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I've recently done a marketing study for a business that sells fish bait, looking at all forms of advertising and working out where their advertising dollar could best be spent. There were some surprising results, well surprising for the client anyway, no I must admit I was shocked at the total.

For advertising in Fishing magazines, in Yellow pages, newspapers and paid placement adverts online, the bill for a years advertising was just over $1.250,000 and even that was conservative, and at the end of that year this amount would need to be repeated.

I initially told the client before I worked out the advertising budget, that if he used 2 months of his first years advertising total on SEO, he could ensure his site would have top placement for several hundred keywords and phrases.

However, after I had worked out the advertising campaign, I revised my quote quite drastically, telling him that for just the last 5 figures, I could have his site ranking extremely highly for thousands of keywords and that once the work was done, the number of visitors visiting his site would stay basically the same, increasing more over time as the site and products got well known.

It certainly would be exciting to get an seo job, that I could work on fulltime with no limits, just to see what huge results I could get.

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