Commissioned a painting By Georgie MacBrayne New Zealand Artist

I commissioned a painting from Georgie MacBrayne a very talented New Zealand artist from

Bad graphic from which a  wonderful painting was createdI sent her a very bad graphic of the idea I wanted and then some photos of my partner and I. Instructions that the faces should not be obvious like in the bad graphic, they should look like rocks, only when you looked at it should they become clear. To the right is that bad graphic first.

But that's not the end to the story, for those of you that can see a third face in the rocks below; that face was not intentionally added by the artist, someone else looking at it while it was drying saw it and pointed it out.

I saw it and thought… well this is part of an email I was writing to thank the artist for this lovely commissioned painting below, when I noticed it:

and the extra face, is weird, definitely a males face, the more I look at it the more it becomes someone I know or knew….those eyes and the nose, the brow… someone…. Kym my partner might know when she sees it, she's better with faces…. Oh my god, I can't believe it, it's my father. Without realising it you have added my dad to my painting.

Oh Georgie, now I'm really crying again, my Dad died before I met Kym, and I always wished he had met her, he would have loved her as much as I do.

And now in this painting, it looks Dad's watching us, oh Georgie, thank you so very very much. I could never pay you it's worth to me now it's even more precious……

So anyway….here is the stunning painting this talented New Zealand artist from Tauranga came up with… I will cherish it forever.

2 faces By Georgie MacBrayne New Zealand Artist Feel free to take the the picture, just leave the words at the top so you remember how to find out where you can get a commissioned artwork that will be cherished forerver.

Thank you again to you Georgie

By Lynny, who's going to San Diego to get married on leaving on Monday the 15th of Sept 2008, four sleeps away from now.

Click on the painting, and be taken to the talented artist based in Tauranga, New Zealand that created this wonderful painting

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