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The majority of a good seo's work is research, finding out what are the best words to optimize a website for, often the results are quite stunning, and results I would never have thought of personally. Take the industry I'm in for example. SEO, seo is one of the hottest industries on the internet behind adult or sex industry sites, so what would be the most searched for words or this seo industry would you think?  

organic seo company seo business seo services seo company seo service Well if you go to google adword keyword picker, and check what top phrase being paid for it's organic seo company you have to pay over $12 per click to appear between 1st and 3rd in the adword results, so you may think that is the most searched for, since adwords users pay so much for the phrase. At the same time the phrase, SEO services only costs just over $6.00 per click, so you may deduce from that that seo services isn't that much in demand.

That's makes sense doesn't it? It costs less that half as much to rank highly in the top places for SEO Services, so it can't be a very popular keyphrase right? So do you agree? If you do, you would do well to contact me, and have me work for you to help you choose your keywords, since seo services is searched for approx 57 more times than organic seo company if you investgrate furture at the same place, and with even more investagating will say that in fact globally SEO services is actually searched for 431 times more often than organic seo company.
So why on earth would anyone pay twice as much to rank highly in adwords for a phrase that hardly anyone actually searches for. The trick is you don't, google just tries to trick you into doing that... you just have to know where to look to find out approximate search volumes... and think about this, a business that is paying over $12.00 for the keyphrase organic seo company what sort of seo company can they be, if they didn't work out they didn't have to pay that much for a pay per click program... the overall meaning for organic seo is seo that means you don't have to use pay per click, your webpages rank highly in search engines naturally or organically and they are using pay per click to try to get their clients....

If an SEO company can't even get it together to work out their own seo, how could they possibly do it for any other business.

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