Web Designers, Get you act together Dudes...

I've had occasional to use IE7 and google chrome, for the past few days instead of my usual firefox, which keeps crashing,.

Firefox is the browser of choice of many web designers, and it seems they are really getting lazy, and not checking the websites they are building are working in other browsers, because I went to many of my usual sites, which worked just fine in firefox, but which just froze up IE, couldn't do a darn thing, now come of guys.... and most often web designers are guys, so come on guys, get your act together, and even if you won't have IE on your computer, get together with someone that does, and get them to check your work.

My partner is a web designer, and sure she works with most firefox too, but always and did you hear me, ALWAYS before a site goes live it is checked in the main browsers, I know cause I'm her beta tester, so I troll through her sites trying out each feature in each of the 4 browsers I have installed, while she does opera.

Since I do SEO, I can tell you most website visitors still use IE this comes from a cross sections of different websites, are still using but statistics say that anywhere from 48% on a graphic design website, through to 86% on an e-commerce site that had over 20k visitors are still using IE

get with the Program guys, firefox is still only used by 20-32% of the general joe public, you know those folks that go to websites and BUY things.... you may think they are all spoons and should change, but the thing is the change over is slow and until people change you have to code your sites for all browsers,.

I know in general most web designers don't care about anything about a website past their final payment, and don't care if the site does any business, but still guys give your clients a fighting chance, make there websites work for at least 95% of the people visiting it, For websites that work in all popular Browsers contact Kym at www.canzdesign.com SEO Services San Diego

Regards Lynny
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