Internal Linking, linking within your own site

I've recently taken part in a conversation about internal linking, and thought I would share that conversation with you.

Internal linking is like it sounds, is linking within pages of the same site.

Oliver another group member, was saying that internal linking was important, but it had to be done the right way, and not just willy nilly, and linking from brown shoes to a brown truck isn't as worthwhile as linking brown shoes to a page with other brown clothing, while this is true to an extent, it's not generally the case, because of the nature of a web site which is usually pages related to other pages with the same theme.

I haven't seen any proof that brown shoes should only be linked to other pages with brown clothing, and not to brown furniture or brown trucks. I would very much like to see proof of that working to give more link juice to a page.

It makes sense to link from pages of brown clothing to other pages of brown clothing, just for the visitors convenience but I don't think or I should say I haven't seen evidence that Google has some sort of list of all possible clothing items and give a link 2 less brownie point for a link to a brown car rather than a brown hat.

It might be true that linking between pages that had other types of similes like, brown blouse and brown dress, that were both woman's clothes, and had similar sizing, and were all brown might make a difference, but then in real life stores online that sell those sort of products usually sell all colors and sizes for a particular style on the same page. but the idea is there.

Mens Brown shoes, style c4, manufacture name x, color number 101 to Mens brown shoes style g9, made by manufacture name x, color number 101 would probably have more juice, but just because of the other factors.

I suppose this sort of example could be used to "show" a client how valuable your SEO advice was, because it sounds good, and like it might be right, but is it actually one of the parts of an Googles Secret Recipe for ranking a page, I think not, but like I said I would like to be proved wrong.

Google is after all, just a database, that searches for exact words and phrases, and now is looking for similar to words or means the same as words and phrases, and matches them up, granted it does a fantastic job of matching that words and phrases, but it's not thinking for itself yet.... or is it.... lol...

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SEO is too good, our business can't cope!!!

I've had 2 SEO clients ask me within 2 days, if there's a way to un-optimized their website. They had no idea what a difference SEO could make, and are unprepared for the influx of new business.

Another client mentioned a few weeks back that her stocks were getting very low, and she had more sold gems on her site than ones for sale, I recently went and deleted over 250 products off her site, just to help her out, she has a slow internet connection in outback Australia...

Its an interesting problem, everyone that is looking for SEO is looking for more sales, more patients, more something from their websites, but I don't think any of my clients have thought ahead.

What is the back-up plan when the SEO really REALLY works? Ok so they could maybe handle twice or even three times as many orders, as there are now.

But what happens when the order's have become 20 or 30 fold order's within 3 months, when trips to the post office to post orders off, used to be a couple times a week, and are now 3, 4 or 6 times a day.

What happens if the 3 emails you receive a week asking about your services, suddenly turns into 20 a day. What happens if say a doctor’s office is used for getting say 5 or 6 new patients a month from various advertising, and suddenly it's up to 25 one month and 55 new patients the next month, there's still all the original patients that need seeing too, people often need to see the doctor quickly...

Have you ever thought what would happen, or have any strategy's worked out, if suddenly your business became super successful, or are you still struggling with getting your business to pay the rent or even hosting for your website... I’d suggest you spend a little free time working on a success plan, find out who has the best parcel pick-up and delivery service, work out how long it would take to hire and train new staff members, look at the price of a bigger premises, whatever your business would need if it became successful within 2 months, plan for success|!!!

Even looking at if you want to expand your business, do you want to be bother with staff, with renting premises, or if you just want to have you business as a paying hobby, or even just an income for your family, it would still pay to think ahead, and maybe when thinking about getting SEO tell your seo what you expect, maybe the cost of the seo could be reduced.

Personally I have never heard of anyone asking their SEO to cool it or stop, although i have done it myself for our own sites, when things got to busy, most people I've come across are happy with a minimal increase in sales of whatever type, but with the recession, and working out some excellent SEO techniques for myself, I have begun supercharging my clients websites, maybe I'll have to tone it down a bit myself :)

There’s a belief system of some group or other, that what you think about will come into being, perhaps if you plan for success you won’t even need me as your SEO lol….

Regards Lynny
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Dentist gives a reference for SEO work

I've mentioned the great results we are getting with the dentists website before, he likes to work mostly with Dental Implants & Braces Patients, but does general dentistry as well, anyway we receive, a reference the other day, so thought I would post it...

I run a dental office in the South Bay area, and have started working with Canz Design for about four months now. They have helped me design a complete website from scratch which my patients really love. They have also been doing a lot of SEO for me and it’s really been working wonderful, I have more visitors each month on the site and have been getting more and more business from my website every time. My page appears on Google number 1 locally!! And on the first page nationally!! I look forward to a long time business relationship with Canz Design. Sincerely, Aldo Espinosa DDS Read more about this client here in a search for dentist SEO Services San Diego

Regards Lynny
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Web Designers, Get you act together Dudes...

I've had occasional to use IE7 and google chrome, for the past few days instead of my usual firefox, which keeps crashing,.

Firefox is the browser of choice of many web designers, and it seems they are really getting lazy, and not checking the websites they are building are working in other browsers, because I went to many of my usual sites, which worked just fine in firefox, but which just froze up IE, couldn't do a darn thing, now come of guys.... and most often web designers are guys, so come on guys, get your act together, and even if you won't have IE on your computer, get together with someone that does, and get them to check your work.

My partner is a web designer, and sure she works with most firefox too, but always and did you hear me, ALWAYS before a site goes live it is checked in the main browsers, I know cause I'm her beta tester, so I troll through her sites trying out each feature in each of the 4 browsers I have installed, while she does opera.

Since I do SEO, I can tell you most website visitors still use IE this comes from a cross sections of different websites, are still using but statistics say that anywhere from 48% on a graphic design website, through to 86% on an e-commerce site that had over 20k visitors are still using IE

get with the Program guys, firefox is still only used by 20-32% of the general joe public, you know those folks that go to websites and BUY things.... you may think they are all spoons and should change, but the thing is the change over is slow and until people change you have to code your sites for all browsers,.

I know in general most web designers don't care about anything about a website past their final payment, and don't care if the site does any business, but still guys give your clients a fighting chance, make there websites work for at least 95% of the people visiting it, For websites that work in all popular Browsers contact Kym at SEO Services San Diego

Regards Lynny
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SEO Constultancy Space Available

Note to the average reader, this post is not the easiest to read, I just had to let off steam.

I've had an seo client for 2 months, and give up on as a client that isn't ever going to learn, and I haven't got the time or energy to do their SEO anymore. Whats wrong you may ask? With this client, I have done 50 hours of unpaid work for them, cleaning up the code for their website, to make it easier for me to work on in the future... plus the $350 worth of SEO worth each month.

I've done the same work, both clean-up and SEO work 2 times now, and each month once their payment clears I go back to the site to download the latest versions of the pages to work on, which is a just good habit to get into, in case some change has been made, these should be exactly the same as what I uploaded the previous month, since I'm supposed to be the only person working on the site.

But each time the work I did the previous month has been overwritten with older versions of the site, and not has it been overwritten, it was overwritten with a couple of days of me doing and uploading it.

So all the work I have done is undone, before google has even seen it. The first month I thought the old SEO had hacked the site, and since i had a hard-drive die on me, I didn't have the files I uploaded, so redid the work, and re-uploaded it straight away, at the beginning of March, I again discovered the code was the old one, so cleaned it up and redid the SEO work.

Now the owner, really can't see why I shouldn't do it again. The client swears it's not anyone there that doing this, but today I get an email saying uploads have been done, they were supposed to upload 5 or so pages.

Since I had done this months SEO already, and uploaded it on Saturday,(because I got sick of waiting for these 5 pages to be uploaded, it's been almost a month getting here, and the website owner was bitching that I hadn't worked on his site), and I agreed to redo these 5 pages. when they got around too uploading them..... so I go to look at the pages in the file manager , every single page including the google verification file has been uploaded over my SEO work done on Saturday.

It turns out that the sites owners staff have done all sorts of work to the site they never bothered to tell me about, so it's not just a case of reuploading the work I did, the business owner was most put out when I said I wouldn't redo the work yet again on the new pages uploaded today.

Even though I explained first that I had done 60 hours this month getting the site fixed again, his response was well you can do it again.

Before this happened today, he wrote on the weekend after I finished uploading saying they couldn't afford to pay me for a couple of months, with the insinuation that my SEO work wasn't working....
So I again have another SEO space in my timetable. So anyone out there wanting SEO Consultancy I'm sick of offering SEO Services.

Regards Lynny
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Time wasters, either you want seo or don't

Although this was a quick exchange, I'm so sick of getting "poor me" requests for me to spend hours and hours of my time, for a share of the profits generated.

I get these requests all the time, and they just an keep coming... Sure I see clients that are now receiving 10's of thousands and I wouldn't mind a bit of the action, but it would have to be a lower initial SEO rate and a % of income.

And you know the oddest thing, NO ONE that I have ever suggested this too, have ever taken me up on it, I'm talking about serious seo clients, they really see the value of SEO, and see they would be way out of pocket if the gave me say .05% of their income forever and a day. Rather than just pay me for my seo services. I have a fellow SEO that did this 3 times, and all was well until it came time to pay, then the fighting started over where did the visitor come from, was it the search engines work my friend did, or one of the 500 visitors that were already finding the site in search engines. And how much did the site really generate that month, And then the owners will throw in a clause that it's only profits, and of the $2000 earned this month from some low replacement cost item, had to be spent on buying a new car, meanwhile my friend is wondering how he's going to pay for his internet connection this month. I think what annoys me most is when I pick up on a lie, like this guy, he could afford my "Services" but didn't feel he had to pay me, and although his services are worth money, mine aren't. No SEO or web designer worth their salt will go for these deals, and yet these requests just keep coming. Once I suggested to a client, who had offered me 20% of her income from her site, I would be happy to do it, they had a good product, and I could see a Market for it, I suggested that she transfer the domain name, I'd host the site, and paypal payments would come to me, and I'd send on their share, up until then everything was going well, all of a sudden, this client was slipping and sliding all over the place, and sent me a long email explaining, that they didn't even make 20% profit on many products, and they had bills they had to pay and stock they had to rebuy, and a zillion other reasons, they couldn't possibley have it work this way.... I just laughed and sent back an email suggesting that I wasn't asking for anything they hadn't suggested, except I would know how much they were making..... Anyway read this conversation from the bottom up, and On 04/07/09 5:51 PM, this member wrote: -------------------- Hi Lynn, Interested in your services but cannot afford the monthly for site we launched Do you ever work on a sales generated commission base? On 04/07/09 7:49 PM, Lynn Brown SEO Consultant wrote: -------------------- I just checked my email, after I saw your post, I keep requests by the month, I've had 37 requests not including yours, but just like yours so far this this month, and it's only the 7th. I take my work seriously, and expect my clients to hurt a little in order to have me work for them to show their commitment to their to the business. In 8 years I have done SEO for 2 small business that couldn't pay, me just because I could see the owner had the commitment to hang in there, both businesses are now very successful and pay me a regular monthly payment for services rendered 4 and 7 years ago. On 04/07/09 8:04 PM, this member wrote: -------------------- Thanks Lynn for the response. A little taken back by the directness. If you previewed the site you would see that we are serious in addition to my extensive business background. This business was just launched in June 08 and already receiving favorable response from celebrities, agencies, vendors, mom fashion blogs and our bottom line customers. You are receiving multiple responses because everybody is beginning to realize the importance of SEO in addition to watching our market spend while expecting verifiable results. I have clients that are asking for more ROI and in this economy I am willing to return that response with results. Sorry if you are feeling insulted by mine and others request. I personally know very few businesses that are not hurting and wanting more for their money and I deal with all sizes across the board. Thank you for your consideration. Hello. Yes, I don't tend to call a spade a flower, it wastes time. I did visit the site, and yes you have a great product, very cute and I could see a big demand for the few products to the right market, and I could see you would have some good reviews for the products. But the site itself needs lot's of work, it's unprofessional, and quite frankly looks like it's made by someone that didn't care, the navigation has a lot to be desired, the link colors haven't been worked with and links seem to disappear when they are hovered over, and the blog has 3 posts that have not worked correctly, and whoever posted them just left ugly code there, rather than either deleting it until they worked out what was wrong, or gave up on that idea. These posts are over a month old. You might be interested in a page I just made of the ROI for some of my clients, but there has to be some Investment before there can be a Return On that Investment. It's an interesting the statement you made about people seeing importance of SEO, this is true, they just don't yet see the value of it.


I've just written another page for my site, about the Return on Investment(ROI) my SEO clients are are receiving, it's pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

My clients on average are getting a 100% return on their investment is my seo services within 3 months, and then getting at least a 100% return each month after that. These figures are for existing websites that have been online for 2-5 years, usually with no sales at all, although one client I'm offering SEO consultant services too, did have a very good monthly turnover before we start, it's just 3 times as much now after 7 months.

My clients are happy campers, and most are happy to increase the amount of SEO they are receiving.

All except one client, who was happy to increase what she was paying me, but I told her that it would be best to give the SEO we had done a rest for 3 months, let it all settle down, and see how things were, then in Auguat we'd look at doing another blize on the SEO in time for next Christmas.

Anyway, read about it here SEO Services San Diego

Regards Lynny
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