One job since arriving in San Diego

I arrived in San Diego on the 15th, got married on the 17th, finished one seo job, and scored 2 new SEO jobs right here in San Diego on the 22nd and 24th of September. So I'm up to 9 out of my 10 clients.

Have been busy getting used to a whole new country, I'm fascinated by the black people here. I've touched 3 different peoples skin, and it's so soft, nothing like what I've always though that it would have been tough skin.

Best Regards

Lynny Brown -

Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!

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Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

Commissioned a painting By Georgie MacBrayne New Zealand Artist

I commissioned a painting from Georgie MacBrayne a very talented New Zealand artist from

Bad graphic from which a  wonderful painting was createdI sent her a very bad graphic of the idea I wanted and then some photos of my partner and I. Instructions that the faces should not be obvious like in the bad graphic, they should look like rocks, only when you looked at it should they become clear. To the right is that bad graphic first.

But that's not the end to the story, for those of you that can see a third face in the rocks below; that face was not intentionally added by the artist, someone else looking at it while it was drying saw it and pointed it out.

I saw it and thought… well this is part of an email I was writing to thank the artist for this lovely commissioned painting below, when I noticed it:

and the extra face, is weird, definitely a males face, the more I look at it the more it becomes someone I know or knew….those eyes and the nose, the brow… someone…. Kym my partner might know when she sees it, she's better with faces…. Oh my god, I can't believe it, it's my father. Without realising it you have added my dad to my painting.

Oh Georgie, now I'm really crying again, my Dad died before I met Kym, and I always wished he had met her, he would have loved her as much as I do.

And now in this painting, it looks Dad's watching us, oh Georgie, thank you so very very much. I could never pay you it's worth to me now it's even more precious……

So anyway….here is the stunning painting this talented New Zealand artist from Tauranga came up with… I will cherish it forever.

2 faces By Georgie MacBrayne New Zealand Artist Feel free to take the the picture, just leave the words at the top so you remember how to find out where you can get a commissioned artwork that will be cherished forerver.

Thank you again to you Georgie

By Lynny, who's going to San Diego to get married on leaving on Monday the 15th of Sept 2008, four sleeps away from now.

Click on the painting, and be taken to the talented artist based in Tauranga, New Zealand that created this wonderful painting

Websites Need SEO or Brochures need reprinting,

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Unlike brochure printing, you do not need your entire website rebuilt from scratch each time your company, which offers scenic wildlife tours, must change a facet of its operation.

If you compare the costs of producing a quality brochure, and having a website, even in the short run, a website is less expensive.

To have 50,000 professional brochures designed, printed in color, delivered to you, and distributed through travel agents and tourist information centers would cost somewhere around $15,000-$20,000. The entire cost of this service accrues again and again every six to nine months.

If you spent that much on a professional website, and the very best SEO services, for a site like I'm talking about above, you'd be looking at $12,000 xaximum, and then $5000 a year for hosting, and making changes, maybe even a new look for the site each year as required. Add to that $300 a month for continued seo and you are still way better off to have a website.

Use that time and money to hire a professional website designer, and infuse your site with search optimization strategies, and you can see 10,000 new visitors hitting your site every month after the first six months, and 20,000 unique new visitors within a year, in addition to those who keep coming back.

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The cost of a domain name and web hosting, which are key to keeping a website online, start at approximately $150 per year. Continual re-printing of paper brochures is required. You do your own math.

You can easily make small changes to the web pages as you choose, because we will make sure that you have a CMS if you require one. A photo gallery can be included in the CMS for displaying photos of your work which may interest prospective clients. You could add and subtract photos as you choose. You will be trained on know how to use CMS by us.

Because we are confident in the quality of our website design and services, we offer payment plans where an initial deposit can be placed, followed by monthly payments. Most web designers like to be paid up front or as soon as the website is live.

With our payment plan if you have the extra money, and realize the benefit of site to your business interests, you can then pay off the balance. Because we are confident in the quality of our website design and services, we gladly accept payments.

Best Regards Lynny Brown - Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!
New Zealand Born, English speaking SEO.
Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

Lynny Head of seo at

SEO is just a big game, and you want to be the winner.

SEO is just a big game, and you want to be the winner.

I have a new SEO client that's thrilled that after his new optimized website has been online for only 5 days, he's #1 for all the keyphrases he wanted to be ranked well for, when we started his site couldn't be found in the first 100 search engine results. This client did his own SEO with my help.

Like I said he's jazzed about being #1 for all these phrases, and I offered to show him, how he could improve the phrases that say at #5 and get them upto #1. He is of course interested to know, and has made an appointment, but his comment was, SEO is just a big game isn't it…. Never have truer words been spoken.

The really good thing about SEO is so few sites have any done, that often only a small investment, will go a long way, unless you are in one of the very high competition businesses. But even then the investment will be more, but the results are well worth it for your business.

SEO is a game, and you want your site to be the winner. Contact me, if you want your site to be the winner…. We'll make it happen.


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