How do search engines work?

The way search engines work is simple really.

If the exact phrase someone searches for is there on a webpage, to 2 specific places, then that page will be #1.

The problem is when the same phrase is on many pages over the web, then it comes down to the most popular websites or well optimised websites get's ranked highly, the others follow.

The other problem is people search for the oddest things, in the oddest ways. While I might search for "how do search engines work" you might search for, "search engines, how do they work" "search engine, what makes them work" or "what makes one webpage rank higher than another in a search engine". If you read my other article, then you will see that just because you rank well in one search, it doesn't mean you will do well for the other phrases.

Search engines also go on from just searching for the exact phrase, if the exact phrase isn't there, then the look for WebPages with most of the words in the search somewhere on the page, and it carry's on looking until it might only find one or two words from a phrase on a page.

My job as an seo, is to get your site ranking as highly as it can with as many different ways of saying the same thing. And then as many different ways of saying something slightly different.

If you are interested in this, read one of my other articles where I have searched for the same five words, in different ways, sometimes as 2 words, sometimes as three, the results are most interesting. The blog entry below this one this blog actually.

Seo Hint: Why do similar searches rank differently

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