Internal Linking, linking within your own site

I've recently taken part in a conversation about internal linking, and thought I would share that conversation with you.

Internal linking is like it sounds, is linking within pages of the same site.

Oliver another group member, was saying that internal linking was important, but it had to be done the right way, and not just willy nilly, and linking from brown shoes to a brown truck isn't as worthwhile as linking brown shoes to a page with other brown clothing, while this is true to an extent, it's not generally the case, because of the nature of a web site which is usually pages related to other pages with the same theme.

I haven't seen any proof that brown shoes should only be linked to other pages with brown clothing, and not to brown furniture or brown trucks. I would very much like to see proof of that working to give more link juice to a page.

It makes sense to link from pages of brown clothing to other pages of brown clothing, just for the visitors convenience but I don't think or I should say I haven't seen evidence that Google has some sort of list of all possible clothing items and give a link 2 less brownie point for a link to a brown car rather than a brown hat.

It might be true that linking between pages that had other types of similes like, brown blouse and brown dress, that were both woman's clothes, and had similar sizing, and were all brown might make a difference, but then in real life stores online that sell those sort of products usually sell all colors and sizes for a particular style on the same page. but the idea is there.

Mens Brown shoes, style c4, manufacture name x, color number 101 to Mens brown shoes style g9, made by manufacture name x, color number 101 would probably have more juice, but just because of the other factors.

I suppose this sort of example could be used to "show" a client how valuable your SEO advice was, because it sounds good, and like it might be right, but is it actually one of the parts of an Googles Secret Recipe for ranking a page, I think not, but like I said I would like to be proved wrong.

Google is after all, just a database, that searches for exact words and phrases, and now is looking for similar to words or means the same as words and phrases, and matches them up, granted it does a fantastic job of matching that words and phrases, but it's not thinking for itself yet.... or is it.... lol...

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