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I wrote below about adding content, as a way to help visitors find your website, another reason to ad articles to your website, is so the search engines see that things are happening on your website, and it isn't stagnant.

A stagnant website will slip down in the search engine rankings simple because they aren't even sure if the the site is relevant anymore.

There are litterly million of websites on the internet that have been there for 2 years plus, that are no longer relevant, their information is out of date, there are broken links everyhere, and consequently the search engines just let them slip into oblivion as they should.

So if you have a website, where you are quite happy with what it says, everything is up-to-date then one of the ways to get it ranking higher in search engines is add articles to the site. If you added say one article per month, which should cost you about $25 a month for the articles, plus the cost of having your webdesigner add them, which again should be minimal around $25 a month at most, your website will start ranking better in search engines.

Plus as I mentioned in the article below the added content will bring different clients to your website, so it's a win-win suitation.

Contact me to find out more about having articles written about your particluar business.

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