Barack Obama's inaugural Speech Photo 1,474 megapixels

This photo is absolutely amazing, take a look at this photo, just double click anywhere on the photo, and double clicking, until you see the face of most people in the audience, the photo as taken on a gigapan digital camera, with a megapixel rating of the image is 1474 megapixels. If the photo doesn't show, visit the website here Pasted from the site... I made this Gigapan image from the north press platform during President Obama's inaugural address at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on January 20, 2009.

It's made up of 220 images and the final image size is 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 megapixels. There are a few known stitching errors in this image. A NEW VERSION of the photo with most of the stitching errors corrected can be seen here: SEO San Diego

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SEO consultancy WORKS!!! PR6 from PR4 I'm Jazzed,

One of the website owners I do seo consultancy her website for has just gone from a google page rank of 4 and jumped to a PR6.

I even took a picture as proof I'm so jazzed, lol... see over to the right....

This site has gone from strength to strength, Back in August 09 it had a PR2 when the owner first contacted me about being her seo consultant, it then went to PR3, then PR4, now it's jumped a whole point and gone straight to PR 6. ... Ever seen a crippled person dance, cause I'm trying to now lol...

What will this mean for her now, very successful website, well more success of course, :) when this client first contacted me she had, what most would consider a successful website, she was getting around 9000 visitors a month on average, and regular sales, that were bringing a good income into the house, now she is getting 17,500 visitors a month average over the past 3 months and sales have almost tripled. So even though visitors haven't quite doubled, the visitors are now more targeted, and reaching her website credit card in hand.

Back before we started, only 141 web pages on her site were receiving visitors through search engines, last month, that was up to 307, remember February is a short month.

More statistics you say... ok,

Last month her key phrases increased from 1546 in July 08 to 4724 different key phrases for February 09... what does that mean, well in search engines people found her website for 4724 different phrases, different ways of searching for the products and information she has on her website.
I talked...wrote about Keyphrases in another blog I called Google Adwords vs SEO back in January 18, 2009

Anyway it means more of her pages are being found, ranking very highly in google I might add, for more people searching for what she has to offer.

Here's a graph that shows how highly these phrases rank in the search engine she's most wanting to do well sort of says it all. I tested the top 350 words that brought 50 or more visitors to the site, after removing all searches that were direct searches for the versions of the website name or business name.

Out of the top those 4890 different keywords people used in search engines this month to find the website the top 350 referring keywords I tested, the pie graph shows what % of keywords rank in

Keyword placements51% #1st Position
12% #2nd Position
15% #3rd Position
6% #4th Position
5% #5th Position

4% #6th Position
1% #7th Position
1% #8th Position
1% #9th Position
4% #10th or Lower Position

So 89 % of 350 keywords ranked between #1 and #5 in

Sales from her site were now coming from not only New Zealand, but also from the United States, Great Britain, Australia, China, Canada, Philippines, Germany, Singapore, and Netherlands, and Russia in that order.

Making international sales was one of her goals when we started our SEO consultation contract.

You can read more of this SEO case study here

Ok, enough gloating....

SEO Services San Diego

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Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!

Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get SEO Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

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San Diego Dentist See’s Results of SEO

Dentist in Chula Vista, SD Loves Results of My SEO Services. I'm doing SEO on few websites for a San Diego Dentist, it's part of a large project doing 4 different websites.
This dentist has had a website for 3 years, and never had a patient from come to him after seeing his site. Ok, so Kym head of graphic design and website development from CANZ Design rebuilt the site… and is still working on it… but almost done. I the SEO, have highly targeted a few keywords, the procedures that he loves doing including Braces and Implants. So far they have had only 703 visitors to the site since it opened, on the 24th of January, honestly I have to admit, probably about 100 of those visitors have been Me, working on the SEO on the CMS that runs the site… J
The site opened on January 24th '09.
January: No new patients in the first 7 days, no big surprises there… February:– 2 new patients one for Braces, and one for Emergency Weekend Dental Care in San Diego. March: 1st – 15th
Wait for it… Drum roll Please, only 199 visitors in the first 15 days of March 09 …. not that impressive huh.... ok, undrum roll that… Click this Link, the picture won't display well in this blog. What is Impressive, and a really big drum roll now, is the number of new patients, this San Diego Dentist Received, via his website… 12 new patients

Update: 16 visitors became patients in the month of March, that's 4% of visitors all visitors to his site for March, became new patients. That's pretty darn impressive I think, 
The Dentist is Please, 
I'm pleased, 

SEO Results for Dental Website - Short Term results for highly targeted keywords, this SEO is getting results

Regards Lynn SEO Services based in CA to NZ

juvenon-website-wwwtryjuvenoncom-is a Ripoff

Juvenon website rippoff is a rippoff. be aware

Juvenon Website is a rippoff, It ignores your order, tricks you into a purchase, Beware!!!!

Juvenon™ Cellular Health Supplement , websites

I decided to go to the website of and order the Free Months Supply of Juvenon™ I went through the site checkout, where it try's to sell you all sorts of gets pills and even doggy treats, I clicked the no button all the way through the

but... websites buying process, as I only wanted to pay for the postage of the free months supply advertised on FOX TV between 2.30 and 3 am this morning Feb 7.

at the end of the process instead of being able to view your cart, you suddenly end on a page saying you just paid $95 bucks, there's no way to go back, you can't even go back to the home page until you close your browser, removing the end part of the url so theres only the domain name left, and hitting enter will just show tiy the recipt over and over.






Juvenon 3 Month









Order Total


I did NOT order
3 months supple of

I know how website carts work, I have helped design many e-commerce websites. this site it programmed to not to trick you, but to actually ignore what you have ordered, and and add a product worth $79.95 to your cart.

Juvenon I made triple sure, I even used Paypal's secure one purchase temporary credit card's, so they couldn't charge me for more products at the end of the month. I didn't have enough money in my account, and knew I didn't, and yet the website ripped me off, so I will end up paying the bank charges of $35 for overdrawing on my credit card, plus other fee's, and the person I spoke to said, it

takes 28 days to ship out the free 30 sample

After this happened, I rang phone number they were advertising on the tv, and the person that answered, said he could only take an order, and not cancel them, he also said I was stupid for using a credit card on a website, and thats why I should have rang them rather than using the phone number supplied.

I said I didn't do that cause I could never tell over the phone how much I was being charged, and he laughed and said that was true, just I still shouldn't have used the website. So a STAFF member warns the

Juvenon™ Cellular Health Supplement Website is not to be trusted, so don't you get suxed in like me, I now have to pay $96.44 when the advert say over and over that it's only the postage you need to pay on the FREE 1 months supply of

JuvenonCellular Health Supplement website is a rippoff, don't go there, and if there site is a rippoff then I wouldn't trust ringing up either, they guy I spoke to laffed when I said there would be no way to find out how much I was charged, one of those knowing greasy laughs.

A week later after 9 phonecalls to the service center, I have just found out that the only thing I can do is wait for the product to arrive, in about 4 tp 6 weeks, and then return the package to sender unopened, and THEN wait till the get around to refunding the money, we were warned that parcels that were returned to sender often get lost, and it might pay to pay for door to door, postage....

Bloody ripoff racket.

31-3-09 Update... the product itself seems to work well for me, but not for my partner, so i have no bitch with the product, just the website that sells it.

Copywriter from New Zealand, Business copy writer

Business copywriter Steff Green writes about her business

It's not easy being a small business in the Big Business World. Every year, hundreds of small businesses fail because they can't attract enough customers. Every failed small business I've encountered shares one common factor - poor business writing.

Don't become another failure.

You need writing that's fresh, savvy, and relevant to consumers.

You need informative, entertaining copy that compels readers to buy from you.

You need a copywriter. Like me.

I'll write advertisements your readers won't be able to refuse. I'll show you how to leverage your regular customers with an e-newsletter, or create a new revenue steam with ebooks and information products. I'll set up and optimize your business blog. I'll write SEO website content to attract and keep new customers. Whatever the writing job, I'll produce quality copy guaranteed to improve your business performance.

I have five years experience producing copy for small business and non profit organisations. I specialize in copy accessible to vision-impaired readers. Read more about my services on my copywriting website.

The exchange rate at the moment means that hiring a copywriter in New Zealand will save you HUNDREDS over a copywriter in the US or UK.

I can charge a per word, project or hourly rate. Drop me an email at and I'll let you know what I can do for you.

I offer a 10% discount off my normal rates for start up businesses.


Bruce Clarke Aotea Hosting, FairGo NZ Someone else upset Bruce

Remember this post I made ages ago about Bruce Clark or Clarke of Aotea Hosting, well he's got himself on TV in New Zealand for abusing a client, this is a post I made on a forum, which sort of said it all.

Hi, I'm now living in the States, but we or have had a really bad bad experiences with this guy Bruce Clarke from Aotea Hosting, when I lived in New Zealand, my partner built him several websites for his business, under a lot of different domain names, so don't just look out for aotea hosting, theres serveral different names he works under... go and read this recommendation at our site is you are interested in really not dealing with him

I specialise in making websites findable in search engines, and he actually sent us a quote request last night that I found very offensive. In the other services part of the quote form, he wrote that he wanted "sex" I have been to both links, and the one at there on sound for the national bank add at the start, but no sound for the interview.

And the other link won't show for anyone outside NZ, I might see if there's a way to pay to watch one thing. Watching the first link with no sound was pretty bad, but I would quite like to hear the words, especially when they had him as a puppet, that was pretty funny to watch, but knowing how he abused us or me when he was unhappy with something, I can just guess what he said.

OK, I just checked the url before I submitted this post, and the sound works now.... actually wish I hadn't heard it now, it brings back memories of the C**P he said to me, that got me so upset, and that had such devastating effect on me, about 18 months ago…. that Bruce Clark of Aotea is still definitely is nuts and needs help, he's lost the plot........

Read Now at Muzzerino's Blog >> Regards Lynn Brown (nee Bishop)

SEO San Diego

Best Regards Lynny - Getting On Google Expert Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!! Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get SEO Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

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E-Commerce Website Gets lots of sales after SEO service

SEO Client Happy Camper.

I have one particular client that I've written about before, that is my pride and joy, she owns a breastfeeding Products e-commerce store in New Zealand.

She and I have worked together on her website since August 08, well she's done the work, I have just told her what to do, with my SEO consultant service and she is always exceeding my expect ions, if I say to do 5 things she'll do 8, she really is a wonderful young woman.

Her sales have increased as have the visitors to her website she's asked my not to say how much sales have increased, but she's been making a comfortable living of the site for herself and family. Her visitors have also increased dramatically, and if you work it out she's making an average of $2 for every single visitor to her site I know many people that would be happy to earn that much, but not the owner of this online store, she's out to add another 1/4 as many visitors again this month as she had last month, which was a massive increase of visitors and sales itself.

Within the few months we have been working together, she has gone from the getting the odd order from overseas, to getting order's from everywhere in the world several times a day. The courier services she must have to use by now to take away her orders, must know the whole family buy name by now.

Anyway, Frances, enough back slapping, here take a look at her website a breastfeeding products store in NZ

SEO Services San Diego

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- Getting On Google Expert

Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!

Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get SEO Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

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