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SEO done right the first time

I often have people come to me unhappy with their current seo, they went to some place that you can advertise for staff or workers, made an ad, and took the lowest bid they received,
and wonder why after 8 months, they still can't find their website in search engines or that all the visitors are coming from the wrong part of the world.

It's no good if your business offers a local service to only San Diego Clients if your website ranks highly in India, or New York, or even Los Angles for that matter. You want your business website to reach out to clients you can sell your service to.

I say in my signature below, that I'm not cheap, but I get results, I have had mature websites, ranking in top search engine positions, within 2 days of starting their optimization. Not for every phrase, Google doesn't go through a whole website that quickly, and thats impossible anyway, to rank highly for every single keyword, but results started appearing with 2 days. At most on a website that has been online for say at least a year, the first results start appearing in a week and usually settle down to where they are going to stay without more tweaking within 6 weeks.

I will keep taking on these unhappy seo clients, but if you are considering SEO for your website, then contact me first, I'll save you money in the long run, because even though I cost more than someone that get's paid $2.50 an hour, my only language is Engish, I understand the concept that it's not just getting people to your website, you want them to do something once they are there. And I will get customers to your website, and get them ready to do something now!!!!!

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Best Regards Lynny
- Best SEO Results, from the BEST SEO!!!

Not The Cheapest SEO, but I get SEO Results that amaze My Clients and & other SEO's

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