Wow, a bad testimonal, does this mean I'm a bad SEO or a bad friend?

Wow a bad testimonial. I will post it as it was sent to me, with my responses in Red

Hi Lynny,

I've been doing SEO work for clients (paid work) since June 2000! Oh, you have one more years experience than me, WOW WEE!!!!

I don't think it is a matter of how long you have been long you have been succeeding seems far more relevant.

That is no doubt why you asked for an account of what work I would do for the $500 quote, that should have been $2000, so you could do the work yourself, and not bother paying me.

To my thousands maybe millions of readers: This quote was asked for after, what this person is complaining about below.

I'm more than capable of doing the work, but like most people doing
SEO work, also take on the services of other individuals and companies
to help from time to time. Yep I get people to do work for me, but not after they have done a bad job as you claim.

I'm not that impressed with your SEO skills frankly. Why don't you
post the following on your blog and let people know how wonderful you
are at SEO, and search engine submission... Ok, doing that now, thank you for giving me permission, but I would have done it anyway, this is my blog, and I needed something to write about, so thank you.

hostingservers. co. uk (unique visitor numbers) your words not mine, although I did put gaps in the url so it won't display as a link. This website has been registered since 2001 so not much SEO has been done on the site to only have this many uniques.

Still to be fair our own site, which get's the least SEO work done on it at all, was only getting about that many about that many last year and until Feb 07 when I did some directory submissions 200 of them, now we will get about 5250 this month, that domain name was brought in 04, so you have 3 years head start. There's a lot of hope for your site with 1300 submissions, keep you fingers crossed.

Jan 2007 604
Feb 2007 606 Actually paid me in late Feb
Mar 2007 604 Started Submision in Early March
Apr 2007 587
May 2007 699
Jun 2007 740
Jul 2007 601 did the final 2/3 starting on 27th, for reasons I mentioned below
Aug 2007 648
Sep 2007 1022
Oct 2007 905

Back in March we paid Lynny $125 to do SEO search engine and directory
submissions for this site. True, and I have to admit, I hung off doing about 2/3 of the submissions until the new site we built was up, as I didn't think anyone would accept your old site.

Can you see the difference in unique visitors? (i can't, fact i see a decrease but that's probably a seasonal variation cause not all months are the same).

So actually it was even worst, unfortunately I must have choosen the wrong directories you did stipulate that you only wanted to be added to directories with high PR, against my advice.
That still is disturbing, but looking at your stats for the year before, yes you do have a seasonal drop in those months. But I am still getting resposes to submission for your site, so the ones I did will be getting mixed up with the next ones now, though still there should have been a few more directory's visiting your site, as I explain later.

Last month (Sept) we paid NZD $135 ...can you
see the diffrence for September & October? ...I can, 57% increase
during September, and a 40% increase compared to previous month prior
to the submissions for October.

This is not a true indication of visitors, each directory a website is submitted to make a visit to the site before they accepting or rejecting it.

So his visitors are actually down, drastically, but as I have said in other posts, directory submissions will help brings visitors to your website, so they will come maybe next month or the month after, or the month after...oh that would be Jan 08, another bad month... you will see the visitors went up 5 or 6 weeks later in May and September, from my submissions, thats how long it usally takes for directory submissions to actually start working.

I will write a case study tomorrow with screenshots, when this month is finished in the stats, that shows after a submission of only 300 increased a websites vistors by over 6000 in 6 months. So you have already mentioned your website name so I don't need to, you can maybe expect about 18,000 visitors by March next year, by then the submissions I did will be all handled by them so prehaps you can get another 6000, you won't know whatto do with yourself huh.

Make up your own mind... would you rather be paying $125 for a -3%
decrease for one of your sites, ...or $135 for an average +49%
increase (over 2 months following)? ...the stats tell the story

Yes the stats does tell a story, the new website we designed and built in July is being accepted by more directory's, and it is coming up to Christmas, when traditionally your website visitors, and your stats are actually up as well. It's a little unfair to say you will get 18,000 visitors in 6 months, there are only 2 reasons people visit a webhosting website, either becuase they are starting a webhosting company themselves and want to look at your prices and undercut them, or they are looking for webhosting, so perhaps you can send me another email in April, and I will post it here, to show the increase in visitors from both my submission and the one thats just been done.

...go with a reliable SEO directory submission services provider: Bruce Clark, Aotea Web Hostings, and several others I can't be bothered looking for.
These guys seem to be very good, I'm not in anyway saying their service isn't good, I haven't used it, but in fact I might try them out myself. and I will allow the link to them to stay on this blog, and on my new website where I will also post this particular post.

It is unfair for the person that wrote this bad testimonal to compare my prices with Indian prices, thats like comparing Sak's with K Mart or a 99 cent store.

This website is a good example of duplicate content, and dealing with friends, or in this case a friends of a friend, and giving GOOD DEALS to someone, which I will discuss in a future post.

You are still more than welcome to pay me for the idea's for SEO you gobbled up and used rather than paying for, my paypal email is and I believe I said $550.

For a quote that should have been $2000, but a friend asked me to give it to you cheap. You are more than welcome to come back anytime and read this blog, as I'm sure you are doing right now while I write this response, I freely give away advice here, so I won't consider it and isn't intellectual theft. You can't do that when it's posted for everyone to see.

This is not the whole story with this client, but this is turning into a nasty "he said, she said" and I don't have the time I blacklisted this client in my email.

God, this is childish.... I was going to go to bed, but think I will start writing more content for my new website.


Directory Link

Deleted Post. But will leave here so I can add it later if I choose.

www or no www

Have you ever noticed that some websites will work as it were when you put the www in front of the url, and yet go to an page not found, when the www isn't there.... or vise versa?

If you are unlucky enough to have this problem, just get in touch with the company thats hosts your website, and ask them to change the settings so both url's work. It's just a setting in the control panel, which would take only 5 minutes to change.

You may not think it's a problem, but at a recently internet users conference I attended, they said a large % of internet uses, don't think to do something like that, and that if a webpage doesn't show, they will just got to another website. I have to admit, I do know about this, and only now and again, I will think to do it, so it's worth getting fixed.

Unless you have a very big website (hundreds or thousands of pages) you shouldn't be paying more than $20 a month for hosting, more like $10 or less, and if you are only paying $5 or $10 a month your host may make a charge to change it but it's unlikely and as i said it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Most of our website hosting clients only pay $10 a month, we set that particular setting when we first start hosting a website, but would change something like this for free.

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