I've just written another page for my site, about the Return on Investment(ROI) my SEO clients are are receiving, it's pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

My clients on average are getting a 100% return on their investment is my seo services within 3 months, and then getting at least a 100% return each month after that. These figures are for existing websites that have been online for 2-5 years, usually with no sales at all, although one client I'm offering SEO consultant services too, did have a very good monthly turnover before we start, it's just 3 times as much now after 7 months.

My clients are happy campers, and most are happy to increase the amount of SEO they are receiving.

All except one client, who was happy to increase what she was paying me, but I told her that it would be best to give the SEO we had done a rest for 3 months, let it all settle down, and see how things were, then in Auguat we'd look at doing another blize on the SEO in time for next Christmas.

Anyway, read about it here SEO Services San Diego

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