US Veterans help getting loans for homes

I've been looking at a Real Estate Website here in San Diego; they cater to American Veterans wanting to buy a home.
San Diego VA Properties

So any US Vets and their families who are looking to buy homes in the San Diego Area check out this site. Helping Veterans Into Homes

These Real estate agents not only help our veterans find a home, but also help US Vets access |  VA loans for a home, and are generally looking after our American Military.  Veterans Homebuyers About

I think the website deserves a big THUMBS UP, and I wish our Military Men and Women all the best in their new homes. Homes that San Diego VA Buyers will you help find and move into soon!

Contact VA Home Buyers

Tim Hintz
Licensed Real Estate Consultant

8310 La Mesa Blvd.     
La Mesa

Telephone: 619-861-5657

Regards Lynny
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Since writing the last post about me also being known as canzdesign1, I've have heaps of emails, saying all the ways my blog readers know or do searches for me in google... It was kinda funny all the different ways, so I'll tell you some searches.

First Names: 
Lyn, Lynny, Lynn,
sometimes with either surname
Bishop, Brown, 
 always with some discription
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Places I've lived in past few years,

Hamilton, Invercargill, Christchurch and Tauranga in New Zealand, Sydney Australia, San Diego, Los Vegas, and Los Angles in the USA.

And combination's of all those. Plus many more... I'll add the most common ones as the come in.... but yes, these things are all about me and anything like Lynny Canz in google will usually find me.  lol.

Regards Lynny
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Hi, I just saw a post on a forum I couldn't join looking for me, so Lynn or Lynny canzdesign1 is also me.... so if you are looking for me, I'm here lol...

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