Links Directory's do NOT raise your Google page rank

It is a common disbelief that adding your website to directories all over the web will raise your own sites pagerank. Especially if those directories have high page rank themselves.

This for the main part is NOT true, it doesn't matter how high a directory's pagerank is, but the time it get's to a level where your site is listed, the page rank is zero, and will never get any higher. There are a few directories that have been around for years, that are worth adding your site to like dmoz but the rest of them, and programs like the are a waste of money, if all you want to do is raise your page rank.

See this is generally how pagerank seems to work the home page of a site will have the highest page rank, links direct off that homepage, that are links that don't use JavaScript or flash, have a page rank one point lower than the home page, and then pages off these pages that aren't using JavaScript or flash to make the links have a page rank of 2 less than the home page, this is generally how it works, unless the second level of pages have a large amount of links, which directory's do then the pagerank is lost by the second page, and often you have to click in 5 or 6 links deep before you get to a place to add your website.

There is no page rank there, and if there's no page rank on the page your link is on, then it doesn't have any effect on your pagerank.

So don't waste your money paying a high rice for directory submissions to directories with high page rank, usually the reason they have high page rank, is because they have used code, stopping the page rank from draining into links inside their site.

Just use a cheap directory submission place, this one charges only 14 cents per submission, and yes it's a affiliate link but I only recommend products that I use, and this is one of the few things I do use.

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