SEO consultancy WORKS!!! PR6 from PR4 I'm Jazzed,

One of the website owners I do seo consultancy her website for has just gone from a google page rank of 4 and jumped to a PR6.

I even took a picture as proof I'm so jazzed, lol... see over to the right....

This site has gone from strength to strength, Back in August 09 it had a PR2 when the owner first contacted me about being her seo consultant, it then went to PR3, then PR4, now it's jumped a whole point and gone straight to PR 6. ... Ever seen a crippled person dance, cause I'm trying to now lol...

What will this mean for her now, very successful website, well more success of course, :) when this client first contacted me she had, what most would consider a successful website, she was getting around 9000 visitors a month on average, and regular sales, that were bringing a good income into the house, now she is getting 17,500 visitors a month average over the past 3 months and sales have almost tripled. So even though visitors haven't quite doubled, the visitors are now more targeted, and reaching her website credit card in hand.

Back before we started, only 141 web pages on her site were receiving visitors through search engines, last month, that was up to 307, remember February is a short month.

More statistics you say... ok,

Last month her key phrases increased from 1546 in July 08 to 4724 different key phrases for February 09... what does that mean, well in search engines people found her website for 4724 different phrases, different ways of searching for the products and information she has on her website.
I talked...wrote about Keyphrases in another blog I called Google Adwords vs SEO back in January 18, 2009

Anyway it means more of her pages are being found, ranking very highly in google I might add, for more people searching for what she has to offer.

Here's a graph that shows how highly these phrases rank in the search engine she's most wanting to do well sort of says it all. I tested the top 350 words that brought 50 or more visitors to the site, after removing all searches that were direct searches for the versions of the website name or business name.

Out of the top those 4890 different keywords people used in search engines this month to find the website the top 350 referring keywords I tested, the pie graph shows what % of keywords rank in

Keyword placements51% #1st Position
12% #2nd Position
15% #3rd Position
6% #4th Position
5% #5th Position

4% #6th Position
1% #7th Position
1% #8th Position
1% #9th Position
4% #10th or Lower Position

So 89 % of 350 keywords ranked between #1 and #5 in

Sales from her site were now coming from not only New Zealand, but also from the United States, Great Britain, Australia, China, Canada, Philippines, Germany, Singapore, and Netherlands, and Russia in that order.

Making international sales was one of her goals when we started our SEO consultation contract.

You can read more of this SEO case study here

Ok, enough gloating....

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