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Marketing your website online you have a couple of chices, you can use some service like google adwords, or sponsered links, or pay for me to do SEO on your website. Each way of online marketing has it's own merits.

Heres a very basic overview of both methods.

Google Adwords.
you select your keywords, write your own adverts, set a monthly budget, select where you want your ad's to appear, either or on search engine results, google does all(well a lot of) the hard work, it is a very good service if you have a reasonabley large budget, but the ad's do appear almost immediately, the downside is, as soon as you don't pay the ad's stop, and visitors stop.

A budget for adwords could be $500-$750 per month would result in approx 100-130 targeted visitors per month.

SEO by Canz
SEO does all the keyword research, We do all the on page SEO, and your webpages start appearing in the natural results of search engine searches. You may pay more initally, but once the work is don't, it doesn't stop.

A reasonable budget for SEO could be $2000 initally, and $300-$400 a month until the desired number of clients is acheieved. You could expect to receieve at least 500 visitors per month initally, and an extra 50 per month there after. (after 12 months you will be getting at least 1000 visitors per month)

Although the numbers I use above only estimates, I have taken them from results I have easily acheieved, but indivual results will vary... it only makes sence that a website with 40 pages would attract more visitors than a website with 3 pages.

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