How long does seo take to work? How many months does SEO take?

So how long does it take for SEO to work?

How many months does SEO take? When can I expect SEO to start working? These are all valid questions, it seems that every seo website you go to will say a different thing.... the plain truth is.

If a website has been online for a few months, and if the search engines have found and indexed your site, SEO will start working within a few days, from the SEO finishing the initial SEO, the best result I ever have had was 32 hours .... yes... thirty two hours from when I did the initial SEO, results started showing in search engines.

This site I'm talking about did not show in google search results for any phrase at a spot less than 70th place. The site had been online for 2 years, and had had no visitors at all through search engines.

I started working with the website as soon as I had the information to login to the site the same day the payment check cleared, I did some basic on the 10 main pages, just to say, hey google watch out Lynny's from Canz SEO extraordinaire is on the job, and went to bed.... well come on it was late, the owner didn't said me the login info until after midnight... ok so I went to bed.

I then spent the next day 20 hours researching what words would be the most effective, for this website, and though, whoops I forgot to to run my little programs that give me a baseline to work with, so I worked out a list of 50 keywords and ran the program while I was doing the last of the research.

By the time the baseline program I used was finished it was almost 32 hours since I had done some very basic seo.... and to my amazment 10 keywords were ranking in google in the top 3 positions.

One set of keywords for each page I did. I have to admit thats the quickest I had every seen changes actually get into google search results... but then I had never checked that early before. Ever since, many times with an existing site I have checked after 2 days and results are starting to be listed in google, it like with a old website google is just aching to rank it better, but can't if it's not optimised, but once it is, google likes to give almost instant gratifaction.

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