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I was approached recently by a realestate agent in San Diego, he wanted a quote to do seo on his website. Looking at his site, he used a hinky search for homes in the San Diego county area, or it might be all area's depending on the search made, this hinky search created "page not found" 404 pages that were riddled through search engine results, the site visitors well 90% of them left the site immediately... the site itself was built on some program that was supposed to be something that "All Real Estate agents" used, and generally looked like a home built site built on some crappy frontpage type web editor.

Logining into the editor for the site, it was one of the worst CMS websites I had ever seen, and I have seen some bad ones. It's beyond me how the company that makes this website gets away with it's changes of $35 a month to many many realestate agents to use this program, that incorporates this hinky home search. I guess it must have been a good marketing team at the web design place, that must have written to all realestate agents in at least San Deigo and told them all they had this website especially designed for real estate agents, these real estate agents must have all decided to use this crappy website.... So whats wrong with the site or right with it... Well there's very little right with it at all, the eaisest part of the admin area is to login it all goes down hill from there.... the pages are differcult to edit, you can't delete old pages you no longer want it seems, adding any new aps also seems impossible. The funny or really the sad thing is, although the San Diego home search isn't a bad search, it's actually the way it's inserted into the site itself that creates these 404 pages, it would be a piece of cake to add to a new CMS.

Hell I could do it, it just means adding a few lines of code to a site... in the correct place, and I don't build websites, but if real estate agents looked a little furthur afield they could have nice looking and acting websites that that had the search with it. I told this real estate agent, that rather than try to fix the site he had, he'd be better to rebuild, the new site would be search engine friendly right from the start, and only need some minor tweaking to have it ranking highly in search engines, for hundreds of relevant searches.

He couldn't see how, I explained that since so many realestate agents used the same website program, that was such SEO unfriendly webpages, a well optimised website would rule over other real estate websites.

I quoted him $3500 for a new site redesign for 60 odd pages, plus extensive seo, and offered that he could pay the site off over 6 months.... at which he said that no real estate agent would ever consider paying that much for a website, or seo.... he couldn't seem to understand that it was for a professional website and professional SEO.

So if theres another realestate agent in San Diego, but really anywhere that would like a a website design or redesign or website makeover, and wants their new website to rank better in search engines, contact us, we'll do the site for $1500 down, and $350 a month for the following 6 months.

If you are a realestate agent reading this post, and is considering a website rebuild and has less webpages write to me, and we could discuss a different payment option.

Regards Lynny
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