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Dentist San Diego: "Pain Free Dental Anesthesia San Diego
The STA system only lets a certain amount of anesthesia go through while you are having your dental process, promising that there won't be any pain felt from the stick of the needle or the dentist working on your mouth. Only the location that dental work has to be done on is numbed."

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Small Business Hints

Small Business Hints

Google Consultant - what is Google Consultant

Google Consultant

very good post, well worth a read.

You should never be able to say you are a Google Consultant, that infures you work for Google, Google Search Engine Consultant maybe, but not Google Consultant, never Google Consultant apart from anything else it's untruth telling ....

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Car Accident Whiplash Injuries Pain Relief

Car Accident Whiplash Injuries Pain Relief: "Whiplash Season Is Coming During this time of year, we start getting calls from both established and new patients regarding aches and pains related to auto accidents. During a rainy commute, the number of auto accidents can be 4 to 5 times the number that occurs on dry roads." Read about

Whiplash Injuries

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Articles about Chiropractic: Exercise for a Building a Healthy Spine

Exercise for a Building a Healthy Spine: "Causes of these injuries range from auto accidents and work related injuries to injuries caused by domestic chores, house work and sometimes things as simple as sleeping in an awkward position."

Read More about
Building a Healthy Spine

Chiropractors Hints and Tips

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Chula Vista Dentist

Latest Blog Chula Vista Dentist

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I don't have time to market my website

Finding the time to do your own website marketing. 

A post I made on a forum, I thought was worth sharing... one of the members there said this
My biggest question is - who has the time for all this 'online marketing'? While I have added my details to common directories, try to post at least 1 blog per month and follow the odd chat ... I really struggle to find time to spend hours researching 'the latest'. Tips appreciated!
My Reply

Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Linkedin, and other social media sites are all just ways of getting potential clients to your blog and then website, if you don't want to pay someone like me to market your business online, then you have to do it by trial and error, and quote frankly wasting hundreds of hours trying things out, that don't work, I've done that years ago, and now know the tricks of the trade.

And I'm still trying out new things, to see what works and what doesn't, but generally, some things work for some businesses other don't, so I have to know how each thing works, so I can use the right combination for each business I work with.

I guess most of you know, I'm and SEO, I make websites findable in search engines, and more importantly make it findable for that websites potential customers.

Anyone can get people to their website, that's easy, and what most people that say they are search engine optimisation or website optimisation experts  do, they get people to your website, the trick is to get people ready to click the paypal button, write an email, pick up the phone and call you, that's what Pro SEO's do.

EG: I have a client who is a dentist, and while he only gets about 400 visitors a month to his website, which is lousy, but read on...

I've been working on his sites since the end of Jan 09, in Feb he got 2 new patients, and in March another 14  new patients, and now he's averaging between 12 and 19 new patients every month coming directly from the site I optimize. You do the math at the % of visitors that view his website that become patients, it fantastic. Better than any other form of advertising.

He made a healthy investment in SEO of almost $35,000 USD, he said at his had a ROI in 4 months. We are only at month 7 of a 14 month SEO campaign.

This dentist said to me from the start, that he's a dentist, and doesn't want to know what I do, just make his website work. He actually asked me a few months back to stop optimizing his site, because he had to get a larger office and hire another dentist and staff to handle all the new patients he was getting.

On the other hand I had a new client a few years getting a respectable 8-10,000 visitors a month, and not getting any sales to speak of. that site now gets around 12,000 visitors, and the owner makes an income enough to live on, she could do a whole lot better, but she's not willing to do the work herself or pay me to, she seems happy with getting a few hundred a week.

My point is, to have an online business, and have that business be successful, you either have to pay someone like me, or do the work yourself making the investment in your business in sweat equity.  Just ask Frances from about investing sweat equity in a business, she is a inspiration I can tell you, that woman is a dynamo and it's paying off.

I wrote an article years ago, before social media was the in thing, setting out the investment you must make in your websites to just get it optimised, and doing well in search engines, you might find it interesting.

If you add say 2 hours a night to that articles suggestions, for social media-ing, not counting the time to find what best works for you, you'd still on the right track within a year or so.

I must write and update to that article, because things have changed so much, in 5 years.

The Truth About SEO

This is one of the best articles I have read, about SEO, and how it works or doesn't work without a lot of work.

The Truth About SEO
By Trevor Kugler Platinum Quality Author

When we started our website we were rookies to the internet. Sure we could navigate the internet, send and receive email, check stock quotes and the weather, but really had no clue how things worked. As a matter of fact, we're probably not a whole lot better now, but we have learned some things that should probably be passed along. SEO was one of the things we knew nothing about, but the concept sounded wonderful! Get your website in the top ten results on major search engines for terms that relate to your website. Terms that people would type into the search engines. This sounds wonderful, and would be wonderful; the problem is that no one wants to tell you the truth about it. That is until now.

What exactly is SEO? It's an acronym and stands for search engine optimization. The theory is to optimize your website so that the search engines will like it, and then rank you height for search results. For example if you sell pork sandwiches, and someone types the phrase "pork sandwiches" into a search engine, ideally you would like your website to be the first result. The theory is if your website is the first result, you would then receive a bunch of traffic, which you would. That is if people actually search for the term "pork sandwiches". The bottom line is that SEO is optimizing your website so that it's friendly to search engines.

When we were rookies, our webmaster said if we spent fifty bucks a month he could "optimize" our site so that it would be in the top search results. What he didn't explain, and I realized later, was that all he was doing was submitting the site to search engines. Terms that were proprietary were ranking well on most search engines, in fact these terms ranked number one. He said to me once, "those are good terms". Then I realized the truth. Of course they were "good terms" and we ranked very high on search results. It was because no one searched for these terms because they were proprietary! The public didn't know what a "gang hook" was, so of course if you type the term gang hook into Google, our site would come up. We quickly stopped paying fifty bucks a month for something that was accomplishing nothing! And just so you know, we're still at the top for the term gang hook.

The problem is that this is the type of thing that happens. When you're new to the arena, people take advantage of the things you don't know. The bottom line is that optimizing your site takes time. You have to pick the phrases that you want to optimize, and then incorporate them into your site. And phrases that are incredibly popular (and get searched for a lot), are out of reach to the average website. No one wants to admit this, but it's true.

The bottom line is that optimizing your website takes time and effort. You have to exchange links with other websites, write articles, distribute press releases, and anything else you can think of to get your website noticed. Don't be like we were and think that you can simply pay a company fifty bucks a month and end up in the top ten search results for terms actually relating to your website. This is a fallacy, and you might as well save your money. Think about it (which is what we should have done), if it were as simple as paying fifty bucks a month, wouldn't everyone and their brother be in the top ten results? It's unrealistic to assume that SEO is that simple. Keep plugging away, doing the things such as those mentioned here and the results will come in time.
Trevor Kugler - Co-founder of Trevor has more than 15 years of business experience and 25 years of fishing experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country - Montana. - Start Catching more fish Today!!!! - sign up for the best free fishing Ezine on the web and get $10 for your trouble.

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Home Based Business Is A Joke!

I found this article, and thought it was well worth sharing

Home Based Business Is A Joke!

The entire idea of home based businesses is a joke to me. Why in God's name does it matter where in the hell business is conducted? For some reason the term home based business has come to mean the idea of living some sort of fantasy life while conducting business out or you home and making a ton of money in the process. How in God's name did this happen? Why has the entire idea of home based businesses become such a joke?
The entire landscape of home business opportunities is full of more snakes than that tomb in the first Indiana Jones movie. There are weasels out there proclaiming that you can have a home business and they will do most of the work for you. All you have to do is by into the "business" and collect the checks. I put the term business in quotes because in the case of 99% of home business opportunities out there the term is used more loosely than a freshly opened can of creamed corn. Honestly, how realistic is it that you can make money with little or no effort? I'll let you in on a little law of the universe…IT'S NOT REALISTIC.
Do you know what's interesting about this? I'm a guy who has a successful home based business. I have a business that I work out of my home, and make money. I simply want people to realize that the fact that the business is conducted out of my home means nothing. It hasn't been "easy" and no one else has done the work for me. This is my point. The idea of a home based business is a joke. It makes no difference where the business is conducted from.

So, as you navigate the mine field known as home based business opportunities, remember: If you don't follow your passion, you're in trouble. You must fell passionately about whatever it is that you do, or what's the point? We all came to this earth to find and fulfill our destiny, and that means that there aren't any shortcuts. And as you tip toe through this mine field, please remember what your Mother told you: If it sounds too good to be true…..IT IS!!!!!
Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana!
Start Catching More Fish!! -
Become A Better Angler and get $10 For Your Trouble... -

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Posts about Fishing

Soft bait fishing: The Large Mouth Bass and  Fish and Their Food

Couple of posts about fishing...

Blogs they came from

Fishing Hints, Tips 'n Articles about Fishing
Soft bait fishing

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SEO managing Blogs for Business

Some Blogs and websites I do SEO for

Pain Relief San Diego ||Dental Implants || Eastlake Implants and Braces || SLAM Soft Bait
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Fishing Hints, Tips 'n Articles about Fishing
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Dental Blogs Chula Vista

A few dental Blogs

Chula Vista Dental: 6 Months Braces San Diego

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Chiropractors Blogs

Chiropractor Blogs for SEO Clients , take a look.

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Twittering in New Zealand, is it worth it

Interesting post worth a read

Is twittering working for Kiwis

Actually the whole forum is worth a look

Home Business in New Zealand

SEO Services San Diego

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Lynny from Canz Design got my website looking professional, and got it up in the search engines within a few days, and it’s still #1 several months later.

She also helped my find a cheaper and better place to host my website, and helped me save money with my google adwords campaign. And if that wasn't enough she even came to my office and helped me sort out my email program, I didn't know you could add folders, and have message rules.

To top it all off, I was straight up with her, and said I didn't have a lot of money to outlay for read more »her services so she set up a payment plan for me, so I can pay her monthly.... Top service Top Business to deal with

Lyn S

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Virtual Assistant NZ Web and SEO Review

“Lynn and her partner revamped my website early in 2007.


Her brief was to give it a new, professional image and adapt for optimum SEO.


I have nothing but praise for the work and subsequent results of these services. From a non-performing website which rarely generated any enquiries and didn't feature high in any search engine rankings I now receive a steady stream of enquiries and subsequent work from the site.


My site is now easy to find through search engines and Google Analytics proves Lynn's SEO does indeed deliver on her promises. Lynn has been invaluable in her advise and ideas in how to promote my business, often going above and beyond the call of duty.


I have recommended Lynn to many of my clients and consider myself fortunate to have found a reliable, honest SEO Consultant who has exceeded my expectations.”


Justine Tatt Virtual Assistant NZ

April 9, 2009

Twitter Site that shows just my posts

 Cool little twitter app shows just my posts

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San Diego Chiropractors SEO Review

San Diego SEO I am a Chiropractor here in San Diego, since I hired 3 months ago to optimize my site, the traffic to my site has more than tripled. The number of customers that I have received to my San Diego business as a result of their work on my website has increased ten-fold. I can honestly tell you that they are the real deal and will get you amazing results. I personally have recommended them to several other business owners that I know
Andrew Mairs San Diego Chiropractor

SEO Services San Diego

I thought it was about time I posted some of my SEO reviews.

Best Regards Lynny
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Frontpage to Database Website

I have been working with Canzdesign for a few months now, they have been creating a new website for me.  My old one was “home-made” using Frontpage and had hundreds of pages and I was spending more time keeping it updated.

Anything is possible with the SEF CMS website system, and it has taken me a while to fully understand this.  I did see the sample websites that they had made for their other clients, but didn’t fully comprehend that the way things are done, and what you see on the site, can be changed and developed to suit your own needs.  

This was important to me, as I have been in business for 5 years and have certain ways of doing things.

For example with my website, I wanted all the product categories to be viewable on every page (like my old site did but obviously easier layout with the new CMS system).  Because I sell products on my website, it was really important to me that the product pages had very large images and good text.  

So they actually customized the product pages for me so that the images were 300x400 and also that little thumbnail pictures of alternative images were viewable, you just hover your mouse over and it shows the bigger picture.  

This is a really cool feature, as the person can see more images and angles before deciding to purchase.  Some of my products had 10 different photos (or colours) and with the modifications they made for me, all these images were now available.
Because my store has over 300 products, navigation was a real key.  

With my old site I just had 5 categories of products, and the store pages had a long list of things available to purchase.  But with the new CMS website, we could actually add sub-categories to make it easier for people to find stuff.  

This has worked really well.  For example instead of just having “Clothing” section of our breastfeeding products, we separated this into Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Singlets subcategories.

It was also really important to me that the store had an option to display the prices in different currencies.  This has been added now specially for me. The prices are shown in my default currency (New Zealand dollars) and then there is a secondary currency you can choose.  

I decided to have US, AUD, Euro – but could have chosen any. 
The other thing I have to tell you about Canzdesign is that with the beauty of the internet you can work with anyone anywhere in the world.  

I’m in New Zealand and they are in San Diego, but that has not hindered our work at all.  It has actually been to my benefit, as when I am doing my work late at night, they are online too.  

Sometimes they stay up to the wee hours of the morning when we are going through things together.  I can never tell what time it is with them, as they work around the clock it seems, but it has definitely worked to my advantage.

I do recommend the services of Canzdesign very very highly.  Choosing to go with them, and the outcome as been very worthwhile for me.  This is my beautiful new website they have made for me.  Please feel free to contact me if you are not sure about them, or hesitant.  I am an independent real life person, and can talk to you.

Now I can spend my time with my family and handling sales which are pouring in since people have seen the new website and sales were good on the old site but this new site is SOOOOOO easy. 

SEO for large Website

And SEO quote I did a few months ago, for a 200 page website, that was selling products that cost over $1,000,000 dollars each. The client only wanted people that were ready to buy their products to visit the site.

1. What is SEO and how would affect your website

SEO is a variety of marketing and optimization techniques that bring viable clients to an online business

not to look around but to purchase services or goods.

Some of these techniques are called Onpage SEO:

Onpage SEO is manipulation and fine tuning of the unseen code beneath a webpage. This information an SEO fine tunes tells the search engines and people doing searches for your products what's on a particular webpage.

I write this Onpage code in a very specific way, which highlights some of the list of keywords and key phrases I am working with. This makes every page an entry page into your website and means that your website can appear highly in search engine search results for many phrases instead of only a few which

is what most SEO work towards.

Then there is Offpage SEO optimization and this can mean many, many different things… basically

known as link building in several different ways, and perhaps Pay Per Click(PPC) campaigns, paid

advertising on the types of websites your clients would be going to.

As you said on the phone, you aren't interested in getting visitors who spend all their time at eBay; you

want visitors that are looking to buy your products that cost over 1 million dollars each.

So in this case I would suggest you do pay for advertising in some of the higher income places online, where your customers browse and shop.

Once my SEO changes begin taking affect it will compliment the work your marketing team is doing; think of SEO as an internet based marketing plan that uses very different techniques from traditional market strategies it is all about getting your brand and company recognized.

So the idea wouldn't necessarily be to get clicks and visitors to your site (unless they are buying) , but to get your name being talked about in the right circles. I don't know how much attention your marketing team is paying to the internet at this stage, but it is a very important part of advertising in today's world. I will make your website a good point of introduction into your very specialized product.

What I can do for this website

1. I was mistaken when I first looked at your site, it isn't all flash as I first thought; this is a very good. It

means I can start work and the changes I make will take effect immediately. I should be able to get this

site ranking very highly, within the first 2 or 3 rankings for any given search, although I haven't checked

out your competition yet, I wouldn't think you have a lot of completion.

2. I would first optimize all webpages so the Onpage SEO is relevant to the actual page content; at present,

most of your pages are competing with each other for search rankings.

3. While google is indexing this first round of onsite (another word for Onpage) optimization, I would then

do a lot of research into keywords that it should be optimized for. This entails perhaps 200 hours investigating keywords and the sort of things people search for, and then researching which pages would be best suited for which phrases and then adding to the optimization I first did. Google likes changes on websites, so making website changes close together is a good idea. I would also start some off page optimization; I have staff that does this type of work, who report to me several times a day.

4. All of the wording on the site is very hard to read, as it is stark white on blue; I have someone that could

change this making the words much easier to read. You have a beautiful website but it needs to be a

little more user friendly.

SEO Timeline

First let me say that I spend my whole day on a computer approx 16 hours a day, so if I say I will work on something for 50 hours this doesn't mean it will take 8 days to do; it would be more like 3½ days. I work 7 days a week, totally addicted to my work; I'm mobility disabled, and don't have a life away from the computer. ☺ I wasn't quite sure how to set out this quote, as I have no idea of your budget.

The site seems to have a few problems that visitors will encounter, especially with the Navigation, and I would have them seen to immediately.

1. The first thing I would do is analyze the current website statistics (if they have any), see where your website visitors are coming from and how they are arriving at your website. We need to have a thorough understanding of where we are at so we can see where we have to go. If you don't currently have access to website statistics, the first thing I would need to do is add Google Analytics code (we will get Analytics working for you anyway, but it is vital I get a good idea of the type of traffic your site is generating.

2. The initial Onpage SEO: for approximately 40 webpages 20‐25 hours.

3. Search engine submission, Google and yahoo sitemaps, general Offpage optimizations 40 hours

4. Approx 200 hours researching keywords and website analyses, adding to the Onpage Meta material 100 hours researching the advertising campaign your marketing team establishes and perhaps complimenting their work with SEO tactics. 80‐120 hours: starting a link building campaign, using several different techniques and strategies.

5. 30‐50 hours handling anything as it comes up

6. Total Approx 500 hours 7‐8 weeks

It doesn't sound much, but that would take approx 6‐7 weeks to complete full time work, although results would start to show with a couple of weeks for a site like yours, that is a mature site.

It isn't advantageous to have too many links to a website appearing too quickly so link building would carry on for several months and rather than work on getting thousands of useless links, I'd suggest paying for a few good links that will help your pages ranking in google in the short term.

Ongoing work on a monthly basis should be seriously considered for at least 6 months after the initial

SEO work is done. This SEO work includes link building, constant (daily checking of statistics) and making changes or tweaking the Onpage optimization as required. Collating and submitting a month report, as to what's happening with the site, and perhaps meeting with the marketing dept to discuss any new marketing strategies they maybe implementing; so I can see that the website is optimized correctly for the people that maybe searching for the site.

This work would average out to about 3‐5 hours a day, so 120 hours a month, for 6 months.

Cost of SEO: I generally say that as a rule of thumb, that 10% of the yearly advertising budget should be spent on SEO. However this won't be necessary for this project.

Initial SEO Approx 500 hours 7‐8 weeks

‐ $37,500 2 payments 1 month apart $20,000 then $17.500

Ongoing SEO.

120 hours per month for 6 extra months = 720 hours

‐ $54,000 $9,000 per month Starting on the 3rd month after initial SEO is paid for.

Or $7700 per month for a year, and changing the monthly SEO to 60 hours per month.

Regards Lynny
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SEO Articles

SEO articles I have written ... well some of them.

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SEO Articles
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Too many orders, please close my website | Duplicate content why it doesn't work | SEO By Canz website online | Black Hat SEO vs Sleazy SEO | Other SEO blogs | Learning SEO the hard way.

Thats just a few SEO Articles I have written, on this blog, and several other blogs and websites, this list was made about a year ago.

Regards Lynny
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Rebuilding Updating a big website and SEO costs less

I had a quote request this morning to rebuild a hand built website of over 1000 webpages, pages were built in a number of different programs including several versions of Corel WordPerfect and Frontpage

Rebuilding a large hand-built website onto an easier to manage CMS website can seem to the website owner a daunting prospect, but can cost much less than you would expect. Especially if the owner wants to help out with moving pages from the old site to the new website and they usually do want to stay in control of their website.

Review for Rebuilding a 700 page E-commerce website built in frontpage into a new CMS

This was the reply I sent for rebuilding and doing SEO for a 1000+ website.

Hi Grace.

I’m Lynny the SEO for CANZ Design.

With the very limited information you have here and on the quote request, and looking at your site in Google, it looks as though you have about 1090 pages indexed by Google, and perhaps more not yet found.

I can see that one problem you have is lack of navigation on the site only links back to the home page. Still someone has worked long and hard on your site, how many visitors are you receiving now each month?

It would be irresponsible to give you a accurate quote for both the rebuilding and the SEO we'd need to discuss more, exactly what, if anything you are wanting to do to help, someone has worked hard on this site and maybe happy to carry on working. We have a website that would allow you and your staff to add pages yourself with ease,(CMS) and in fact we have just finished a website of 1700 pages, the owner did most of that work transferring pages from her old site herself.

You maybe interested in reading that clients review of the site her site sells breastfeeding products and has breastfeeding advice.

Do you sell products, or would you like to sell products, we have a store module that works with PayPal.

Oddly enough, the SEO would be easier and cheaper than you would think for a very large site. Depending on the keywords and how competitive those keywords are.

In Saying that, a ballpark figure to rebuild the site could cost as little $3000 if you and staff did a lot of copy and pasting or as much as $25,000 (for 1090 pages) if we did everything ourselves, we could do the site ourselves in as little as a 4-6 weeks, perhaps less. We have staff we can call on to help. 

We’d build the site on our servers, and move it to your hosting severs when everything is done so your website won’t be down for any longer than an hour in the changeover. The redirects from existing webpages would take a little longer, as they need to be done once the site is live.

SEO for the site again depending on the keywords and how competitive they are, could cost as anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 but more likely closer to $12,000, SEO doesn’t require any help on your part, but the cost depends on the results you want to achieve … $12,000 which is what I usually charge for a 40-60 page website. I’d suggest starting with $12,000 and seeing what that achieves in a couple of months after the site goes live, and look at more if necessary. We could discuss this more during construction.

We do offer payment plans especially for the SEO to spread payments out over 6-12-18 months if more intensive work is required.

This will give you a starting point costwise, as I’m sure you have to talk to others.

Lynny & Kym Brown
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San Diego

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Regards Lynny
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Review for Content Managment System CMS

Review: For CANZ Designs Search Engine Friendly – Content Management System SEF-CMS


I have been working with Canz Design for the past few months, getting my new CMS site ready.  My previous website was something I’d done myself, and had been using for the past 5 years, but it was reaching its limit because it was such a manual process for me to add new pages or new products.  It was very time consuming and labour intensive to create the pages so that the side links would all update, and I would have to check my emails daily just incase a product had sold out, and would then have to update my website.  I always had ideas on articles to write, and pages that my customers would fine useful, but it was always such a time consuming process. 


I have been helping create the pages for the new site, and transferring everything over from my old site.  But in the process, I added 1,000 extra pages of useful content because it was just so easy to make new pages.  Even easier than writing blog posts.  So my page number has increased from 700 to 1700 since the new CMS site is loaded.  I am sure this will really help my google ranking – but will update you on that in a few months.


With the new CMS site I love how the menus are so easy to change, and navigation around the site is very easy for the shopper.  But its also really easy for me to keep all my pages neatly filed in the different folders.


Canz design worked with me tirelessly to get the right look for the site.  This was something that I was very conscious of, and wanted the site to look 100% perfect.  To tie in with the image of my brand and existing use of colours.


Its been one week since we launched the new baby.  I’ve definitely noticed an increase in the sale of obscure little products, the things that were slow sellers with my old site.  It was probably because no body could find them or knew that I sold them.  A lot of these “obscure” things, I have actually added as a small thumbnail “related product” at the bottom of popular pages, and it has helped increase the Add on Sales.  Its really easy to do these things with the new site.


Preparing the new site beforehand did take a while, but there was plenty of opportunity for me to learn how the new system worked.  Canzdesign loaded everything onto a temporary server for me, so that every page could be fully tested before we transferred it over.  Then the transfer process took less than an hour, I was really surprised.  It was almost like ‘click the switch’ and the new website was loaded.  Not a single customer was inconvenienced.


I was initially quite dubious about changing to a new CMS site, but this has really made my life easier and I can see the benefits for the future.  Although it has only been one week here are a couple of examples:

  • A supplier notified me on Friday that they were discounting products by 25% for 72 hours.  I decided to pass on the savings to my customers.  Within 60 minutes I had discounted all the prices for about 40 products (of their brand) on the website, contacted my database of 7,000 to tell them about the quick sale, checked all stock available.  Then my family and I actually went to Rotorua for the weekend, and I had no computer access.   With my old website, I would have had to update the store pages when a certain size had sold out, to ensure that noone else would purchase it (so I had to be around whenever there was a web sale).   But with the new CMS site, if a size sells out, it just drops out. So I did not need to worry about this at all.  And just came home to lots of orders to pack.


  • Another example, is for some of my products we have lots of different spare parts available.  With my old site, I just had a long list of the parts available and people would email me for a quotation.  This was purely because the thought of loading all those separate products into my old store was daunting, and I was too lazy.  But today I loaded the popular spare parts, it was painless.  This was something that I should have done at least two years ago, but had never got around too. Now people can just buy them online, and they don’t need to email me about it.  So this will cut down on my workload too.


I’ll give you another update after we settle in, as it has only been a week. 

Visit my new website and take a look.

Signed F. M.

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