Website Selling Gemstones, Rebuild and move to SEO friendly Website

A website selling gemstones the owners live Sapphire Australia has been a webdesign client and seo client for many years, the owner recently decided to move their site to our new cms website that is seo friendly, so search engines will rank it better than they already do.

The owner has always been able to add more gemstones or remove sold ones, but with the move she will now find it easy enough to edit her pages as well.

Upgrading the database that runs the site, will mean the webpages themselves are much more seo friendly, this site already ranks highly on page 1 of google for many keywords about the products they sell, and this will only make them rank even better quite possibly for 1000's of different keywords.

Way to go gemhunters.

Regards Lynny
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SEO works quickly

Proof of how quickly a blog post can get into google if a blog post can get into google search results in 75 minutes, for a search for Doug Cooper seo san diego

Even this post was in google within 38 minutes, google is working hard today, hopefully people will learn what a sleazy seo this doug cooper seems to be, so they at least make an informed decision about him before the hand over $2000 for seo that he will then ripoff if you don't keep paying him.

On 9-19-2009 this post is still above Doug Coopers own website in Google.

Regards Lynny
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Realestate agents SEO and website redesign san diego

I was approached recently by a realestate agent in San Diego, he wanted a quote to do seo on his website. Looking at his site, he used a hinky search for homes in the San Diego county area, or it might be all area's depending on the search made, this hinky search created "page not found" 404 pages that were riddled through search engine results, the site visitors well 90% of them left the site immediately... the site itself was built on some program that was supposed to be something that "All Real Estate agents" used, and generally looked like a home built site built on some crappy frontpage type web editor.

Logining into the editor for the site, it was one of the worst CMS websites I had ever seen, and I have seen some bad ones. It's beyond me how the company that makes this website gets away with it's changes of $35 a month to many many realestate agents to use this program, that incorporates this hinky home search. I guess it must have been a good marketing team at the web design place, that must have written to all realestate agents in at least San Deigo and told them all they had this website especially designed for real estate agents, these real estate agents must have all decided to use this crappy website.... So whats wrong with the site or right with it... Well there's very little right with it at all, the eaisest part of the admin area is to login it all goes down hill from there.... the pages are differcult to edit, you can't delete old pages you no longer want it seems, adding any new aps also seems impossible. The funny or really the sad thing is, although the San Diego home search isn't a bad search, it's actually the way it's inserted into the site itself that creates these 404 pages, it would be a piece of cake to add to a new CMS.

Hell I could do it, it just means adding a few lines of code to a site... in the correct place, and I don't build websites, but if real estate agents looked a little furthur afield they could have nice looking and acting websites that that had the search with it. I told this real estate agent, that rather than try to fix the site he had, he'd be better to rebuild, the new site would be search engine friendly right from the start, and only need some minor tweaking to have it ranking highly in search engines, for hundreds of relevant searches.

He couldn't see how, I explained that since so many realestate agents used the same website program, that was such SEO unfriendly webpages, a well optimised website would rule over other real estate websites.

I quoted him $3500 for a new site redesign for 60 odd pages, plus extensive seo, and offered that he could pay the site off over 6 months.... at which he said that no real estate agent would ever consider paying that much for a website, or seo.... he couldn't seem to understand that it was for a professional website and professional SEO.

So if theres another realestate agent in San Diego, but really anywhere that would like a a website design or redesign or website makeover, and wants their new website to rank better in search engines, contact us, we'll do the site for $1500 down, and $350 a month for the following 6 months.

If you are a realestate agent reading this post, and is considering a website rebuild and has less webpages write to me, and we could discuss a different payment option.

Regards Lynny
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Rebuild Redesigning a website old tired outdated website

Did you at first build your website in frontpage?
Did you build your website yourself, not sure of it's value to your business?
Is your website out of date? is your website built in html, and now it's grown so much, and your business has grown, that you need an easier/quicker way to make changes?
Rebuilding or redesigning a website can be a big decision, with many questions?

I'll write some questions I have been asked out and give replies, as often people might be worried about things that aren't a problem.  

Do I get to keep the same domain name if I rebuild my site? YES Can I stay with the same Host if I rebuild my website? YES I want to move my website host, can you do that? YES if you are sick of your old webhost, or think you are paying too much for web hosting, we can suggest another one if you are paying more than $10 a month where you could host as many websites and blogs as you like, for $9.95 a month or $100 a year. We are very experienced at moving websites, you website will not be offline at all, one second it will be your old website the next it will be your new one. You can of course find your own new webhost if you would like.  

Will all the page names stay the same? YES if you would like them too, often with an older site links have been made to a site and to a specific page name, and you don't want to lose that link, so keeping old page names is important. If on the other hand you are wanting to make your site more search engine friendly, page names can be changed, and instant redirects can be set up.  

Will old links from forums and blogs etc still work? YES Will my site be offline while you rebuild? NO We rebuild the site on our host usually, and when it's all done, we move it to your host, so the longest your site will be down in a few minutes with the change over.  

Can you add a blog to my website? Sure, that's easy, and wouldn't even charge you to do it, we do charge a fee to make the blog look like your website, if you want to.  

I already have a blog can you add it to my website? YES. It's usually quite easy to do?  

Can you make new pages or change the text/pictures on exsisting pages while you are redesigning? YES No problem at all. The words and pictures on my website are good, I just want new look will you do that? YES Often people like the same wording, maybe in a different font and the layout of pictures and wording changed.  

The wording on my website is terrible, I want professional words written, can you organise that? YES, we have two content writters we work with, one write excellent sales copy, the other writes fine articles and informational type webpages, but writer write on any subject required(Bothe writers are natural English Speakers)
I want a blog, but can't write a good article, can you organize a writer for regular blog posts. YES. The article or informational writer we have would be happy to write and post articles to a blog on a regular basis. At the time of writing this blog post, she is writing for 3 blog owners, a dentist, a realestate agent, both one blog post a week, and a site selling fish bait one short post ever 3-4 days.  

Can you make my blog look like my website? YES... I'd like to start a newsletter, can you add a newsletter program to our site? YES We recommend a newsletter program that is easy to use, and is designed to look like any website, it even stores old newsletters online if you would like.

Regards Lynny
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Cheap websites are they worth it?

Cheap websites are you considering getting one? I have suggested before you would be wise to get a cheaper website, and spend more on SEO, but there's cheap and then there's cheap.

Cheap websites can look very nice and professional, but they have their problems, that are worth considering before you decide to steam ahead and get a website for $400-$800.

Indian web site designers, generally make a very cheap website, mainly because all they are doing is using a ready made site, and adding the content, it's when you want customizations after the web site building has become that problems start.

And a $500 website can quickly turn into a $2000 + website. I have seen or heard about this happening time and again. Something that is actually a very simple change in a website will suddenly cost an outrageous amount.

The worst case I was witness to, and a really mean worst, was a change that ended up costing $50 with another php developer, was quoted as costing $20,000, the thing was the email these Indian web design people sent, made the cost seem very feasible, if you didn't know how websites actually worked.

Another trick is to quote for a very cheap website, which is quickly built, then while working out the specifics or customizations the price climbs and climbs, but you are already so far into the project, you usually can't back out, or want to start all over again.

For the most part Indian website developers will seem very very worthy of your custom, they will ring you up and talk to you for long periods of time, write very long and involved emails, making the simple seem an evolved.

With our small website design team they know that changes or new ideas will happen as the site takes shape, there's a certain amount out give and take, and defiantly big changes are at in line the original design and building price. Changes after the site is online are made quickly, and one instance of pricing, for the price of a new page the price drops after the 3rd page is done after the site goes live.

Also all our websites are built with the idea that more pages will/may be added later, so menu's etc are set up in such a way that adding a new page to a menu takes is easy, and does not include rebuilding the whole menu layout and workings.

Contact a professional webdesign business like Canz Design, and get a reasonable price website, arrangements can be made in to pay off the site, and we will definatly be here, to happily and QUICKLY to make changes or add pages years after we have finished. We have a very small team and work long hours, and your business is always important to us. SEO Services San Diego

Regards Lynny
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How long does seo take to work? How many months does SEO take?

So how long does it take for SEO to work?

How many months does SEO take? When can I expect SEO to start working? These are all valid questions, it seems that every seo website you go to will say a different thing.... the plain truth is.

If a website has been online for a few months, and if the search engines have found and indexed your site, SEO will start working within a few days, from the SEO finishing the initial SEO, the best result I ever have had was 32 hours .... yes... thirty two hours from when I did the initial SEO, results started showing in search engines.

This site I'm talking about did not show in google search results for any phrase at a spot less than 70th place. The site had been online for 2 years, and had had no visitors at all through search engines.

I started working with the website as soon as I had the information to login to the site the same day the payment check cleared, I did some basic on the 10 main pages, just to say, hey google watch out Lynny's from Canz SEO extraordinaire is on the job, and went to bed.... well come on it was late, the owner didn't said me the login info until after midnight... ok so I went to bed.

I then spent the next day 20 hours researching what words would be the most effective, for this website, and though, whoops I forgot to to run my little programs that give me a baseline to work with, so I worked out a list of 50 keywords and ran the program while I was doing the last of the research.

By the time the baseline program I used was finished it was almost 32 hours since I had done some very basic seo.... and to my amazment 10 keywords were ranking in google in the top 3 positions.

One set of keywords for each page I did. I have to admit thats the quickest I had every seen changes actually get into google search results... but then I had never checked that early before. Ever since, many times with an existing site I have checked after 2 days and results are starting to be listed in google, it like with a old website google is just aching to rank it better, but can't if it's not optimised, but once it is, google likes to give almost instant gratifaction.

Regards Lynny
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SEO services, Good San Diego SEO Services

The majority of a good seo's work is research, finding out what are the best words to optimize a website for, often the results are quite stunning, and results I would never have thought of personally. Take the industry I'm in for example. SEO, seo is one of the hottest industries on the internet behind adult or sex industry sites, so what would be the most searched for words or this seo industry would you think?  

organic seo company seo business seo services seo company seo service Well if you go to google adword keyword picker, and check what top phrase being paid for it's organic seo company you have to pay over $12 per click to appear between 1st and 3rd in the adword results, so you may think that is the most searched for, since adwords users pay so much for the phrase. At the same time the phrase, SEO services only costs just over $6.00 per click, so you may deduce from that that seo services isn't that much in demand.

That's makes sense doesn't it? It costs less that half as much to rank highly in the top places for SEO Services, so it can't be a very popular keyphrase right? So do you agree? If you do, you would do well to contact me, and have me work for you to help you choose your keywords, since seo services is searched for approx 57 more times than organic seo company if you investgrate furture at the same place, and with even more investagating will say that in fact globally SEO services is actually searched for 431 times more often than organic seo company.

Scam SEO. SEO cowboys, Sleazy SEO

I wrote a decent post on another of my blogs, and thought I would show you.

Scam SEO. SEO cowboys, Sleazy SEO, whatever you want to call someone that professes to be an SEO and yet is only out to collect your money and rip you off, are unfortunately, a dime a dozen.

Us darn good seo's are way harder to find, however if you are reading this post, you just found an seo that will earn the money you pay her, and get the results you are looking for in search engine results... I'm not into giving my skills away, but I often do take payments for my work, in fact I prefer payments, that way I know you will be happy with the results you receive and pass my name around.

Anyway here's the link

SEO San Diego

Best Regards Lynny
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