juvenon-website-wwwtryjuvenoncom-is a Ripoff

Juvenon website rippoff tryjuvenon.com is a rippoff. be aware

Juvenon Website is a rippoff, It ignores your order, tricks you into a purchase, Beware!!!!

Juvenon™ Cellular Health Supplement ,www.tryjuvenon.com websites

I decided to go to the website of and order the Free Months Supply of Juvenon™ I went through the site checkout, where it try's to sell you all sorts of gets pills and even doggy treats, I clicked the no button all the way through the

www.tryjuvenon.com websites buying process, as I only wanted to pay for the postage of the free months supply advertised on FOX TV between 2.30 and 3 am this morning Feb 7.

at the end of the process instead of being able to view your cart, you suddenly end on a page saying you just paid $95 bucks, there's no way to go back, you can't even go back to the home page until you close your browser, removing the end part of the url so theres only the domain name left, and hitting enter will just show tiy the recipt over and over.






Juvenon 3 Month









Order Total


I did NOT order
3 months supple of

I know how website carts work, I have helped design many e-commerce websites. this site it programmed to not to trick you, but to actually ignore what you have ordered, and and add a product worth $79.95 to your cart.

Juvenon I made triple sure, I even used Paypal's secure one purchase temporary credit card's, so they couldn't charge me for more products at the end of the month. I didn't have enough money in my account, and knew I didn't, and yet the website ripped me off, so I will end up paying the bank charges of $35 for overdrawing on my credit card, plus other fee's, and the person I spoke to said, it

takes 28 days to ship out the free 30 sample

After this happened, I rang phone number they were advertising on the tv, and the person that answered, said he could only take an order, and not cancel them, he also said I was stupid for using a credit card on a website, and thats why I should have rang them rather than using the phone number supplied.

I said I didn't do that cause I could never tell over the phone how much I was being charged, and he laughed and said that was true, just I still shouldn't have used the website. So a STAFF member warns the

Juvenon™ Cellular Health Supplement Website is not to be trusted, so don't you get suxed in like me, I now have to pay $96.44 when the advert say over and over that it's only the postage you need to pay on the FREE 1 months supply of

JuvenonCellular Health Supplement website is a rippoff, don't go there, and if there site is a rippoff then I wouldn't trust ringing up either, they guy I spoke to laffed when I said there would be no way to find out how much I was charged, one of those knowing greasy laughs.

A week later after 9 phonecalls to the service center, I have just found out that the only thing I can do is wait for the product to arrive, in about 4 tp 6 weeks, and then return the package to sender unopened, and THEN wait till the get around to refunding the money, we were warned that parcels that were returned to sender often get lost, and it might pay to pay for door to door, postage....

Bloody ripoff racket.

31-3-09 Update... the product itself seems to work well for me, but not for my partner, so i have no bitch with the product, just the website that sells it.

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