Sites using adsence that have SEO work done on them.

A few posts ago, I wrote about a couple of websites selling giftboxes using google adword (they the sponsored links you see in google searches) since then I have noticed this is quite common, websites that have obviously paid for what they thought was seo, and yet still having to use google adwords, and paying top dollar for the top position on search pages.

Whats going on, are there so many cowboy SEO out there, that these sites are just getting ripped off, the sites I'm talking about now, are very professional looking, as were the ones I saw a couple of days ago, they are not so site slapped together by the a cousin of one of the workers friends or anything, they are top notch designs.

No wonder some people have a bad or negative view of SEO, I'm not saying this because I do SEO, but I truly feel bad about the sort of SEO work being done by these cowboys, from these high price web designers.

It makes me wonder I tell you. I'm thinking of offering offering a money back guarantee, that the SEO work I will do will definitely attract more targeted visitors, and that the SERP's (Search Engines Results Page) will list there site for a spefic number of phrases.

It really isn't a hard guarantee to keep, if you are an honest SEO, and actually do the work you're being paid to do, oh sure some keywords or phrases maybe impossible to reach #1 ranking for but getting a result within the first 10 results isn't that differecult. I guess the way to make a money back guarantee would be to come t an agreement with the website owner, on what words at least need to reach page one of the SERP's, and stay there for at least 2 months... if a phrase stays there for two months, it generally stays there for a year at least, depending on the competitors of course and if they have a good SEO work on their site.

As I said the other day the gift box website I do SEO for has gained #1 ranking for the word boxes, as well as many many other searched for keywords and keyphrases.
In fact of the 757 keywords and key phrases used by searches in mainly, New Zealand, Australia, England, USA, the 4 main English speaking country's, the words and phrases they used to find her website in the past 30 days according to Google Analytics 378 of them appeared in the first 10 rankings of page 1 of

google NZ
AltaVista NZ
When I finish running the program that searches the search engines, and tells me where a partcular keyword/phrase resulting placment for that website, I'll come back and note how many #1 rankings where in google NZ, which is the search engine that had the whole 378 results on page 1.

I was talking to the owner of this giftbox and hamper website just today, and she's decided to sell the business, ask it's value has increased so much since the website is now attracting so many visitors resulting in untold sales. I have been working on that website since mid September last year, just 9 months. Remember this site was not attracting any visitors at all when she first contacted me, she was just using the site to send her existing clients to.

Regards Lynny

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