Cheap websites are they worth it?

Cheap websites are you considering getting one? I have suggested before you would be wise to get a cheaper website, and spend more on SEO, but there's cheap and then there's cheap.

Cheap websites can look very nice and professional, but they have their problems, that are worth considering before you decide to steam ahead and get a website for $400-$800.

Indian web site designers, generally make a very cheap website, mainly because all they are doing is using a ready made site, and adding the content, it's when you want customizations after the web site building has become that problems start.

And a $500 website can quickly turn into a $2000 + website. I have seen or heard about this happening time and again. Something that is actually a very simple change in a website will suddenly cost an outrageous amount.

The worst case I was witness to, and a really mean worst, was a change that ended up costing $50 with another php developer, was quoted as costing $20,000, the thing was the email these Indian web design people sent, made the cost seem very feasible, if you didn't know how websites actually worked.

Another trick is to quote for a very cheap website, which is quickly built, then while working out the specifics or customizations the price climbs and climbs, but you are already so far into the project, you usually can't back out, or want to start all over again.

For the most part Indian website developers will seem very very worthy of your custom, they will ring you up and talk to you for long periods of time, write very long and involved emails, making the simple seem an evolved.

With our small website design team they know that changes or new ideas will happen as the site takes shape, there's a certain amount out give and take, and defiantly big changes are at in line the original design and building price. Changes after the site is online are made quickly, and one instance of pricing, for the price of a new page the price drops after the 3rd page is done after the site goes live.

Also all our websites are built with the idea that more pages will/may be added later, so menu's etc are set up in such a way that adding a new page to a menu takes is easy, and does not include rebuilding the whole menu layout and workings.

Contact a professional webdesign business like Canz Design, and get a reasonable price website, arrangements can be made in to pay off the site, and we will definatly be here, to happily and QUICKLY to make changes or add pages years after we have finished. We have a very small team and work long hours, and your business is always important to us. SEO Services San Diego

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