Duplicate content why it doesn't work

Many website owners, find it hard and time consuming to find linking partners, so decide on another option, which is creating many websites, and then linking them all to each other. This sounds like a good idea, and it would be good idea if each site had different content.

Creating new websites with new content is very time consuming, and although we did it, we started out with www.canzdesign.com then found we were getting too many hints and tips, so decided to open a subdomain called Hobit's hints, the the SEo was taking over the site, so we created SEObyCanz then of course there is this blog, and a couple of other blogs, all these sites have different content, and thats the way it should be.

However most people don't want to spend the time creating new websites, and will just buy several domain names, and but the same site up, just under a different name, one client we had, had over 30 domain names, and the exact same site, he didn't even bother to change the SEO, or the banner on the site. His thinking was, all those sites all pointing to his one main site would make it rank so much better.....

Let me tell you, google, and other search engines aren't stupid, if they are at a site, and go to another site that is all the exact same, even the images are the exact same size, they aren't going to see that as a new site.

If you think it might be worth having duplicate sites or several sites then be warned, duplicate sites will not rank highly, only the site google see's as the original will do well. And if you have a main site, and then give it a makeover, google will see that site as a site with New content, and then rank one of your older sites as the main site.

You are by fair better to devide your site into subdomains, each subdomain linking to the other subdomain and the main domain.

EG: we have just accepted a contract for a site selling Vegetarian Shoes. Once the site is up and running, I would suggest to the owner, that if they wanted to say have a section for articles about vegetarian life, that she make a subdomainm then later is she wanted vegetarian reciepes, add another subdomain, then another for other vegetarian products, this way they can be all linked to each other, and in this way build up a good ranking. Of course this is a lot of work, but lets face it websites, or successful website are a lot of work. It's not just a case of building a website, and making millions.

Cheers Lynny
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Virtual Assistants

I've been appoached by a vitual assitant, wanting her website redesigned and SEO done.

I haven't come across anyone before that had a name for doing almost anything. It seems like a worthwhile service to offer.

Makes sence to me anyway, we have quite a few parttime staff that help with different things to do with websites and SEO, well a virtual assistant works helping out with accounts, tax, even proofreading, they take your draft copy's of anything it seems and email you back something ready to send to your account, or print and send out.

The beauty of it is, you don't pay them to sit and play cards, or chat online, you just pay for work done. Take a look at the site we will be rebuilding.

Virtual Assistant
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Working virtually from our offices we provide fast, efficient and cost effective administrative solutions for your business. Free no obligation quotes.

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SEO By Canz website online

www.seobycanz.com is online, I'm haing someone check the spelling, us dyslexic chogs are so hot with spelling, but theres always someone thats happy to do work exchanges for SEO so it will all be fixed soon.

I made this site while waiting around in a hospital, you gotta love laptop's, it certainly filled in the days of waiting for good news.

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Black Hat SEO vs Sleazy SEO

There’s another type of SEO, which is called blackhat SEO, if the owner knows it's going on, and sleazy SEO if the website owner doesn't know about it.

Blackhat SEO is SEO that works, unless Google finds out you are doing it, but is considered cheating. This site I talk about has been doing it for at least 5 years that I know about and has never changed the page.

The "blackhat SEO" technique I'm talking about is when someone adds keywords or key phrases that are the same color as the background to a page, take a look at the front page of this site
natures pic. com take out the spaces, I don't want to give them a link :(

When the page opens, do a control A on your keyboard which means "select all" and see all those keywords down each side of the page? That when you unselected aren't visible , this is a blackhat SEO technique that is often used to help a site rank better for a particular or several keywords or phrases.

I first come across this website when I was doing SEO on our photo bank, as I couldn't understand why it was doing so well for a particular phrase that I was trying to do well in too.
I have heard that if Google becomes aware of a site doing this it will be blacklisted, I have never known of a case where this has happened, but it has been reported several times on forums, of course once the site is gone, it's too late to see it lol.

There are better ways that are called "whitehat SEO" of getting a site ranking well that aren't cheating, but I thought I would show you techniques that are used by some SEO's, that could possibly get a site taken out of search engines, and where the owner of the website didn't even know it was happening.

So if you have had SEO done on your site, it pays to do this little check hopefully before you pay your SEO, and be warned if your SEO has done this, as - in all probability - they have used other blackhat techniques that may get your site banned.

Cheers Lynny http://www.seobycanz.com/

Other SEO blogs

Thought you might be interested in meeting a couple of other SEO'res...

Down my menu you will see a feed from ragepank SEO Blog it's a good one, I recommend you put it in your list of blogs worth reading.

I also had a nice email from a SEO in Darwin Cheers Judd.

Lynny from
New Zealands Best SEO - Self

Learning SEO the hard way...

I had someone track me down through this blog today, and ask me how I learnt about SEO, and did I have any certificates to prove how good I was. (i think he doubted me)

Anyway, no. I didn’t learn SEO from a school, I learnt it by trial and error, but thought you might be interested to know about my humble beginnings.

I first started learning about SEO almost 7 years ago, before I knew it had a name.

We owned a Stock Photography Bank, and I noticed that if words were repeated on a page several times, that that page was like to appear higher in search engine results, the more times the word was repeated the higher it would appear in search engine results.

Through my interest, and inquistive nature, I realised if the title of the webpage - the bit that shows at on the top bar of your browser - had the same keywords, the page didn’t need to have the word repeated so many times and yet it would still appear high, and sometimes higher, in search engines.

Time went on, and I learnt how to read the code that makes up any webpage, and found there were other places that, if the keywords were repeated, that the page would rank even better in search engines.

Through applying what I learnt, and I have to admit making a few mistakes, I managed to get our Stock Photo Bank, ranking right up on page one of Google, often higher than the world’s largest stock photo banks like Corbis and Getty.

Once I saw this happening I was hooked. I found out about website statistics, and how to find out how many people were visiting my website, where they were coming from, what browsers they used, even what time of day they visited most, and then noticed how visitors rose at the same time my website started ranking well, and that each change I made that increased our site visablity, increased the amount of visitors. Now I was an utter addict.

I also found that changing the words slightly on every page, I could get the website listing higher for many different search.

Whats this SEO thing?
Somewhere about here, someone told me about SEO, and how it sounded like pretty much like what I was doing.

I joined a few forums, and mailing lists (about 50 different things). And yes, that's what I had been doing. I found though that many of the SEO big wigs were giving people information of how to do things, and the information wasn't true. It sounded good, but from experience I knew better ways of doing it.

I started adding my comments to posts and got a few people's dander up: who was I, an uneducated hick from New Zealand of all places, telling them what to do... I didn't tell anyone what to do, I just suggested different ways.... and when I pointed out the SEO was so new, it was, and still is hard to get an education from anywhere, I was barred from a forum.

I still belong to a few forums, that aren't owned by SEO gurus, but usually withhold my comments now or at least the ones I make on forums. Anyway back then....

I had the coder that kept the photo gallery running, and had him add SEO features, and so were the beginnings of a SEF CMS. I didn’t know then 6 years later I would eventually build a Search Engine Friendly, Content Management System.

We started building website for other people. And I applied what I knew to their sites, not realizing others could see the skills I had. Then someone wrote to me, about our stock photo bank, and asked why they always saw it in search engines, for every search they ever did for photos and stock photos. He asked me if i could do the same thing with his site, and offered me $1000.... wow this was cool, getting paid for something I would have done for free!

And so it went, I wouldn’t and won’t take a job unless I knew I could make a difference, and until recently websites that were database driven were a challenge I couldn’t rise to - I didn’t know how to edit codes for these sites, as it was very different to sites that where html.

Recently I met a coder, who is now working for me regularly, that will add coding to database driven website, opening up a whole new world be me, so now I can do SEO on any website I’m presented with.

To date I have done SEO on over different 40 websites, and am currently working on 7 sites, I have a personal limit of 10 sites at a time, as I like to give each site the time it deserves.

I now have 4 people working for me, doing the more time consuming aspects of SEO’s like directory submissions, and finding linking partners, but I always do the important work myself as I like to know exactly what's going on.

I understand that people coming to me for my services are in need of help, and often wonder if the investment I’m asking them to make will be worthwhile, when I know they have tried so many other things, and are dubious about this working. The least I can do is make sure it works, and the only way to do that is to do the work myself.

I have noticed that other people I employ to work for me, just don’t have the instinct or gut feelings that are needed to be an SEO, and while they are happy to do the work, they just can’t see how important it is, that any payment they may get must bring results to the person that paid them.

My goal with SEO is to earn $2000USD a month, and with up to 10 smaller business paying me $200 a month on average, this is obtainable. Sure I should charge more than what I do, but to be quite honest, I don’t want to earn that $2000 and more from just one big company, but at the rate I should charge, I would only be working 20 hours a month.

I live on the computer, so could do 20 hours work in one sitting, what would I do for the rest of the month? I’d far rather help out 10 smaller businesses, and work for less, and give those 10 clients more results than they expect.

Why the hedgehog mascot? Hedgehogs are inquisitive, and nose into every nook and cranny, looking for interesting stuff to eat, they have very big mouths, and are really good at spitting out what they don't like.... that pretty much sums me up, I look around for all sorts of information and I devour anything that SEO related and spit out the junk.

Regards Lynny
An SEO from the
School of Mistakes, and Successes.

Sleazy SEO's Tricks 2

This story is an all-too-common one.

Making the google page rank the highest it can be is the hardest job for an SEO to do. It takes many many hours of work. And the higher the page rank is, the higher the website will rank for popular keywords.

I have seen many many SEO's that have made deals with the owners of large websites with High Page ranks, that allow the SEO can add links to their clients website, passing the high Pagerank along the SEO's client. The owners of the big sites can get paid upwards of $800 a month for these links which is pretty good money, when you think that they could have 10 or 20 different links from the same SEO.

Anyway, these same SEO's charge many thousands of dollars to their clients to first raise their Page Rank, when all they did was add the link to say 20 pages of the high ranking website, then $2000-4000 each month to upkeep the SEO for the site.

The problem comes when the website owner doesn't want to keep paying the $2000-4000 then suddenly the links are gone from the high ranking website, the page rank of the website drops, and suddenly they can't find their website in search engines.

What choice does the website owner have but to go back to the SEO, who has by then raised their prices, and ask them to take them back on as clients. I have talked to people of SEO forums that have spent 30-40 thousand dollars in the past 12 months, just getting the SEO to take them back on as clients.

When I do SEO for a client, I make sure that the work I do will last for years after I stop doing the SEO. The only time they might lose a position is when a website selling the exact same thing get's there website SEO'ed. I have two sites that sell gemstones that I do SEO for and I make sure they will both get high ranking for different keyphrases, so they don't conpete with each other.

It would be very easy to do SEO for 20 or so sites that have the exact same product, and not have them competing in search engines.

Regards Lynny
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Sleazy SEO's tricks 1

I thought I would share some of the sleazy tricks I have known some SEO's to do.

The first one I got really angry when I saw it, was an add-on a hire a cheap labour website, the add said something like.

I need several people to click on links to websites, you will be give a webpage with a list of links, all you need to do, is go to the page, click on the list of links, close the page, open it again and click on the list of links, and get paid 1 cents for each click...later in the add it said you could site and click on links all day it you wanted too, and told you how much you could earn in 10 hours. which was something like $10 a day.

I was intrigued, and decided to find out about the people who wrote the advert, they were a biggish SEO company.

Even more interested I applied for the job, and found out that this page with links, had been designed so every time it opened it would desguise the IP address of the person clicking, so each time the clicks were done, they looked like they were coming from a new person, in a different country.

I complained, but they said they had over 50 people from India that were happy to earn $10 a day, and if I didn't want to that was fine..... I wished later that I had gotten that list of link and contacted the website owners, to show them how all the new visitors their website was getting weren't real, but of course hindsight is a fine thing.

regards Lynny
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Rainbow Tourism is Live!!! The search engine friendly Directory

Last night the Rainbow Tourism website went live! After 3 months of building, testing, rechecking, what a relief to know that at last the site is built, online and having new visitors. Go check it out......

I've done a lot of basic SEO on this site, and while building it, sent the coder almost mad with wanting SEO features built into the site. The site is built on our on SEF CMS,(Search Engine Friendly, Content Managment System) which we have been building for a few years now and, with some time at hand, we're going to market it as it's finished and ready to sell!!! So two major milestones at pretty much the same time.

Also since we finished working on the site above last night, we are working on my own new website SEObyCanz, and should have enough done to have it online in a couple of days. So many things happening at once.

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Accomodation websites, A study of who searches for what

What people search for looking for accommodation website?

I have been doing research for an SEO job I will be doing shortly for RainbowTourism.com and found some interesting results.

You would think - or I did - that hotel and motel would rank the highest for searches for accommodation. WRONG...

Although hotel outranks everything I searched for,(and I searched for 20 different types of accommodation) motel was actually the least searched for, often as little as or less than Bed and Breakfast. The general results were as below, although Resort and Inn swapped places depending on what county was being analysed.





Check out the pictures below(click on picture for large view) for results for searches in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United Sates.

Take a look at what people search for when looking for a Bed & Breakfast to stay in on their holiday or vacation

Regards Lynny
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