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Many websites have more than one url or domain name, there are several reasons for this, one is because a company might want to own all the different domains for the name of their business, eg.
A website I've started doing seO for, selling soft fish bait called slam has all these domain names.

Other website owners have many domain names that are quite different and might contains the product or services the businesses the offers for sale.

The domain names above are the product brand name, and the keywords that explain what the products are. So are perfect domain names.

Many places that offer website hosting don't allow their clients to have multiple domains hosted, so before you go off buying a heap of domain names, make sure your website host allows domains names to be parked rather than just point at the original website. Which means that even if you have another name as soon as the weboage opens, the name will revert to the original one.

Our website host offer's a domain name parking service and we have several different domain names pointed at the one website, sometimes we are just waiting for the domain name to mature, other times they are there, because a website will rank better in search engines, if the names of the products they sell are in the domain name.

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