How much does a website cost?

Giving a quote for a website straight off the cuff is impossible, well not by responsible web designer anyway even quote for a specific number of pages just isn't possible, although often quoted on web designers site.

If you like a website to a having, a house built. It makes it easier to understand, first, do you want the house built to a standard plan or do you want to customize it to your specific needs(customization especially of a CMS website will change the price). Then how many bedrooms (WebPages) you want If you want things like curtains and wallpaper included in the price (extra graphics to make the pages look more interesting).

How about the outside, do you want concrete paths and driveway, and the lawns laid (extra features in the site like members' areas, or complex order forms, flash presentations etc) then these features all change the price considerably.

So just asking how much a website costs, will never get you a satisfactory answer, you must always be specific as to what you want, and if you really don't know what you want, then be willing to answer questions that will clarify your requirements to a web designer.

Just be aware any website you go to that has a list of prices for various number of pages websites, is either not an experienced website designer, or be prepared to have that price rise as your specific requirements and customizations become obvious. A professional website designer will always say these prices are a guide only.

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