E-Commerce Website Gets lots of sales after SEO service

SEO Client Happy Camper.

I have one particular client that I've written about before, that is my pride and joy, she owns a breastfeeding Products e-commerce store in New Zealand.

She and I have worked together on her website since August 08, well she's done the work, I have just told her what to do, with my SEO consultant service and she is always exceeding my expect ions, if I say to do 5 things she'll do 8, she really is a wonderful young woman.

Her sales have increased as have the visitors to her website she's asked my not to say how much sales have increased, but she's been making a comfortable living of the site for herself and family. Her visitors have also increased dramatically, and if you work it out she's making an average of $2 for every single visitor to her site I know many people that would be happy to earn that much, but not the owner of this online store, she's out to add another 1/4 as many visitors again this month as she had last month, which was a massive increase of visitors and sales itself.

Within the few months we have been working together, she has gone from the getting the odd order from overseas, to getting order's from everywhere in the world several times a day. The courier services she must have to use by now to take away her orders, must know the whole family buy name by now.

Anyway, Frances, enough back slapping, here take a look at her website www.breastmates.co.nz a breastfeeding products store in NZ

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