Quotes for SEO work, and spam filters.

I've had an influx of people requesting quotes for SEO and SEM services lately, yet I'm finding that my emails aren't being replied too.

Now if my quote is too much, then let’s face it, it's the businesses lose, if you had asked for a quote, don't you think, the least you could do would be to write back, and say, no it's too much for us at this time, or no I'm not interested.

But for business that write and don't even give me a url to look at, so I write and ask for one, I'm still not receiving replies, the only thing I can think of is either everyone in the world is very rude, and has no netiquette, or spam filters are gobbling up my emails.

I was feeling in a slightly combative mood this morning, so contacted a couple of people that I did have phone contact details for, and sure enough they hadn't received my emails, and upon checking their spam folders found my quote.

Both places wrote back within an hour or so and said they would get back to me after discussing it with their peers.

If I hear from them again is beside the point, the point is they did acknowledge receiving them, and that’s all I require.

So from now on, I'll just write a short email confirming the email address , and saying I will respond properly once I have a response from them.

I mean I understand that there are many other webdesigners out there that write to me just to suss out our prices so they can compare them to their own, and thats cool, people will always do that, but it's the serious quote request that I'm interested in.

That’s my rave for today.

Regards Lynny
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