How to tell a good SEO.

So if their are so many sleazy SEO out their, how do you tell them from the good ones.

1. A good SEO won't give you a quote before they know all the details about your website and what results you want to achieve, unless that quote is for at least multiple $10,000.

2. A good SEO will usually talk in words you understand, rather than try to boggle you with geek speak.

3. A good SEO will probably ask you your budget, and work within that budget.

4. A good SEO will ask you a lot of questions, you may think some questions are odd, but the less guesswork a SEO has to do the more likely you are to get a good job.

5. A good SEO will invite you to ring them to discuss your needs. Although a lot of work from home's myself included, don't like to give out their home address, honest people are quite happy to give out their phone numbers... ring them, at least once to confirm that the number they gave is the correct one. A landline number is perferable over a cell phone one.

6. A good SEO will never make rash promises, like yes I can get you to #1 position especially before they have researched the phrases you are after.

7. A good SEO will always ask if they can have access to the geeky side of a website, before they give you a quote, remember this, before you get a quote, you SEO should know if they can have access to the backend of the website... this doesn't mean that they have to be able to access it, but if they can't the SEO work that has to be done is quite different, much more time consuming so will cost more, or the type of work they do is the sleazy type, that can be turned off if you stop paying the monthly SEO fee, that might not have been mentioned in the original quote.

8. A good SEO will always be happy to answer your questions, and will be happy for you to question them, I have had a client say they were going to contact someone that knew SEO, I gave them all my contact details to pass onto their friend. Good SEO have nothing to hide about their work.

SEO isn't a one off thing that can be done, that works the same with every website, sure there are some things that every website needs, but each website, in my experience is unique, even two website selling the same thing.
SEO is an ongoing process, and although some SEO make one charge which includes the ongoing work, if you see or hear an SEO saying, your site will take a week or a month to do then be weary.

Ask your SEO what they are going to do to your website, then contact someone like me, offer to pay me $100 to look over their list, I promise you the $100 you pay me will be the best money you ever spend. Cause if there's something sleazy in there, I'll pick them up on it. Often it's the way something is worded, not what it says that's the tip off. And very often people that don't speak you native language will take advantage of this.

Cheers Lynny
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How Many Links do I need? SEO Tip

A big problem with a lot of people that are trying to save money, and do their own SEO is they see something, like "you need links", and run with it, without actually knowing what is required.

For the record, you need links to your website, not neccessarily from your website. The problem comes with how do you do this.

And just any links to your website doesn't work either, they have to be from specific pages on specific sites.

I know so many of my clients have complained to me, I have links, and looking at their websites these links go out to different websites, often the website will be related to their website, which is great for the website they have linked to, but actually makes their own website weaker, if their aren't websites like the ones they are linking to, linking back to them.....

As you can see just from what I have written so far, it's more complicated than "you need links", and any good SEO has already made the mistakes you are making, and knows the best way to get links,
sure some SEO's cheat, actually a lot of SEO's cheat, and will and take your money, and still give you the wrong type of links, becuase the right type of links are very hard to find.

Hard work or time consuming work, although some SEO's are willing to do the work on their own sites, so they rank well in search engines, won't do the work on your site, especially not for the relatively small amount of money they charge for their SEO services.

A good SEO is also as hard to find as honest carsales man, but we are out there. I'll write another post, explaining how to disearn a good seo.

Cheers Lynny
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When the gods want to punish you.....
They start granting your wishes...

How Much should SEO cost, what some people charge for their SEO services

How much does SEO cost?

This is a really hard question to answer, it's a bit like asking how much a car costs, it just depends, one of the first considerations is how big is the site, what is it selling.

And one of the first questions I reply to this "how much" question with, is what is your budget? Then I ask how many visitors they would like to their website each month.

When I client tells me how much their budget is, and how many clients they are wanting to their website each I can give them a few options.

For a low budget generally speaking though, often $500 plus $1 per each visitor per month is a good way of working it out. This works at the lower end of the scale anyway, so if a client is looking only looking at another 1000 visitors a month, then often $1500 will be a good starting point one of the SEO clients I have has paid $2500 on SEO over 2 years and is getting an extra 7000 visitors per month, so this simple sum doesn't always work. Once you start looking at 10's of thousands of new visitors a month, the budget per visitors drops dramatically, getting visitors to a website initially is the hardest task, getting more visitors in general isn't that time consuming.

I have an SEO client that I've just started talking about SEO on her website, she has a budget of $30,000 over the next year, and if wanting to increase her website visitors to 250,000 per month. The client has an global art gallery online, so generating plenty of visitors should be easy enough. A lot of time will be spent link building, and building the pagerank of a lot of the internal pages, I have 4 clients with artist websites. I only do minimal work for them, but have always found linkbuilding easy for these site.

Cheers Lynny

I was recently reading a blog for an SEO Who always quoted $50,000 then $5000 per page for SEO work, looking at what he did when doing SEO on a website, the sites he did seo for, they were doing ok, but nothing that special, they were ranking between 7th and 9th on page #1 of google, so paying more for SEO, doesn't mean you will get better results, if just means your SEO doesn't work with people on smaller budgets, personally I would perfer have my site ranking higher for more phrases, than to be able to say, I spent $70.000 on SEO, I guess though that there is a certain amount of snob value in saying that huh.

Is SEO really necessary, do I have to have SEO

I often get asked if SEO is really necessary, and the quick answer is no, it isn't essential if you aren't trying to make money or sales for your business.

If you spend your whole day online, posting in forums, writting responses in blogs, writting articles, emailing a lot of people, SEO isn't strickly necessary, especially if you aren't selling anything.

However, and this is a big however, if you are wanting to get more visitors to your website, want to make sales or increase sales, and don't have time to sit all day and everyday at the computer, finding ways to get people to your website, then SEO will definately need to be part of your marketing plan.

Also, unless you have some basic SEO skills in the first place, all the time spent online posting etc will be lost within about a year, often forums will prune their posts, so any posts you did make will be either lost in the archives, or pruned (cut out) of forums and blogs. So it's well worthwhile spending about 80 to 100 hours learning the basics of SEO.....

When you think about spending 90 hours learning some SEO basics, and then say 8 hours a day online putting those SEO skills into practise, you soon see that hiring an SEO like Me isn't such a bad option. Even if you only consider your time as being worth $25 an hour, the time you take to learn Basic SEO as 90 hours, you have already lost $2250. If you invested that same $2250 on SEO you would find your website ranking a lot better in search engines.

And thats only the time you would have spent learning about SEO, then comes the really hard bit, actually putting what you have learnt into practice, yet if you had of invested in my SEO Services, you would already be well on the way to actually making the money.

Cheers Lynny

How do I get more sales from my website

I get asked so often, how do I get more sales, how can I make money from my website, why doesn't anyone want to buy stuff off my website, why aren't I getting any orders.

The answer can be several things, but most often the answer is, beuase you need more visitors to your wbesite.

One client said once, well I get over 100 people a month to my site yet no sales.

I'm sorry, but 100 visitors a month would mean about 1 sale every two years. You need thousands of visitors each month to get reguar sales.

Theres no way you can send thousands of visitors to your website each month, you simply don't have the time, you need your website to be found in search engines for the sorts of things that people might search for.

Search engines are the ONLY way to get thousands of visitors to your website each and every month.

That same client I spoke about above, now get's between 9 and 11,000 visitors to her website every month, and is making regular sales.

An investment in my SEO services, of just over $2000 over a period of 24 months has resulted in the increase in visitors.

Cheers Lynny
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Too many orders, please close my website

I had a Christmas bonus today, I had a frantic email today from a client I did SEO for in September, asking me to Stop doing SEO, close her site, do something, she's been unindated with orders and she can't keep up.

This client owns a gift box website, which was build on an oscommerce ecommerce website.

The site is about 3 years old, and last year only had less than 5 christmas orders, after starting SEO in September of this year, she has had a steady increase in sales, until 2 weeks ago, when everything went insane, she has sold her whole stock she brought for Christmas and the first few months of the new year, plus extra products she's brought in the last week, now she's so far behind with orders, she and her staff just can't cope......

What a lovely christmas pressent for me, It's so good to hear my SEO work is working too well.

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