Text Links- Types of links, and how they work for SEO purposes

Text links if used correctly are the best type of link to use for SEO ie, getting highly search engine rankings, and higher placement to your website in search engines for specific phrases.

The worse type of text link, is just your URL as a link, eg www.seobycanz.com although links like this will help your pagerank, if they are placed on the correct type of a page, that’s about all they do.

The very best links are keyword rich text links an example would be English Speaking SEO NZ or website Marketing Help although those words at the moment aren't on the website the link is to, if I placed those particular links around the internet enough times, the website would start ranking well in search engines for those phrases.

In the above examples the English speaking one, this blog is actually #1 because I have written about me being an English speaking SEO before, but for the site I have sent that text link to, I can't say now many times I would have to use that text link before the site to rank highly, but sooner or later, again depending on the pages I put the link on, it would rank #1-5 in Google.

Of course if your website is wanting to rank highly for words that the site is already optimised for, then using those words is even better, and works with fewer text links to it.

The most notable example of this is the search for "click here" if you search for click here in Google, and probably any search engine the first result will be to the adobe pdf reader download page. This is of course because thousands of website owners will instruct you to click here to download the reader. Yet nowhere on that download page are the words “click here” ever used yet it ranks #1 and always has. It get's its top ranking just from all those links to it using click here as the text for the link.

Using text links within content text is the very best use, and one that is becoming more and more popular, they are called contextual links. EG if I write an article about SEO, and make choose words within the text to make into a text link then not only do search engines see the link, but they also see that it’s linked to from a context of things about SEO, so it’s like a giving the keyword double juice. This form of linking is becoming so popular, that many businesses are now paying bloggers especially to add these types of links to their blogs. The going rate I believe is $30 per link for a PR4 webpage, the link stays there for the life of the website or blog... far better than paying on a monthly basis isn’t it.

I keep referring to the right type of webpage to have these links from, and the right type of page, is a page that has a good page rank, the better the page rank, the better the link value. The very best type of page to have a text link from, is a page that is about the subject of the keyword. But failing that just having a high Page Rank will help, just be not quite so good.

This blog presently has a pagerank of 3, which is amazing, since it’s only a new blog with only something like 70 posts at the moment. So at the moment, I would be happy to accept payment for contextual links, contact me if you are interested I’d accept $15 per link.

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