SEO what's in it for your?

SEO what's in it for you.... make sure you read the last .
It maybe all very well to know all about SEO and how it's worked for my other clients, but what's in it for you?

Well for a start, if you are reading this page, I'll give you a 20% discount on the monthly investment in SEO you make on a yearly contract. Just mention this page when you write and ask for a quote.

Ok, so the first benefit for you. Your site starts getting more targeted visitors, and considering they like what they see, and they like the price, you will get more sales.

Targeted visitors are ones that do a search, and find your website as exactly what they are looking for. It's no good doing what some SEO's do, and get visitors to a site selling new cars, by pretending it a cheap second car site. I mean why bother, the visitor is only going to leave again.
Your competitors will also notice that your name is ahead of them in search engines, people with businesses often do vanity searches, and it isn't fun to see your competitor ahead of you for allsorts of searches that are relevant to your business.

My personal SEO motto, is to get a site ranking well(which means on the first page of Google) for as many search phrases as possible, and as many of really the same search, just search for in a different ways.

Many people other SEO's say that anyone that makes the first page promise is not truthful about there skills, I say they are just not good SEO's themselves, sure it can be done, and if it can't then I will tell you so, and not take your money, hey I don't want ANY customers that aren't wowed by my work.

So far all my clients have said I should be charging more, but I'm after job satisfaction, not a new car or designer clothes. I only have 10 clients at a time, and it's up to 8 at the moment, so go on be number #9 or 10.

In fact, I'll make you a deal, be number 9 or 10 before 22 of August 08 and I'll give you 33% off the whole price of my SEO services.....

Best Regards Lynny Brown -
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I moderate comments on this blog, and "this is a good blog, heres my link" type comments won't make it, I'll just reject them, so don't bother.

Ask questions, real comments on what I have written, sure post them anytime, but not just so you get a link to your site.

I'm not interested in them, and neither is anyone else.

Best Regards Lynny Brown - Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!

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How do search engines work?

The way search engines work is simple really.

If the exact phrase someone searches for is there on a webpage, to 2 specific places, then that page will be #1.

The problem is when the same phrase is on many pages over the web, then it comes down to the most popular websites or well optimised websites get's ranked highly, the others follow.

The other problem is people search for the oddest things, in the oddest ways. While I might search for "how do search engines work" you might search for, "search engines, how do they work" "search engine, what makes them work" or "what makes one webpage rank higher than another in a search engine". If you read my other article, then you will see that just because you rank well in one search, it doesn't mean you will do well for the other phrases.

Search engines also go on from just searching for the exact phrase, if the exact phrase isn't there, then the look for WebPages with most of the words in the search somewhere on the page, and it carry's on looking until it might only find one or two words from a phrase on a page.

My job as an seo, is to get your site ranking as highly as it can with as many different ways of saying the same thing. And then as many different ways of saying something slightly different.

If you are interested in this, read one of my other articles where I have searched for the same five words, in different ways, sometimes as 2 words, sometimes as three, the results are most interesting. The blog entry below this one this blog actually.

Seo Hint: Why do similar searches rank differently

Best Regards Lynny Bishop -
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Seo Hint: Why do similar searches rank differently

My main job as a good SEO for you is to make your website findable in search engines for whatever people might search for that is a product or service maybe shown on your particular website, or at the least as many as possible searches.

That is not as easy as it might sound, because as you may imagine people can and do search for the same thing in different ways.

Here I have used the words Australian Blue Sapphire, with variants of Australia and sapphires.

Different keywords different ranking

See how Australia Sapphires is ranked #1, yet Australian Sapphire ranked #12 in goggle for a search.

This particular website has many different kinds of gemstones, but next I would obviously work on Australian sapphires, blue sapphire and sapphire blue.

I hope this illustrates that although a website might be doing well for one search that another search that may be very similar may not be doing well at all.

My point is people search for the same thing is several different ways, all the searches above I found in a list of 2268 different searches people made for this site and found it.

Most good website hosts have website statistics, where you can check what visitors to the site are doing, how long they stayed, and what search they used to find the site.

The 3 search strings above that aren't doing as well in Google, will be doing well in some other search engine, so that's probably how they are found, most people don't bother searching past the second page in search engines, unless they are looking for something specific. In fact only, something like .2% search past page 1 of a search results, so if you are not on that first page, then your competitor get's the click, and you miss out on a sale.

There are several ways that I get all these various searches covered in search engines, however for me to do the very best job I can, I need access to the website itself, the behind the scenes part of the site.

Many website owners are concerned that their web designer may not be happy with giving this information especially if that web designer offers SEO services as well. This can be a problem, but it is your website, and you should be given the login information when the site was first built.

Other website owners are thoroughly sick of their original web designer, who has a bad after sales service, taking months to make simple changes, or even weeks to answer email. Often then it's just as easy for me to set up changing website host, hosting for most websites should only cost $5-$10 depending on how much support the owner needs.

Once access is gained to the website, I can often get your website ranking well in several search results, sometimes within days if the site has been online for a year or so.

Another site I do SEO for is a gift basket website, and I was showing someone the work I do, and how it would work, I did a search for one particular phrase I had worked on 18 hours after I had done the work. I was bowled over when it was ranked at #1 on page 1. I was thinking I would have to show this friend, that the phrase was on page 20 which it was when I did the changes the day before.

That did show though that Google definitely was looking at the site regularly it just was not finding the information it needed to rank the site highly. That particular site now receives visitors from 747 keywords and keyphrases.

And the owner has just sold the business, on the strength of how well the website is ranking in search engines, and how many sales she's now making through the website Big browne point for me and my seo skills

Best Regards Lynny Bishop -

Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!
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Not The Cheapest SEO, but you are paying for quality and that's what counts.

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Being a dyslexic writer

Having dyslexia and being able to, and desperately wanting to write is a challenge few could understand or appreciate the challenge of.

Apart from not being able to spell many words, which a majority of the time the computer spell check takes care of. If I actually know which of the words, if gives me as a choice is the correct one, as many of the words have the same letters. It's often a case of choosing one, and then seeing if the computer picks up that I've used a word in the wrong context.

However does that mean the word I actually wanted to use is wrong, or does that mean I have chosen the wrong word from the list of possible ones the spell-check gave me. There are times often, when the word I want if the word isn't in the list of choices.

Those times I change various letters around, until the word I want becomes an option. When I get a word, that the computer says I have spelt correctly, I have to check that that word is actually the word I wanted to use.

I must have the longest auto correct list in the history of computer spell checks. Actually, it isn't that long, since I recently lost it in a reformat, but before that, all the words that I knew I spelt wrong were there, often with 2 or 3 variations of how I might have spelt it, and then how it should be spelt.


I also have this very handy little spell check/dictionary type program that will say the word for me, that get's used at least 40 or 50 times a day.


It all means that writing even an email is rather a long drawn out process..... For the rest of the article of being a Dyslexic writer take a look at the link.


Cheers Lynny

Good SEO are hard to find, honest ones almost impossible, and I'm the only dyslexic one in the world… makes me unique. J
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What is Full SEO

I was just looking at a website for sale on an auction here in New Zealand, and it said "

It has full SEO and listed with Google, Yahoo, Live, NZ Search, Finda, Wises"

Simply being listed in a search engine does NOT mean a website has SEO and certainly not Full SEO. It simply means it's listed in search engines.

Most websites that have been online for a while can be found in search engines. All that is required to appear in a search engine is 1 live link, that's a link you can click on and it takes you to the website, and the website the way it is, and search engines the way they are your site will appear in search engines. SEO is assisting the search engines, to rank your website before your competitor's website.

So what is Full SEO?

There is no such thing as full seo that would mean that any search anyone could ever think of to do with buying computers would mean that the site would show up highly in the search results. Click the link to Read the full article about this What is Full SEO?

Cheers Lynny

Good SEO are hard to find, honest ones almost impossible
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LSI Newest Google technology Scam

I'm not saying that LSI is a scam, I'm saying company's advertising its relevance to your website are a scam.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is this great new Google technologically that all the very best SEO companyies are saying they are using to make your website more relevant in search engines, or make your website LSI friendly etc etc....

The fact is, if you were to ask these company's what LSI actually was, and if they could explain how it it would benefit your website in particular, none of them would an answer, especially as to what it could do to benefit your site. They couldn't give you an honest reply.

I won't explain it, because that would be like reinventing the wheel, take a look at this thorough description at this Excellent SEO Blog, he has some very good info there, and the blog is well worth a look around. Another post worth reading n the subject of The LSI Myth
Giving credit where credit is due

Regards Lynny
Good SEO are hard to find, honest ones almost impossible

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Hosting stuff you wanted to know, but no-one would tell you

HOSTING Although we offer webhosting to our web design clients, and some of my SEO clients, we don't offer hosting as a service as a rule, so this information isn't from someone that’s trying to sell you the best deal around so here you will see good sound information with no special deals or offers.

Web hosting is a service providing users with server/computer space via web access used for storing information, images, video, content or website information.

What is the difference between a country domain extension (ccTLD) and a .com (TLD) extension and which extension do I need?

Country code top-level domain (ccTLD) – The two letters following the final dot of any domain name represent your country code such as or Use a ccTLD if you do not expect to market internationally as you will get your site into local search engines quicker.

Top-level domain (TLD) – A .com domain name is used by companies with a global market and easily recognized as a international business.

Canz Design is a New Zealand company with a global customer base. Both and domain names are registered in order to capture both markets.

A New Zealand mechanic will register his website as as he is interested in the local market only.

Are all website hosts the same?

No definitely not. Both pricing and service can vary depending on the provider.

If the cheapest price is your primary concern and you are prepared to put up with your website not working properly or being offline for a few days here and there then there are plenty of companies out there and you shouldn't need to pay more than $10 per month. The negative side to such great pricing is that the backup service is often reflective of the price you pay. Your frantic emails will probably not be replied to as soon as you would like and assistance when available may not be to your satisfaction.

If you are looking for a balance between competitive pricing and great support then have a look at our hosting plans on our website. We will answer your emails promptly, back your website up regularly and fix any problems as quickly as possible.
We are more than happy to custom design a hosting plan to fit your particular needs so if you are looking for something specific, simply email us with details and we will reply with our proposal.

What do I look for in a hosting plan?

Email: The amount of web space for any hosting plan includes space used for emails. If your business receives emails with large attachments on a regular basis and may be closed for weekends then you need to be looking for a plan offering at least 35 MB's. However, if your business receives smaller emails without those large attachments than a 20 MB website should be more than adequate.

Do I need to own a computer or to have it going most of the time in order to run a website?

No, the benefit of a website is that your audience has access to your company's information at any time. As all information is stored through your host on the internet, you do not need a computer in order to run a website.

Like I said, we don't as a rule offer webhosting anymore, but have a very good webhost provider we often recommend thats in the United States. They charge $5USD a month for a hosting, with enough space for for a very large e-commerce website.

Regards Lynny and ask about that host.
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If you have software on your computer is there any reason why you can't design your own website? The answer is absolutely not!

So why pay someone else to design your site? Using a professional offers the following benefits:

  • Website online quickly
  • Professional design with easy to navigate site
  • Error free
  • SEO can be included from the start which is cheaper than having to re-write pages later
  • You can then concentrate on swapping links and building your web presence

Are all Website Designers much the same?

No. There are more website developers online than any other profession I have ever searched for. Designers can range from 13 year old children to highly trained designers with years of experience.

  1. When choosing a designer ask to see samples and references. A designer should have the technical knowledge to make sure your site 'works' and the design flair to ensure your site looks good and attracts customers.

  2. A good designer will also incorporate SEO into your site. Be wary of those who don't pay enough attention to search engine placement, it is not unheard of for them to come back at a later date pointing out that you need more work done to improve traffic.

  3. Many designers offer CMS websites which means you can do the upkeep yourself if you chose to. I haven't found any other CMS websites that offer both design and SEO apart from our own PRISM CMS.

Regards Lynny and ask about that host.

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What is a Website Hit? SEO Hint

A common misunderstanding is that the number of hits relates to the number of visitors. A hit is the number of times each part of a website is asked to be opened by a web browser.


If you open the home page of (which has approx. 50 graphics plus the page itself and the CSS formatting the page) it would count as 60 hits, so one visitor looking at two or three pages could easily count for 200 hits.

Is the Number of Visitors to a Site Important?

The number of visitors to a site is important if they are visitors interested in purchasing from you. A
Careful SEO can target visitors likely to purchase as opposed to browsers or visitors looking at copying graphics etc from your site for free.

Cheers Lynny

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How much does a website cost?

Giving a quote for a website straight off the cuff is impossible, well not by responsible web designer anyway even quote for a specific number of pages just isn't possible, although often quoted on web designers site.

If you like a website to a having, a house built. It makes it easier to understand, first, do you want the house built to a standard plan or do you want to customize it to your specific needs(customization especially of a CMS website will change the price). Then how many bedrooms (WebPages) you want If you want things like curtains and wallpaper included in the price (extra graphics to make the pages look more interesting).

How about the outside, do you want concrete paths and driveway, and the lawns laid (extra features in the site like members' areas, or complex order forms, flash presentations etc) then these features all change the price considerably.

So just asking how much a website costs, will never get you a satisfactory answer, you must always be specific as to what you want, and if you really don't know what you want, then be willing to answer questions that will clarify your requirements to a web designer.

Just be aware any website you go to that has a list of prices for various number of pages websites, is either not an experienced website designer, or be prepared to have that price rise as your specific requirements and customizations become obvious. A professional website designer will always say these prices are a guide only.

Regards Lynny

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Pay Per Click how does it work?

The best-known pay per click advertising on the internet is Googles AdSense. Note the advertisement down the side of the page, these are Pay per click advertisements…. You might also be interested in the website that ranks #1 in the free natural search engine results. Oh gosh, that's my one of my own site in the natural results, what a surprise J

But the point is that the websites inside the pink square are pay per click advertisers, they must pay for each time someone clicks on their add, and the higher they ads appears in the list, the more it costs the for the click. So while the first advertiser might pay $2.50 for a click. The second advertiser might pay $1.35, and the last one may only be paying 5 cents for a click.

Each advertiser selects a maximum amount they will send month, and the ad will get shown at a rate that means that the ad is shown as many times as it can be, to use up the maximum amount of money the advertiser wishes to pay evenly over the month.

There are tons of books and Google tutorials online that explain exactly how to use these Pay Per click. I just wanted to give you a quick overview.

Personally, I think they are a waste of money, I would rather use the money spent on people clicking with no intention of buying, to make the website rank naturally, but if a PPC campaigns are run correctly. it can give you some very good results.

Regards Lynny

What does a designer do?

A good graphic designer's job is far more complex than anyone would guess, for designing say a business card.

You have to first make sure all the relevant information is on the cards, the businesses logo, person's name, phone numbers etc. Choose a colour that is either part of the businesses branding, or that looks good, or stands out. A simple white card will just look like all the other white business cards you want your card to stand out from the rest, be eye catching.

Then comes the time consuming part, choosing a font that looks good, can be easily read, and suits the card, does that font been a drop shadow to be seen clearly. You may not be aware that each font not only has a different look to it, but different spacing between each letter and spacing between words can also be quite different.

You have to make it all fit onto a relatively small area. Not only fit, but to look good to anyone looking at it, as your business card is a very important part of your business advertising. So moving the various parts of the graphic of the card around in itself, so they look good and ete-catching can take an hour or so at least.

Regards Lynny

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What is drop-shipping.

What is drop-shipping.

Drop-shipping is very simply stocking your website with products that you don't actually have, but have deals with the manufacturer to send the product out to your clients with none of their own branding on it.

There are many different websites around the internet selling every conceivable product using this technique. You simply go to their website, select the photos of the products you would like to stock, put your own pricing on it, and offer them for sale. As the product sells, and you receive payment, from your website you simply go to the website that stocks the product, buy it, putting in your customers delivery details, and the drop-shipping site sends the product to your client.

The benefits of drop-shipping are obvious, you don't have to spend a cent on stock, until it's actually paid for. So you don't have stock laying around waiting to make your money back on it.

Many people also use this drop-shipping idea to sell products on EBay, again the benefits of this are obvious.

Regards Lynny

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E-commerce Websites

SEO's that advertise their services on Google

Advertising on Google, when you are an SEO

When Google puts ads on a webpage rather than above and beside the search results on its own webpages, the ad always relates to the subject of the page.

This is something that amuses me a lot; I put Google Adwords on the bottom of my article pages and since write about SEO more often than not all the Google ads on my pages are from businesses offering to either do SEO or sell you a book or program about SEO.

Now the books and programs are ok; but don’t you think it’s funny that an SEO company has to pay for ads saying things like “We’ll get your website to #1 in Google”. Consider that they can’t even accomplish first page SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placement for their own SEO company; but must pay to have their pages listed on top.

How much confidence can you have in that company?

The AdSense ads that really crack me up are the ones that advertise they will run your AdSense campaign for you!

The joke is their own site actually ranks highly naturally, often at #1 or#2 so they are probably paying for clicks they would have gotten anyway, because their site is naturally ranking well for that search phrase. What does that say about their ability to do the job they are advertising that they do so well?

· Step one: Choose possible keywords/keyphrases that would be relevant for the business they are doing the campaign for; say 300, 1000 or whatever possibilities.
· Step two: Make sure that the website is not already ranking naturally high for those phrases, and if they are, delete those keywords from the list.

Well that is how I run those campaigns. Wouldn’t that be what anyone would do? On the other hand; perhaps my main concern is saving my clients money and doing a thorough job

Best Regards Lynny Bishop -
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Best SEO Best Results how good is best

A bit of shameless self promotion here, I just did a check for some relevant keywords for one of my clients in several search engines, in this little peogram I have, and have a look at the results.

These are words that people found this persons website by using, so not word's that I decided would be good words to check, that's why there's some odd ones there.......

But not to shabby huh..... how many #1 placements, the Australian ones have heaps more #1 placings, but I didn't want to get too carried away
Please click for a larger image

Google Australia results for gemhuntersYahoo-Australia results for gemhuntersMSN-Australia results for gemhuntersAltaVista-Australia results for gemhuntersGoogle-USA results for gemhuntersMSN-USA results for gemhuntersAltaVista-USA results for gemhuntersAltaVistal-UK results for gemhuntersMSN-UK results for gemhunters

The ultimate goal of good SEO, or at least my goal is to get a website ranking highly in as many free search engines results as possible, Google is always important. But so is msn, yahoo, AltaVista and a myriad of other free search engines around the world. Not only for a few keywords or key phrases but for as many keywords as possible the more the better. The most important thing is that the keywords the website ranks highly for are keywords that actually search for.

This particular website sells gemstones; the owners live at their mine which is out in the middle of nowhere in Southern Queensland. So selling gemstones on the internet is really the only way they can sell their products on a regular basis, and the only way they can sell to people worldwide.

And they do sell worldwide, the owner has told me of sales she has made not just to English speaking country’s but also to many many other parts of the world, she wonders how they work out what to do, but I guess the purchasing process on her site is so standard, you choose a gemstone click on the thumbnail for a larger view and there are the PayPal buttons right there to buy.

Believe it or not it took about 3 days todo all those searches, and get this blog post together....... That program that does those searches is great when it works properly, but a right pain when it doesn't.

Regards Lynny Brown - Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!

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Where do email go, while they are lost in cyberspace

I recieved an email just a couple of hours ago, that was sent at 11.37 am this morning, and just arrived at 4.22 am the following morning, so where do these emails go while they float around cyberspace, do they stop off somewhere, for coffee, do they just bounce around in cyberspace, traveling the world over serveral times, it's sort of a shame that emails don't have a properties section where you can check wg\here they have been, a tracking system.

Best Regards Lynny Bishop -
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SEO Hints and Tips

What is a reasonable price for SEO for a 12 month contract

What should SEO cost, when you are signing up for a 12 month contract?

I saw a question like this in the statistics for this blog, so though I would anser the question, what should SEO cost for a 12 month contract.

Although it's obviously a one of those it all depends questions, but the odd thing is, sites with very few WebPages are actually harder to do seo on, than very large websites.

A lot of the problem with websites not being found in search engines, is simply because they don't have the sort of information on them that people are actually searching for so the more pages, the more information the better as long as it's the right kind of information that is.

That doesn't answer the question though does it. What should you expect to pay for a 12 month SEO contract?

Well I can say that none of my clients have ever paid more than $10,000 for SEO over a 12 month contract. One client pays $1,200 a year, she's an established client, and we have a special deal. Oh hang on, there was one client that insisted he pay more, becuase the results of my work was were so good, he wanted me to do more work on a couple of other websites he had, but that was less than $10.000 for each site.

I have clients with 6 and 8 page websites, another client with just over 400 pages, 2 sites with over 2400 webpages these last 2 websites are obviously e-commerce websites, that have both gone from not having any sales at all through their websites, to now being quite happy with present sales, and sales increasing every month.

My clients pay an initial down payment, since the work that is first down to get the website ready for search engines is so labor intensive, then a steady monthly payment for me to tweak the sites, and the other things I do.

I’m heading for the States in a couple of months, so my present clients will keep paying me in NZ dollars while any new ones I get ones there will be paying me in USD. So if you are thinking of getting me to do your SEO get in contact quick, you will be paying a lot less lol….

I'm looking at adding another seo service for clients that have very small websites, and that will of course besomething clients can choose to have or not have, but that will increase the monthly payments, but still at this stage $13,000 at the very most isn't anywhere near the $50,000 many seo company's are asking.

There is one exception that was just pointed out to me, a large extablished company like Dell would think anything of paying that sort of price or even $100,000, and probably wouldn't even consider a quote for $13,000 as a joke, but for most businesses that are either start-up or small to medium sized company's or even large ones, shouldn't have to think about that sort of price.

SEO should be thought of as part of your advertising budget, if you spend $40,000 on advertising for your shop, then a budget of say $10,000 for your online shop, that could easy run by one part-time staff member, and is open all hours, would be a bargain in anyones eyes.

Best Regards Lynny Bishop -
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