websites on the internet that have been there for 2 years plus, that are no longer relevant, their information is out of date, there are broken links everyhere, and consequently the search engines just let them slip into oblivion as they should.

So if you have a website, where you are quite happy with what it says, everything is up-to-date then one of the ways to get it ranking higher in search engines is add articles to the site. If you added say one article per month, which should cost you about $25 a month for the articles, plus the cost of having your webdesigner add them, which again should be minimal around $25 a month at most, your website will start ranking better in search engines.

Plus as I mentioned in the article below the added content will bring different clients to your website, so it's a win-win suitation.

Contact me to find out more about having articles written about your particluar business.

Regards Lynny

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Article for your website helps SEO Prices for Article Writers.

One of the best ways to get more people to your website, is to have more webpages from them to read and subjects that relate to your business. Also having links to your site from many places around the net from articles about your business.

Think about it if you have a 6 pages website just advertising your services then really speaking that's not a lot of words for google to read and index.

One way to do this is write artles, lot's of then, the more the better, and add then to your website, the pages themselves only need to linked to from your sitemap so google can find and read and index them and then have a link to your homepage on you articles. You can also submit these articles to article directory's, which will link back to your website giving you more links again.

The tricky part comes in with first finding the time to write the articles, and then writing them in such a way that search engines will rank them high enough for anyone to find them in searches. While it's true that even the worst written articles will get found, it only makes sence that the more times an article get's found, the more people you will have to your website.

So why not get someone else to do them for you, there are many people online called ghost or article writers that will write articles and many others that provide the service of rewritting these articles. theres a but here too.... many of the people that do this don't write English as there first lauguage and therefore the article come out just not reading smoothly.

I have found an article writter that write first class articles, on any subject you can think of, if she isn't familar with a subject she'll find a website that is, read what they have written, and then rewrite it so you would never guess that it had been written from the same article.

I've also found an English company that rewrites those articles again, so you can say 6 articles, on the same subject all read differently, you keep on article for your website, and have the other 5 submitted to article directory's.

Concidently I have found a place that will submit articles to the 200 top article directory's.

So you would end up with a great article on your website, and around 200 one-way links to your website, all you had to do if read the articles to make sure they information is correct to your business.

There are of course other options, the article writer to write 5 totally different articles, and but them all on your website, since article writers and rewriters charge about the same price.

So write to me, and I'll give you a price for the service, it's a lot less than you would think, since I have spent all the hours looking for these services, trying out different places and researching the service You can take advantage of all my knowledge.

Best Regards Lynny Bishop -
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We're going to be on TV.

We've been asked by a business TV show for our opinions on
The direction of the web for business,
where the web is heading, and
how the web is changing,
the way business was done online in the past, now and in the future, and
what we feel the future holds for business and e-commerce website in particular online.

What sort of issues do website owners face,
since many owners used to think that all that was needed was a website,
and the sales would happen, and now many website owners are becoming disillusioned with websites,
when in fact website can and do work, it just that have been looked at up until now as an online brochure,
when in fact a website is really like another branch of a business that's open 24/7 and available to people from all over the world.
And lastly why SEO is becoming so important, and should be looked at as another advertising medium.

It's pretty exciting, the show is seen in United Kingdom and Continental Europe, New Zealand and Australia and of course the USA.

I'll let you know as time gets closer, when the series a set of approx six shows will be aired.

Best Regards Lynny Bishop - Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!
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SEO on Business TV

Text Links- Types of links, and how they work for SEO purposes

Text links if used correctly are the best type of link to use for SEO ie, getting highly search engine rankings, and higher placement to your website in search engines for specific phrases.

The worse type of text link, is just your URL as a link, eg although links like this will help your pagerank, if they are placed on the correct type of a page, that’s about all they do.

The very best links are keyword rich text links an example would be English Speaking SEO NZ or website Marketing Help although those words at the moment aren't on the website the link is to, if I placed those particular links around the internet enough times, the website would start ranking well in search engines for those phrases.

In the above examples the English speaking one, this blog is actually #1 because I have written about me being an English speaking SEO before, but for the site I have sent that text link to, I can't say now many times I would have to use that text link before the site to rank highly, but sooner or later, again depending on the pages I put the link on, it would rank #1-5 in Google.

Of course if your website is wanting to rank highly for words that the site is already optimised for, then using those words is even better, and works with fewer text links to it.

The most notable example of this is the search for "click here" if you search for click here in Google, and probably any search engine the first result will be to the adobe pdf reader download page. This is of course because thousands of website owners will instruct you to click here to download the reader. Yet nowhere on that download page are the words “click here” ever used yet it ranks #1 and always has. It get's its top ranking just from all those links to it using click here as the text for the link.

Using text links within content text is the very best use, and one that is becoming more and more popular, they are called contextual links. EG if I write an article about SEO, and make choose words within the text to make into a text link then not only do search engines see the link, but they also see that it’s linked to from a context of things about SEO, so it’s like a giving the keyword double juice. This form of linking is becoming so popular, that many businesses are now paying bloggers especially to add these types of links to their blogs. The going rate I believe is $30 per link for a PR4 webpage, the link stays there for the life of the website or blog... far better than paying on a monthly basis isn’t it.

I keep referring to the right type of webpage to have these links from, and the right type of page, is a page that has a good page rank, the better the page rank, the better the link value. The very best type of page to have a text link from, is a page that is about the subject of the keyword. But failing that just having a high Page Rank will help, just be not quite so good.

This blog presently has a pagerank of 3, which is amazing, since it’s only a new blog with only something like 70 posts at the moment. So at the moment, I would be happy to accept payment for contextual links, contact me if you are interested I’d accept $15 per link.

Best Regards Lynny Bishop -
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Banner ads - Types of links, and how they work for SEO

There are several types of links, one in particular that that you maynot be aware of, that can work for you, helping your site pank well in SERPs.

Banner Ad's Links
Banner ads or links are the best known links, they are pictures that can be in many shapes and sizes, and their main objective, is to attract visitors to one site, to click on them, the resulting link usally opens in a new window and magics you away to another website.

Heres 2 typical Banner ads for our websites. These two banners particular shape is called a small skyscaper banner the pixel measurements are 120 x 240

Professinal design and developmentSEO by Canz

Standard Full Banner size: 468 x 60

Custom banners and web graphics

Standard Button size: 160 x 90

Hobits Hints

The prime reason for using banners or buttons is to entice clients to your website; there are several different sizes the advertising banners can come in, there’s a particularly good webpage that explains many of the standard sizes banners is also has popup templates for each size so you can compare sizes and even take copies of the templates to see what size best suits your and your advertisers needs. The site is well worth a visit.

CanzDesign also offers a web graphic and banner building service requested either by itself or with the website design and development services we offer.

Link exchanges or reciprobal links
But that’s not what the post is about, the point of this post is to inform you that these banners can be used in a few ways, either as link exchanges, where you and other similar themed website decide to exchange links, thinking that your visitors might find each other sites of interest. Unfortunately these types of links are usually stuck on an obscure page somewhere and you actually gain very few links from it. Since the webpage they appear on is usually at least 2 pages away from the main page, the chances of actually getting any useful page-rank passed on either.

Paid Links
These banners can and are often are used as paid links; this is where another site takes a fee, (and usually a pretty high fee too) to display your banner or button on some page or pages on their website. This is usually a month fee; I have heard of fee's as low as $350 and the highest one I have actually seen was for $7800 plus payment for each click per month. With this method of paying for advertising although the advert can appear on better pages and often in better positions, the downside is that as soon as the payments from you stop, your banner disappears (Rather like advertising in a newspaper).

So these banner ad;s have a place in advertsing, and if places on the right page, can sometimes bring in vsitors, but really don't help with SEO as such.

Cheers Lynny

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Quotes for SEO work, and spam filters.

I've had an influx of people requesting quotes for SEO and SEM services lately, yet I'm finding that my emails aren't being replied too.

Now if my quote is too much, then let’s face it, it's the businesses lose, if you had asked for a quote, don't you think, the least you could do would be to write back, and say, no it's too much for us at this time, or no I'm not interested.

But for business that write and don't even give me a url to look at, so I write and ask for one, I'm still not receiving replies, the only thing I can think of is either everyone in the world is very rude, and has no netiquette, or spam filters are gobbling up my emails.

I was feeling in a slightly combative mood this morning, so contacted a couple of people that I did have phone contact details for, and sure enough they hadn't received my emails, and upon checking their spam folders found my quote.

Both places wrote back within an hour or so and said they would get back to me after discussing it with their peers.

If I hear from them again is beside the point, the point is they did acknowledge receiving them, and that’s all I require.

So from now on, I'll just write a short email confirming the email address , and saying I will respond properly once I have a response from them.

I mean I understand that there are many other webdesigners out there that write to me just to suss out our prices so they can compare them to their own, and thats cool, people will always do that, but it's the serious quote request that I'm interested in.

That’s my rave for today.

Regards Lynny
Contact me (just remember to check you spam filters for s reply)
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Advanced SEO, Why should a company get advanced SEO done (3)

What other reasons would you want to get advanced SEO done on your business website....

I won't show pictures this time, they would take up too much room, but you have seen other posts saying how I do the SEO for a Gift box and Hamper Website If you were that company, and you knew before you contacted me you couldn't find your website name in the 1st 20 pages of google, and yet now, 9months later you had at least

243 x #1 rankings on for various relevant words, I won't of course list them all, but heres a few relevant keywords and phrases that ranked #1 on page 1 of google.

gift alcohol
gift alcohols
gift bags +bulk
gift bags wholesale
gift basket business chat
gift baskets alcohol
gift baskets bulk
gift baskets darrell lea
gift baskets for guys
gift baskets with alcohol
gift box alcohol
gift box for alcohol
gift box wholesale
gift box wholesaler
gift box wholesalers
gift boxed alcohol
gift boxes by bulk
gift boxes in bulk
gift boxes two bottle cardboard wholesalers
gift boxes wholesale
gift boxes wholesale nz
gift for alcohol lover
gift for ladies
gift hampers for men
gift hampers wholesale
gift hampers with alcohol
gift items from nz
gift items to be delivered for men
gift items+ladies
gift of alcohol
gifts items for ladies
gifts of alcohol
gifts to be delivered to men
gifts with vodka
gin gift

that you had 43 x #2 rankings, 52 x #3 Ranked words, and 48 x #5 Ranked Words.

I took these words from the list of words on her statistics of keywords that actually were used to find her website last month. Over 750 different word combinations in all, but as I said any ranking lower the 5th place doesn't count with me. but the #1 rankings far outweighted all the other ranking upto 10th place.

Wouldn't that be worth it to see these sort of results, or more important for yout clients and completitors to see the list.

I've had emails from 3 giftbox businesses within the last week, asking about my services and how much it would cost, to get their sites doing as well as this one..... one business owner is frantic for my services, she sells something slightly different to my present client, so wouldn't compete for the same words, but I'll talk to my present client first, and see that I wouldn't be stepping on her toes if I were to take the job.

I must say, it is fun to be sort ofter. The most fun places to contact me are SEO firms, that want me to do their SEO, not seo for their clients, which I wouldn't mind if the pay was right, but but for the SEO company's own websites......cause they can't get any results for terms to do with SEO..... ok, I admit SEO, webdesign and website hosting are hard sites to optimise, but still it can be done.

Regards Lynny
Advanced SEO for Businesses

Advanced SEO, Why should a company get advanced SEO done 2

Isn't just some SEO enough, what is gained though getting advanced SEO work done on a website?

Think about searches you have done, and how even using the same words, but changing the order these words are in, can radically change the search results. Right?
With Advanced SEO, thats done correctly, it is possible to rank at #1 or at least often in the the top five for these different word combinations. So no matter how a person doing a search words the search they will see your websites name.
And it's common knowledge that seeing a business name(website name) often gives people confidence in the business as being successful.
If you offered a product that would help people understand the advertsing costs for small businesses, or in fact offered a service that took care of advertising campaigns for small business, what would it ne worth it to you, to have your website name appear with the first 5 results of these three plus several more relevant searches your potient clients might be looking for?
See my contact details below.
advertising costs average small business

average advertising costs for small business
small business advertising costs average

Regards Lynny

Advanced SEO, more about how Advanced SEO works

Advanced SEO, is as I mentioned in a previos post, really just more of everything, but why would you want more SEO isn't just one lost enough.
Heres the link to the other post I wrote
Advanced SEO Prices How much for what SEO Services.

ok, the reason a company would want more SEO is so they can rank well for more keywords.

Think about doing a search in google, if you do a search for something, have you noticed how by chaning the words slightly, you can get quite different results.

I'll show you examples from New Zealand Google.

The search for average advertising costs for small business

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Sites using adsence that have SEO work done on them.

A few posts ago, I wrote about a couple of websites selling giftboxes using google adword (they the sponsored links you see in google searches) since then I have noticed this is quite common, websites that have obviously paid for what they thought was seo, and yet still having to use google adwords, and paying top dollar for the top position on search pages.

Whats going on, are there so many cowboy SEO out there, that these sites are just getting ripped off, the sites I'm talking about now, are very professional looking, as were the ones I saw a couple of days ago, they are not so site slapped together by the a cousin of one of the workers friends or anything, they are top notch designs.

No wonder some people have a bad or negative view of SEO, I'm not saying this because I do SEO, but I truly feel bad about the sort of SEO work being done by these cowboys, from these high price web designers.

It makes me wonder I tell you. I'm thinking of offering offering a money back guarantee, that the SEO work I will do will definitely attract more targeted visitors, and that the SERP's (Search Engines Results Page) will list there site for a spefic number of phrases.

It really isn't a hard guarantee to keep, if you are an honest SEO, and actually do the work you're being paid to do, oh sure some keywords or phrases maybe impossible to reach #1 ranking for but getting a result within the first 10 results isn't that differecult. I guess the way to make a money back guarantee would be to come t an agreement with the website owner, on what words at least need to reach page one of the SERP's, and stay there for at least 2 months... if a phrase stays there for two months, it generally stays there for a year at least, depending on the competitors of course and if they have a good SEO work on their site.

As I said the other day the gift box website I do SEO for has gained #1 ranking for the word boxes, as well as many many other searched for keywords and keyphrases.
In fact of the 757 keywords and key phrases used by searches in mainly, New Zealand, Australia, England, USA, the 4 main English speaking country's, the words and phrases they used to find her website in the past 30 days according to Google Analytics 378 of them appeared in the first 10 rankings of page 1 of

google NZ
AltaVista NZ
When I finish running the program that searches the search engines, and tells me where a partcular keyword/phrase resulting placment for that website, I'll come back and note how many #1 rankings where in google NZ, which is the search engine that had the whole 378 results on page 1.

I was talking to the owner of this giftbox and hamper website just today, and she's decided to sell the business, ask it's value has increased so much since the website is now attracting so many visitors resulting in untold sales. I have been working on that website since mid September last year, just 9 months. Remember this site was not attracting any visitors at all when she first contacted me, she was just using the site to send her existing clients to.

Regards Lynny

Advanced SEO Prices How much for what SEO Services.

I'm often asked how much for the best SEO I can offer, and my answer is usually, why how much do you have. The truth is the sky is really the limit when it comes to good seo, Advanced seo isn't really anymore different methods than medium rate SEO is just more of the same, much more. Am I confusing you again? For this example, I'll use keywords, instead of the correct phrase of keyphrases.

Say good but Minimumal SEO package costs $1500, plus $300 a month for a 1 year contract. $4800 Total.
Keyword Analyses
This would get you alsorts of keyword anaylyses for your website.
What keywords you want to do well in search engines for, what words your site is already attracting visitors for, and words that I research as actually being words people search for, this can often be three completely different lists of word.

Onpage Optimization
After deciding on say 15 various keywords I'd do various techniques which are generally referred to as onpage optimisation, in other words making all your website pages on your site has search engine friendly.

SEO Linking Campaign.
Find websites to link to your website, this is a long labourous job, but I would work on creating links with your site. There a special way of doing this, and also several different ways of doing it, but for this basic plan, I'd say 30 oneway links of value, to help increase your Page rank.

Report to you the owner.
I'd report to you the owner of the website as to how things were going, and get your feedback on how visitors and sales were increasing. For basic SEO, I'd probably report at least once a money.

Super Advanced SEO
Is all of the above, basically times the amount of money you wish to invest.
Say you have been advertsing in sereval different places online, doing an adwords campaign spending $5000 a month, having banner ad's on various large websites that and this costs you another $5000 a month, then theres places like yellowpages and the large paying directory's again $5000 a month.
All these forms of advertising are costing you $180,000 advertising a year which relively speaking isn't to bad for a large eccommerce website earning 10 million a year. That less than 10% of turnover. The big problem is once you stop paying for this advertsing you visitors also stop if you haven't had SEO work done in the meantime to force your website to rank well in search engines results.

SO what I would do is do all the anayleses just on a much larger scale, instead of researching 15 keywords, I would research and do all the rest of the SEO work for say 500 keywords.

Now you may think how 500 keywords is overkill, but thing aboout your search engine experience.

How search engines work:
Have you noticed that you can search for the sane 4 word phrase, but have the words in a different order, how the searchs results are different. Oh, this netter be another post, I can just tell you are getting confused. Let me make some screenshots to explain what I mean.

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Gift box Website SEO's

It's 5.19 am, and I'm still working on the SEO of a NZ gift box and gift hamper (I started at 10 p.m. last night) I'm doing a few searches by hand in Google to see how the site is doing in various searches; I have a program to do it, but like to do it the hard slow way now and again.

I notice two sites were often in the top (most expensive and often more than $10 per click) Google Adwords position (that’s the position that’s right above the non-paid results) and you often almost click them by mistake.

So I decide to have a look at these site and see why they didn't highly rank in Google natural Search Engines Results Page (SERP), of course I was thinking these sites couldn't have any SEO work done on them. I had intended to use the sites as examples of how SEO could help.

Shock! Horror! They have had SEO done on them! Both sites were optimized by different Auckland SEO firms; and expensive SEO firms at that. So off I went to visit these SEO firms online; I further investigated the back-links to these firms that help them do better online (the SEO companies, not their clients) in SERP’s for keywords like SEO Services and guess what.... the two gift-box sites were each sending links to their respective SEO firms; 4 from one gift-box site and 8 from the gift hamper site.

So I click back to these gift sites, and have a look at the sites that were linking to them... You know, these high priced SEO firms, had not given their respective gift sites one single link. Not one lousy stinking link.

And to top it off; on closer inspection of the SEO work done (although at first glance the SEO work looked ok), with my experienced eye, I could see that the on-page SEO was basically a waste of time.

So the owners of these gift websites, apart from paying through the nose for a good looking website, had also paid for SEO work; and now still had to pay at least $10 per click to get people to their website and hopefully to buy their goods.

Now I don't deny that both websites the gift box and hamper sites were nice looking websites, the graphic and page layout was professional and  looked great; the photos of the products were stunning, with nice fake drop shadows added (obviously photos taken and enhanced by a professional photographer and graphic artist). The site looked lovely, but these sites main job was to send links to the SEO and web design firm that created them.

I'm probably underestimating it when I say that each site (selling approx 250 products each), would have cost the owner at least $40 thousand each. Consider the cost of the web design, the photography and so called SEO; and now they are paying at least $10 per visitor...Hell it makes me so mad when people are taken advantage of like this. I guess these gift box businesses could have had the websites made as a tax write off; they would be excellent for that purpose....

The thing that really bugs me too is I would dearly love to write to these gift box businesses, and suss them out (not to try and get their SEO business, but to tell them they are being ripped off big time), but that would be seen as questionable conduct on my part.


Ok, I've had my rave.

Regards Lynny

SEO costs more, becuase it's getting harder to do.

John a Search Engine Optimization Consultant in Seattle, Washington is one of my favorite SEO blog writers, he writes well, and wrote a very good post about how SEO is very more expensive as time goes by. He also wrote a very good article about advanced seo and what it actually is, which I will write more about here.

Just last week Google again changed the way they find the appropriate webpage for your searches, Google now scans blogs much better, because blogs are more likely to be up-to-date than a website, that may have been built 5 years ago, and be hopelessly out of date.

Remember Google isn’t particularly interested in your single website, they are only interested in giving their clients (searches) the most up-to-date and accurate information it can and if your site doesn’t cut it, then your site moves further down the search results.

Many of the old ways of doing SEO don’t work anymore. When I say old ways of doing SEO, I mean the techniques that did work, were quick and easy to do, and that most so-called SEO’s still do, which are actually just a waste of your money, and their time, but since they don’t actually keep up with what search engines are doing, they don’t actually know things are changing.

In the past week, I have had many arguments with people who profess to be SEO experts, pointing out how various techniques no longer worked, one particular techniques changed at least 4 months ago, while I was so unwell, yet I still knew about it. All 4 seo’s had to agree, because I proved it, that their skills were well behind the times.

The really good thing is that the tried and true ways of attracting more people to your website through search engines, are still working, it was the cheap easy and nasty ways that the search engines are finding ways to weed out the results generated from them.

So an SEO job, that 4 months ago, I might have quoted say $2000 to do, will now cost around $5000 perhaps even more, I’m more inclined to make at least 1 years contract to do SEO on a site these days, as the days of simply editing meta and alt tags have gone forever,(not that it was ever quite that easy) as both search engines, and other websites seo techniques are getting more advanced.

Only 2 years ago it was possible to get a website with almost any theme, ranking highly in search engines for a number of phrases, for around a $2500 price tag, today because so many other websites have had a lot of SEO work done to them, and the work that had been done to each website now has changed so much, and is so labor intensive that price tag is more likely to be costing at the very least $5500 and quite possibly around $10,000, and even then that would only be for the more obscure keywords.

I have had a lot of quote requests from SEO websites recently, meaning websites that offer SEO services, are actually coming to me, asking me how much to make their website appear in search engines. One such company I suggested they go to an offshore SEO Company, as they work for penny’s an hour, and this clients budget was very low. They replied that they were in fact an a cheap offshore SEO company, and they had done everything they could think of, and still weren’t ranking well, and had now started to spend a lot of money on Google adsence to get any clients at all, and couldn't afford to pay for much SEO... interesting thinking, since good SEO is well known to be the the cheapest form of advertising …… need I say more…..

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Do meta tags help optimize your website SEO

Meta tags make a huge difference to the way your website ranks in search engines.
Many professionals will disagree, but the proof is in the results.
Last year I was asked to optimise a mature website, the site sold giftbaskets. The website was an osCommerce website offering about 300 products and although the pages were listed in google, they didn't start appearing until page 31 for relevant searches. The site recieved no visitors from any search engines at all according to the statistics.

For a start all I did was add description meta tags and title tags. Within 3 days visitors started arriving at the website coming through search engines. With a couple of weeks sales started coming in regularly, and now 7 months the website is recieving over 2000 visitors a month, but more importantly, these visitors are spending so well in fact the website is for sale.

I believe in targetting website visitors, visitors to your website aren't worth anything at all if they don't make you money in some way while they are there, you are by far better to have 2000 visitors a month, that spend an average of say $10, than 200,000 that spend only $200 in total.

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San Diego SEO & Webdesign Office.

My partner Kym Browning is heading for San Diego to open a new office there.

She leaves on Thursday 5th June, she will be able to accept new work at least by the end of the month.

I'll be staying in New Zealand for a while, but since most of my clients are in the USA anyway, I really wish that clients from other country's in the world would realise that it doesn't matter where your SEO lives, they can do the work, since it doesn't require meeting a client to do a very good job of getting their website to rank highly in search engines.

Regards Lynn
English Speaking SEO Yes, I'm born and breed in New Zealand and although my dyslexia means sometimes I spell things wrong, my first and only language is English, so I understand complex instructions without any problem.

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SEO Guru Extraordinaire
The Dylexic yet Best SEO Around, an SEO that didn't learn SEO through book learning, but through the school, of mistakes and stuff up's. An SEO that get's Results!!! Not just a pretty face, and a cool hat. Contact