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Note to the average reader, this post is not the easiest to read, I just had to let off steam.

I've had an seo client for 2 months, and give up on as a client that isn't ever going to learn, and I haven't got the time or energy to do their SEO anymore. Whats wrong you may ask? With this client, I have done 50 hours of unpaid work for them, cleaning up the code for their website, to make it easier for me to work on in the future... plus the $350 worth of SEO worth each month.

I've done the same work, both clean-up and SEO work 2 times now, and each month once their payment clears I go back to the site to download the latest versions of the pages to work on, which is a just good habit to get into, in case some change has been made, these should be exactly the same as what I uploaded the previous month, since I'm supposed to be the only person working on the site.

But each time the work I did the previous month has been overwritten with older versions of the site, and not has it been overwritten, it was overwritten with a couple of days of me doing and uploading it.

So all the work I have done is undone, before google has even seen it. The first month I thought the old SEO had hacked the site, and since i had a hard-drive die on me, I didn't have the files I uploaded, so redid the work, and re-uploaded it straight away, at the beginning of March, I again discovered the code was the old one, so cleaned it up and redid the SEO work.

Now the owner, really can't see why I shouldn't do it again. The client swears it's not anyone there that doing this, but today I get an email saying uploads have been done, they were supposed to upload 5 or so pages.

Since I had done this months SEO already, and uploaded it on Saturday,(because I got sick of waiting for these 5 pages to be uploaded, it's been almost a month getting here, and the website owner was bitching that I hadn't worked on his site), and I agreed to redo these 5 pages. when they got around too uploading them..... so I go to look at the pages in the file manager , every single page including the google verification file has been uploaded over my SEO work done on Saturday.

It turns out that the sites owners staff have done all sorts of work to the site they never bothered to tell me about, so it's not just a case of reuploading the work I did, the business owner was most put out when I said I wouldn't redo the work yet again on the new pages uploaded today.

Even though I explained first that I had done 60 hours this month getting the site fixed again, his response was well you can do it again.

Before this happened today, he wrote on the weekend after I finished uploading saying they couldn't afford to pay me for a couple of months, with the insinuation that my SEO work wasn't working....
So I again have another SEO space in my timetable. So anyone out there wanting SEO Consultancy I'm sick of offering SEO Services.

Regards Lynny
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