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A bit of shameless self promotion here, I just did a check for some relevant keywords for one of my clients in several search engines, in this little peogram I have, and have a look at the results.

These are words that people found this persons website by using, so not word's that I decided would be good words to check, that's why there's some odd ones there.......

But not to shabby huh..... how many #1 placements, the Australian ones have heaps more #1 placings, but I didn't want to get too carried away
Please click for a larger image

Google Australia results for gemhuntersYahoo-Australia results for gemhuntersMSN-Australia results for gemhuntersAltaVista-Australia results for gemhuntersGoogle-USA results for gemhuntersMSN-USA results for gemhuntersAltaVista-USA results for gemhuntersAltaVistal-UK results for gemhuntersMSN-UK results for gemhunters

The ultimate goal of good SEO, or at least my goal is to get a website ranking highly in as many free search engines results as possible, Google is always important. But so is msn, yahoo, AltaVista and a myriad of other free search engines around the world. Not only for a few keywords or key phrases but for as many keywords as possible the more the better. The most important thing is that the keywords the website ranks highly for are keywords that actually search for.

This particular website sells gemstones; the owners live at their mine which is out in the middle of nowhere in Southern Queensland. So selling gemstones on the internet is really the only way they can sell their products on a regular basis, and the only way they can sell to people worldwide.

And they do sell worldwide, the owner has told me of sales she has made not just to English speaking country’s but also to many many other parts of the world, she wonders how they work out what to do, but I guess the purchasing process on her site is so standard, you choose a gemstone click on the thumbnail for a larger view and there are the PayPal buttons right there to buy.

Believe it or not it took about 3 days todo all those searches, and get this blog post together....... That program that does those searches is great when it works properly, but a right pain when it doesn't.

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