Dentist gives a reference for SEO work

I've mentioned the great results we are getting with the dentists website before, he likes to work mostly with Dental Implants & Braces Patients, but does general dentistry as well, anyway we receive, a reference the other day, so thought I would post it...

I run a dental office in the South Bay area, and have started working with Canz Design for about four months now. They have helped me design a complete website from scratch which my patients really love. They have also been doing a lot of SEO for me and it’s really been working wonderful, I have more visitors each month on the site and have been getting more and more business from my website every time. My page appears on Google number 1 locally!! And on the first page nationally!! I look forward to a long time business relationship with Canz Design. Sincerely, Aldo Espinosa DDS Read more about this client here in a search for dentist SEO Services San Diego

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